Thermal-Aid – 100% Natural Headache Relief System Product Review


I only get migraines once in a blue moon. When I'm lucky I can go an entire year without getting one, so I was a little unsure of how I'd actually review the Thermal-Aid 100% Natural Headache Relief System. But, as if my brain knew that I had work to do, a migraine kicked into high gear yesterday, and I was down for the count. I couldn't have been more happy to have the Headache Relief System in my "to review" box. When I realized that my blindness was being caused by the aura and not from just staring out the window too long, I immediately grabbed the relief system, popped a few pain killers, and went straight to bed.

"Thermal-Aid treats pain, muscle tension and light sensitivity simultaneously for fast, dependable, welcome relief in minutes. No pills. No side effects. Created by a Board-certified Neurologist, the Thermal-Aid Headache System is clinically proven to relieve tension and migraine headaches." ~ Thermal-Aid

The Thermal-Aid 100% Natural Headache Relief System includes Headache Relief Cream; a topical analgesic and a Cold Press Eye Pack. The Cold Press Eye Pack is designed to block out light. This is super handy, especially for those of us who suffer from photophobia during one of our migraine episodes. The cold pack is also designed to provide light pressure which eases forehead and temple tension. The Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System is also designed for those who get tension headaches.

Because the cold pack is made with specially engineered corn, not only is it a natural product, but it also retains cold much longer, and you could even throw it into the microwave if you were desiring heat. This process also eliminates mold, fungi and bad odors usually associated with natural heating/cooling products.

I found that with the Headache Relief System I could fall asleep faster to bypass the worst part of my migraine, and I stayed asleep longer. I think the coolness lasted at least an hour. The slight pressure it provided was definitely welcome, and the Eye Pack was so comfortable I could sleep on either of my sides without uncomfortable lumpiness happening. While the pack is a little heavier than I expected, the covering is super soft, and the corn never gets too cold no matter how long you've kept it in the freezer.

I woke up from my 3.5 hour "go the heck away migraine" nap feeling better than I ever have after sleeping one off. I had an event to attend in Maryland later that afternoon. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't want to do anything after a migraine, even if you're feeling better. But... this was doable and I didn't feel like death the entire time. I survived the hour long train ride in, the beer tastings, the loud music, and food.... all of which are things I typically stay away from until 24 hours later. I couldn't believe it. I will use this product EVERY time I have a migraine. And really, probably every time I get a headache. I had actually tried the cold pack out once for 10 seconds when my kids were giving me a pounding headache, and it relieved some of the pain within seconds. This is definitely a winning product! (I've also been a fan of Thermal-Aid since I was introduced to their animals.)

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Good Luck!

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VitaCost – Worker B Cream & Balm Product Review


I have personally shopped on VitaCost a lot in the past. (I used to use their referral program to build up credits and then purchase a bunch of house cleaning items, and other things that are typically expensive.) I've always been very happy with the products I've received. VitaCost always shipped relatively quickly and my items never arrived damaged, even if I thought the packaging was a little iffy. But really, what more could you want? The prices are fair and are typically less than the cost of the same item elsewhere and they have a HUGE variety of products always in stock ranging from beauty, to baby, to food, to vitamins and supplements, to your household cleaning goods.

I've been on a huge honey kick lately with everything so when the opportunity arose to test out some products that VitaCost carries, I jumped on the Worker B bandwagon. I requested the Worker B cream and the Worker B balm.

"Bee Collected. Be Nourished. Worker B."

Unfortunately these weren't my favorite products. It's not the fault of the product, but a personal preference. And hey, that's what happens when you try something new. Even as a blogger who is usually pretty satisfied with most things, I can't be expected to like everything all of the time. There are things I do really like about the Worker B products though starting with their ingredients.

The Worker B cream is made with ingredients straight from the hive that are handcrafted and don't contain any fillers. That's always a bonus. So many products these days have things in them that are more harmful than helpful. The Worker B balm is made with beeswax, organic olive oil, organic almond oil, organic avocado oil, raw honey, and propolis tincture. I've used other products containing all of these oils before and loved them, but they were in a product that wasn't quite so thick. However, they do work. At least in my personal experience. I also didn't read anything on the ingredient lists that said these were scented products. I could be wrong, but just by smelling them they seemed pretty natural and straightforward in that regard.

The balm and cream is definitely meant for extremely dry skin. They're both very thick, which is great for those who need that super strong moisturizing quality, and the cream can be applied all over your body - not just your hands or feet. However, I don't need that extra moisture and felt that it just kind of sat on my skin instead of absorbing. The cream can also be used on the pads of your furry friends. They get dry too esp. if walking a long time on hard pavement.

I do like the Worker B balm a little better than the cream. I've gotten more use out of it by using it on my lips, and Worker B says the balm is great for heat damaged skin. The balm is not anywhere near as thick as the cream, and while it's a little greasy, I'd definitely use it on my hands over the cream. It absorbs faster, feels less heavy, and doesn't leave a weird texture on my skin like the cream does.

The cream is a product that is great for those with sensitive skin, and I have a feeling the balm is as well. I'm personally a little bummed that these weren't my favorite products ever, but that won't stop me from being a fan of VitaCost. And there are plenty of people out there I'm sure would love the Worker B products. They're just not my thing.

If you want to check out VitaCost for yourself, make sure you go through THIS LINK. This will get you $10 to put toward your first purchase for $30 or more! VitaCost always has FREE shipping on orders more than $49, and they often times have some great deals on specific product brands, and even some pretty nifty shipping deals. But you gotta keep an eye out so you don't miss them.

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*I received products free of charge from VitaCost in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Beauty Oils Co. – 100% Natural Beauty Oils Product Review


A little while ago Beauty Oils Co. asked if I'd like to try out some of their new products. I had been an avid user of Argan Oil for several months, and since I was just about out of it, wanted to see if there was a less expensive alternative. I have extremely dry skin on my face (my doctor say it's Seborrheic Dermatitis), and never had any luck with creams and lotions. Basically I needed something that would keep the redness down from the inflammation as well as keep the dryness under wraps so it didn't become super embarrassing. Beauty Oils Co. decided to send bottles of Grapeseed Oil (2oz), Pomegranate Oil (1oz), and Rosehip Oil (1oz) for me to try out. I'm still a newb when it comes to using beauty oils so this was whole new grounds for beauty exploration.

"Based in Pasadena, California, BEAUTYOILS.CO is your one-stop shop for premium all-natural beauty oils at great prices. Whatever your beauty needs may be, whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin, we have a variety of beauty oils ideally suited for you.  Our beauty oils range from rare and luxurious such as argan oil, rosehip seed oil, and pomegranate seed oil to versatile like apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil." ~ Beauty Oils Co.

I made sure to try all three on my face since that's where I really needed the most help with moisturizing. Unfortunately for me I found the Pomegranate Oil and the Rosehip Oil a little too heavy and/or greasy. I don't think there is anything wrong with these oils, but for what I needed them for, they were just not going to work. With a naturally oilier face combined with the extreme dryness, I needed something that wasn't going to add to any of the issues. The Grapeseed Oil however, has become my godsend.

Grapeseed Oil Features:

  • 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil
  • Full of Antioxidants & Fatty Acids
  • Helps Keep Skin Firm & Fight Signs of Aging
  • Helps Keep Complexion Clear
  • Light & Non-Greasy
  • Easily Absorbed
  • Fights Dryness
  • Can be used on Body or Face

The Grapeseed Oil feels lighter than the other two, even though I think the Pomegranate is supposed to be a very lightweight anti-inflammatory oil. I use this every morning after getting out of the shower. I find that it absorbs extremely quickly. Just a couple of drops (half a squirt) is plenty to take care of my problem areas, and moisturize the rest of my face that my facial soap dries out. I also use a water based foundation, and I haven't had any issues using the oil and then shortly afterwards applying my makeup. The redness on my face is kept to a minimum, and I can mostly control my dry issues on my face, even at its worst in the Winter months.

I have to say I'm really kind of liking the plastic squirt bottles they come in. I've had some in glass and I'm terrified my kids are going to get into the bathroom and break the bottle. They have quite the knack for being little destructors. The squirt/pump feature is also nice. Makes things a little easier than squeezing something out of a tube, or a little dropper. I say this even though I'm a super klutz and manage to squirt the oil on my bathroom mirror or into my eyes.

One thing I LOVE about this entire line of products is that it is affordable. This is definitely a line of products for the money conscious consumer. If you're also like me, and aren't quite sure what you're looking for, you could certainly purchase a couple of different products without breaking the bank. I have to say I'm mulling over purchasing the Hemp Seed Oil and the Sweet Almond Oil. (I've had some great successes with products containing these oils in the past, and I think these could be really awesome.)

Make sure you check out Beauty Oils Co. on Facebook and Twitter! I'm sure they'd love to see you around and further introduce you to their 100% natural beauty oils.

*I received products free of charge from Beauty Oils Co. in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Mineralium Dead Sea – Mud Masque and Facial Toner Product Review


I know I've said this before, but one thing I've really enjoyed about being a product reviewer is having the opportunities to be introduced to new beauty and health products. I'm typically not one to splurge and usually prefer the "Au naturale" look (mostly because beauty products were in the "want" category and not the "need" category). However, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not looking as young as I was even five years ago. My skin is becoming more uneven, and has more fine lines. That baby soft feeling is also missing.

The Dead Sea, a hypersaline lake more than 1,000ft below sea water, contains more than 35 different minerals which are said to create a natural nourishing effect for human skin. The Dead Sea isn't like your average ocean. It contains more than 8.6 times the amount of salt when compared to the Earth's oceans. Ancient Egyptians have used The Dead Sea to create balms for mummifying their dead, and word on the street is that even Cleopatra visited The Dead Sea, and the Roman King - Herod the Great - used The Dead Sea as one of the first health resorts. Fascinating!

I've been hearing that Dead Sea beauty products are all the rave lately, and I wanted to see why for myself. When Mineralium offered me the chance to try out a few full size products in addition to some samples, I was really excited! I decided to go with the Matte & Clear Purifying Mud Masque (for normal and oily skin), and the HydraSource Facial Toner (for normal and dry skin). I figured the Mud Masque would work well for helping to remove some of the excess oils on my skin, while at the same time the Facial Toner wouldn't further dry it out. I have a difficult time maintaining a good balance between dryness and oily on my face, and thought maybe a combination of the two might help.

"'Mineralium' Mud masque with Dead Sea mud and minerals compound absorbs excess lipids from oily and problematic skins. It acts deeply to root out grime, clear black heads and prevent the formation of blemishes. Your skin feels fresh, clean and vital. Purifies and balances the skin with a pleasant texture. Tension lines are reduced thanks to more flexible skin. Cleansing effects are even more profound, as the drying mud traps bacteria and dead skin cells, which are then completely removed." ~ Mineralium Product Description.

My absolute favorite Mineralium product that I tried was the Matte & Clear Purifying Mud Masque. I've tried a few of those cheap masks that you can get at Wally World for less than a dollar, and while they're fun to use, I never really noticed that much of a difference. The Mineralium Mud Masque has a fantastically smooth texture. If silk could be made from mud, this would be what it feels like. It isn't gritty, or chunky. It also smells really nice too - like a lightly perfumed scent.

I was surprised how little of the product was needed to adequately cover my entire face. Just 3 or 4 dime size dollops was plenty. It dries within too minutes depending on the amount of product you use, and easily washes off. I liked to use it right before my shower so I didn't have to worry about sticking my face under the sink faucet. After use, my face feels so incredibly soft and thoroughly cleansed. I followed the instructions and used it twice a week, and noticed a big difference. This is probably TMI, but the week before "Aunt Flow" arrives, I tend to have some major breakouts. (I thought that sh*t was supposed to stop once I graduated from my teenage years, but the cosmos have decided to continue their harsh trick into my twenties.) This time around my face stayed relatively clear with only a few minor blemishes rearing their ugly white heads.

This is a product I would definitely purchase again. The price tag of $22 made me cringe a little. (I'm a tad on the cheap side of things.) However, with how long the product lasts, and the fact that I think it's a quality product, the price tag definitely seems worth it.
The second product I requested to try was the Mineralium HydraSource Facial Toner. I don't use soap on my face anymore because it always seemed to dry it out, and I was always trying to counteract the dryness with creams, and oils. Because this particular Facial Toner doesn't contain alcohol (which is known to dry out one's skin), I thought this might be a great addition to my normal face maintenance routing while also adding in a cleaning component that I usually skip.

"'Mineralium' Facial toner with Dead Sea minerals compound and its vibrant splash, soothing and purifies the skin, removes makeup residue and cleanses pores. Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation and free radicals that can cause premature aging. Among the ingredients: glycolic acid that encourages removal of dead cells, hyaluronic acid as an effective moisturizer, hamamelis and chamomile which soothe skin sensitivities. Cleansing with "Mineralium" facial toner leaves your skin feeling fresh and relaxed without causing dryness." ~ Mineralium Product Description

I've used toners like this before, and always hated how they smelled and how they made my face feel. After using the products like this before, and dreading the feeling of my face cracking after use, I wasn't exactly sure how this one would hold up in comparison. But, like I said, since the Mineralium HydraSource Facial Toner doesn't have alcohol in it, I thought it would definitely be worth a try.

This product cleans like the dickens! And, while it still leaves my face a little dryer than I'd like it to, I haven't noticed that I've had to add any products into my normal routine to compensate for the dryness. What is most important to me, is that IT WORKS. I couldn't believe how grungy my cotton pads looked after cleaning my face!

This product also smells very nice. It doesn't have that harsh chemical smell that many toners and facial cleansers do. Just like the Mud Masque, it has a light perfume scent to it.

Mineralium also sent two sample sizes each of their YouthSource Collagen Masque, Matte & Clear Matifying Moisturizer, and HydraSource Vitamin C Serum. I haven't yet used the Vitamin C Serum, however the Collagen Masque and the Matifying Moisturizer were both great. I think the Collagen Masque is my favorite. It applies rather thickly, but it also absorbs quickly, and leaves my face feeling satisfying saturated with moisture. It's not a greasy formula which is also important. I might want moisture, but my face doesn't need to look shiny. (If you're worried about the toner drying out your skin, I personally suggest using either the Collagen Masque or the Matifying Moisturizer right afterwards.)

Mineralium is SUPER fantastic and is offering my DealPeddler readers 15% OFF through the end of January. Use code DEALPEDDLER15 at checkout. Customers will also receive FREE shipping on orders more than $50 and FREE samples. Mineralium also has a very simple loyalty program that can be found at the bottom of their website. For every visit, tweet, share, or like - you get points which add up to discount vouchers and FREE prizes. Sweet!

Right now through January 30th, Mineralium is giving away a $150 worth of their Dead Sea products! You can head over to the Mineralium Facebook Page to enter, or use the PunchTab form below. (It's the same one, so where you enter doesn't matter.)

*I was provided the above products free of charge from Mineralium in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Perfumeland – His & Hers Fragrances & 525PR Cosmetics


I have to admit I really don't know much about buying perfumes. My grandmother used to wear something that triggers a lot of memories for me when I walk past certain cosmetic counters in the mall. My mother also used to wear a perfume called Charlie. I on the other hand, don't wear perfume. I might pick up a bottle of some body spray every few years, but that's about it. But, I know perfumes can make fantastic gifts, and I've also been starting to explore the world of beauty a little more, so my curiosity has definitely been piqued.

Perfumeland offered to send a couple of samples of their fragrances, samples of their dermashine lotion line, and products from their new cosmetic line, 525PR (comparable to MAC cosmetic products but 1/2 the price). Now, because there were so many awesome things sent, this may get a little long winded.

The first fragrance Perfumeland sent was their Blue Charm for her by Christopher Paul sold exclusively by Perfumeland. According to the product description, Blue Charm is a  floral and fruity fragrance with several levels of scents combining to produce this great fragrance. Notes include granny smith apples, Sicilian cedar, bluebells, jasmine, white rose, bamboo, cedarwood, amber and musk.

I absolutely love this scent. I think though, it would almost work as a unisex fragrance. (Do those even exist?) The Blue Charm is definitely a more floral fragrance, and I personally think it smells strongly of cedar and rose more so than anything else. It's a heavier, warmer scent. Something I could picture being used on a romantic date, or in the cooler months.

In addition to the Blue Charm by Christopher Paul, Perfumeland also sent samples of their Emotions perfume line by Julian Kadosh in Red, Violet, Blue (him), and Green (him).
I was a little skeptical about the men's fragrances since my husband really only wears things by Axe or Old Spice. However, without even asking he began using them, and said he loved both the Emotions in Blue and Emotions in Green, but the Blue was definitely his favorite. I thought the Emotions in Blue was a more masculine, and more subtle fragrance compared to Emotions in Green. I can see the Green worn in the Summer months, where the Blue I think is perfect for every day wear. (The blue is also my favorite.)

Emotions in Blue:

Top Notes: Yuzu, Bergamot, Lemon, Tarragon

Mid Notes: Nutmeg, Water lily, Lily of the valley, Reseda

Base Notes: Cedar, Sandal, Vetiver, Musk

Emotions in Green:

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Coriander, Basil

Mid Notes: Cardamom seed, Ginger, Orange Blossom

Base Notes: Cedar, Ambre, Tobacco

With the women's fragrances I definitely had a favorite. I have to admit, that the Emotions in Violet reminded me of my grandmother's makeup drawer. It smelled musty, and of aging cosmetics. However, the Emotions in Red was absolutely beautiful. It was light, floral, but still smelled a little sweet and not just like you're in a huge florist's shop. It smells how I think the color pink would smell... if it had a scent.

Emotions in Violet:

Top Notes: Granny Smith apple, Sicilian cedar, Bluebells

Mid Notes: Jasmine, White rose, Bamboo

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

Emotions in Red:

Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Litchi, Peach

Mid Notes: Jasmine, Lily, Lily-of-the-Valley, Plum

Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber, Musk

Perfumeland also has a pheromone line of products which include Trigger for Her, Trigger for Him, and Trigger massage candles for both him and her. The Trigger fragrances are still in production, but the Trigger for Him & Her gel and candles are available for purchase online.
Trigger for Him was by far my favorite male fragrance sample that Perfumeland sent. Something about it was sensual, and masculine. It kind of reminded me of Armani Sport Code (which is my favorite cologne). It just smells like... man. Like... one of S.C. Stephens' characters type hott man. Yes, I read romantic novels. Trigger for her was not my favorite. I probably won't wear it. I can smell fruity undertones, but it smelled a little too much like medicine. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Perfumeland was so beyond generous and sent full size products from their 525PR Makeup City cosmetic line. You may not have heard of this particular cosmetic line because it has only been sold directly in the Perfumeland store since 2005. However, they're gearing up to move the products online and have just launched their online catalog.
I had a couple of favorite products out of the several that were sent; La Vie En Rose Blush, Mint Mojito Lipgloss, Crush on You Eyeshadow, Falling Star Eye Glitter, and their Glitz Fix (for applying the eye glitter). I was also sent Mineral Tinted Face Primer, and Matte Eye Fix Eyeshadow Base. (The last two weren't really top of my list, but more because of personal preferences and not a flawed product.)

The Mint Mojito Lipgloss (while the mint is something I could take or leave), is a beautiful, light formula that gives your lips an extra shimmery pop of color. It has become my go-to lipstick/gloss, and is definitely a product I would purchase for myself. It's a little sticky, but no where hear as bad as several other glosses I've used. The Mint Mojito Lipgloss also wears quite well. As long as you're not eating, drinking, or constantly licking your lips, the lipgloss provides a good 2-3 hours of shine and color. I know you're not supposed to, but I used the Glitz Fix over the top of the gloss, and it seemed like it helped lengthen the staying power of the gloss.

The Crush on You Eye Shadow is a beautiful, shimmery, light weight tan/skin tone powder. It applies easily. However, for my complexion and personal preferences (I prefer darker shadows), this worked best for me as a high lighter in addition to my other shadows. Alone, it's just too light in color. I think if it was a darker brown in color I would have been in love with it. Plus, I'm a simple person and rarely combine shadows. I like to stick with one to make things easier on my makeup-inept self.

The La Vie En Rose Blush is really just stunning in color, and in overall product design. With four different colors mixed into a beautiful rose pallet. With a rich blush color, a highlighting tone, a mid tone, and a darker tan tone, they combine to make the perfect light weight blush. This is also another product I'd certainly purchase on my own.

The Falling Star Eye Glitter for me was a bit tricky. I love glitter in general, but again, I'm a pretty simple person so I had never used loose eye glitter before. I still think whoever thought of it was a sadist because every time I practiced applying it I ended up COVERED in glitter. But, this is certainly a gorgeous glitter when you want to add some pizazz to your evening wear. Combined with black eye shadow by Jordana, the glitter really makes the eyes pop. My husband kept telling me I looked like I was getting ready to go out clubbing. Which, depending on the look you're trying to achieve, isn't a bad thing. I even liked using the Falling Star Eye Glitter with a brown and purple shadow from Clinque.

The final product I was sent from Perfumeland, although it isn't a fragrance, or a cosmetic item from 525PR, was the Vanilla Donut Brightening Cream. I have to admit that I really don't have much use for this sort of product. I'm lucky that I'm only 26 without too many skin issues. However, the scent of the Vanilla Donut Brightening Cream is to die for. It smells just like a vanilla doughnut that you get to smear all over yourself without someone thinking you have a mental disorder. Think about it. If you saw someone bathing themselves in doughnuts you'd be a little worried, and probably try to herd your children away from said person as quickly as possible.

The Vanilla Donut Brightening Cream is meant to be used twice a day on dark or discolored areas including under arms, nipples, face, and hands. The neat thing about this product, is that it isn't just for women. Do you hear that men? You could smell like a vanilla doughnut too while improving the coloration of your skin! Pair the Vanilla Donut Brightening Cream with the Trigger for Him and my guess is women will be falling all over you. (*wink*)

Make sure you check out Perfumeland on Facebook and Twitter!


*I received the above mentioned products and samples free of charge from Perfumeland in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.



Folica.com – Hair Care & Nail Lacquer Product Review


Being a mom, my own personal hair care, and nail care tends to get put on the back burner. My hair is usually thrown up into a messy bun, un-brushed, and wet right out of the shower. My nails... when I get the chance to paint them, stay chipped until all of the polish has worn itself off. It's not that I don't enjoy pampering myself, or even trying to look nice. It's more of the fact that I have limited time, and really... who do I need to impress? My kids could see me looking my most atrocious self and still want hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

Folica must have heard my plea for help and sent a bunch of goodies for me to try out. I was sent the Croc Skin Flat Iron & Iron Comb Set, Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer (Smokey), a France Luxe Small Basic Wire Comb, and a jar of Hovan's Bikini Saver/Hovan's Medicream. Yippee!

Honestly, the Croc Skin Flat Iron & Iron Comb Set was THE favorite product that Folica sent for review. The controls are 100% digital which makes it very easy to get the temperature you want, and the numbers increase on the display as the flat iron heats up. Holy wow, does it heat up FAST. I've been using the flat iron at about 410 degrees (heats up to 450), and it takes about 15-20 seconds to go from off to the temperature I want. The Croc Skin Flat Iron's controls even quietly beep. When the flat iron is plugged in, the device lights up and beeps. Each time you increase or decrease your heat settings it beeps. It really sounded like R2D2! (Which I thought was awesome being such a nerd and all.)


  • Smooth plates allowing effortless glide
  • Fully digital 18 custom temperature settings from 280F to 450F
  • Dual Voltage: 110V - 240V
  • 30 minute Auto Shut Off safety feature
  • Creates balanced, humidity free styles
  • The professional #1 choice for Keratin Treatments
  • Ceramic heaters provide instant heat recovery
  • 9 ft long 360 degree swivel cord

The Croc Skin Flat Iron works like a charm. I've had a couple of flat irons in my day. I've even had the chance to review another pretty sweet flat iron not too long ago that retails for more than the Croc Skin Flat Iron, and the Croc Skin surpassed it. The width of the titanium plates is just right. The ceramic heaters help keep the temperature constant so there is very little, if any down time while straightening my hair. The handle is comfortable, and the entire product is extremely easy to use. Plus the lights, the digital features, and the beeping all just add brownie points.

My next favorite product was the Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer (Smokey). The Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer is a beautiful gun metal grey (when using two coats), and a lighter, more pewter grey when using the suggested single coat. The formula is smooth, and silky, with miniscule flecks of glitter. Think... mica.

I personally prefer to use two coats of just about any polish, and really loved the darker gun metal grey it became after two coats. I have several different colors of grey from several different brands and this is definitely one of my favorites. Probably THE favorite. The formula is just beautiful, and I love how quickly it dries. We all know quick drying times are especially important if you're trying to get your nails painted during the few quiet minutes between children's temper tantrums.


  • New Seche Nail Polish
  • Dry fast one coat formulated nail polish
  • Leaves the nails strong and resistant
  • No chipping and peeling
  • One coat coverage for a more durable finish
  • Guaranteed not to yellow
  • Leaves nails silky
  • Classic shades that are rich in pigment
  • There is a nail polish color for everyone

I've been growing my hair out now for several years, and it's finally extremely long. I've been looking around for combs and clips just for something different when I decide to put my hair up. The beautiful white France Luxe Small Basic Wire Comb was really just what I was looking for. It's absolutely stunning, and simple. I enjoyed using it to only pull back part of my hair for a softer look. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time using it. Although I have a lot of hair, it's very fine, which makes it harder to use a comb like this. It slides out easily instead of holding in place. I think if I had thicker hair this wouldn't have been an issue. I'm also not sure this is worth the price on Folica for $46. Maybe if it came with another as a pair, but alone this product is just a little too expensive for me.


  • Made in France
  • Self gripping flex teeth
  • Buy 2 and match up in pairs!
  • Luxury finish, perfectly polished
  • Dimensions: 3 1/8" x 2"

The final product I received was the Hovan's Bikini Saver/Hovan' Medicream. I was originally extremely excited about this product because I have an in-grown hair issue. I know, that's kind of gross. I end up with in-grown hairs on my legs, and in my bikini area if I shave too often, so I was really looking for a solution. The product description said it was great for people with sensitive skin and could be used on legs, the bikini area, and underarms to reduce and and prevent in-grown hairs, so I figured this would be something that would work well for me. My normal solution is using a sugar scrub. Something about exfoliating really seems to help with the in-grown hair issue. But, I figured I'd try something new specifically meant for this problem.


  • Ideal for sensitive areas- bikini & under arms
  • Strikingly younger and smoother bump free skin
  • Soothes and relieves skin immediately after waxing and shaving
  • Rapid absorption in less than 10 seconds, no residue
  • Key ingredient- Tea tree oil
  • Dermatologist tested

Unfortunately, I just couldn't get past the smell. The directions say to apply twice a day (morning and evening) in any area that you need help with in-grown hairs. It could just be that I don't like the smell of Tea tree oil - although I've never minded it before - but I couldn't bring myself to walk around all day with my legs, and other various body parts smelling like that product. I wish I could say this product works, but I couldn't even bring myself to use it. However, supposedly it's a great product compared to everything else I've been hearing, and for the price, might be worth the try. Otherwise, I'm just going to stick with the sugar scrub I've been using (and it smells FANTASTIC).

Make sure you check out Folica on Facebook & Twitter too! They even have occasional opportunities for regular consumers to conduct their own product testing on some of the products Folica carries.


*I received the above mentioned products free of charge from Folica in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.






Thermal-Aid – “Tiny” Zoo Elephant Product Review


Back in June, I was super excited because Thermal-Aid sent me their "Buckley" bear to review. I had been dying to try one out, and while I knew it was still a pretty great product, I didn't have the opportunity to really test it thoroughly since neither of my kids were injured or sick at the time. Since then, both of my kids have used "Buckley", and so have I. It's been great for bumps and bruises if used as a cold pack. Because it never freezes solid, I can use it on my children in areas (like the forehead) that would normally end up uncomfortable with a frozen solid ice pack. My daughter slept with "Buckley" a few times when she was running a fever. It seemed to help cool her down a bit, and kept her from becoming too restless, and it also was closer to a toy she'd rather cuddle with. I even used "Buckley" as a heat pack on my neck, which felt fantastic.

When I find a company and product I love, I try to stay up-to-date on new product releases. I tend to "Facebook stalk". Thermal-Aid has been gearing up for the release of their new Thermal-Aid Zoo animals for the last several months. Approximately 3-4 weeks ago, they were finally released and made available for purchase. Thermal-Aid offered to send one of their new zoo animals for a review. My daughter decided to go with "Tiny", the pink elephant. Elephants have always been kind of her mother imposed "theme", so I have to admit I was tickled she chose that one. In addition to "Tiny", they now have "Ollie" the light grey koala, "JoJo" the tan monkey, "Baxter" the dark blue bunny, and "Happy" the dark grey hippo. How cute is that?

Now, if you're not yet familiar with Thermal-Aid, make sure you keep reading.

"Our researchers worked closely with milling engineers from the largest agribusiness companies in the world to create a line of products, using a unique process, which allows a specialized corn to hold temperatures for long periods of time. This process removes the germ from the kernel, thus removing virtually all the moisture and preventing mold or fungi from forming. The entire process hardens the corn segments, causing an even temperature in each segment, and creating extended temperature retainment (hot and cold). This also extends the life of the corn beyond that of the material it’s sewn into!" ~ Thermal-Aid
As I alluded to earlier, the Thermal-Aid animals have two functions. They worth both as a heat pack, and a cold pack. If you want to use it for aches and pains, just throw it in the microwave for the suggested 45-60 seconds. I found I needed mine to stay in the microwave closer 75-90 seconds in order to get it as warm as I wanted it. I might just stick with the suggested time for the kiddos too. If you think you're going to need it as a cool pack, just throw it in your freezer for about 5 hours. I leave my in continually (although I'm not sure if this is bad for the product). I've found over the last several months that I've needed our "Buckley" bear as a cold pack more often than a heat pack. So, now that we have "Tiny", we'll be able to have one reading for heating, and one already cold.

I think my daughter was just as excited about receiving "Tiny" as I was! She wanted to take it out of the box immediately, and even though this isn't meant to be used as a toy, it's great to know she has something she loves that will comfort her when mommy and daddy can't. I did want to mention that while using "Buckley" as a cold pack we were able to reduce the amount of Tylenol we normally give her while she's running a fever. I absolutely LOVE this because I hate giving my kids medications like that.

Thermal-Aid also makes products specifically for adults and pets, so make sure you check out their web site. The adult Thermal-Aid packs are "...clinically proven to reduce fever, sunburn, earaches, back & neck pain, flu symptoms, sprains, bee stings, headaches, sore muscles, growing pains, insomnia, and much more."

Thermal-Aid is also offering $5 OFF your purchase when you use code PEDDLER at checkout! The code will expired 12/21 at midnight, so get your order in now! These would also make a fantastic holiday gift for any new moms, experienced moms, or even for the kids themselves.

If you haven't yet, make sure you find Thermal-Aid on Facebook and Twitter. They're very interactive with the fans, and host a lot of great giveaways.

In addition to this super awesome discount, Thermal-Aid is giving away a "Tiny" the elephant! Giveaway will run for approximately 1 week, and is open to legal residents of the USA who are 18+. Once the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE].

*I received a product free of charge from Thermal-Aid in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Flat Iron Experts – Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Product Review


Typically, I'm not the uber feminine type. I can play rough with the boys, and prefer to building something to cleaning my home. I usually wear my hair up right out of the shower, and my hands are always dry and cracked - I'll blame being a mom for that last one. However, the one girly secret I have is that I LOVE painting my nails. I find it a way to express my mood without needing to permanently ink something on my body, or make a new addition to my wardrobe. It's a relatively easy way to change things up, match outfits (or not), and even keep the feeling of your favorite season going year round. Awesome for me, Flat Iron Experts asked me to choose two bottles of Deborah Lippmann nail polish for this review. Yup. They carry things OTHER than hair styling/care products. Good to know, right??

I'm also rather sheltered when it comes to beauty products, and while I had probably seen Deborah Lippmann brand nail polish pop up in my Facebook feed, since I follow THOUSANDS of pages, I never really thought twice about it.

"Deborah Lippmann's long wearing nail lacquer exudes brilliant colors for any occasion.  It contains no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP.  More importantly, no animal testing was done for any of Deborah Lippmann's nail polish products. Deborah Lippmann's luxury line of award-winning hand and foot care was created as a result of her working with some of the most iconic figures in fashion - from Cher to Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Posen to Rodarte." ~ Flat Iron Experts

I decided to go with the colors On The Beach, and Dark Side of the Moon. Neither color has anything to do with the other. They're at such opposite ends of the color spectrum in regards to tone and shade, however matched certain parts of my personality to a T. On The Beach is a gorgeous summery, almost sky, blue. (Flat Iron Experts describes it as a "Rich Riviera Blue".) I thought it might be a little more on the teal end, but it's definitely more of a blue. It reminds me of the beach, and the gorgeous clear skies on a warm, breezy, flawless Summer day. I despise winter vehemently, so this is the perfect color to keep reminding me Summer will be back again in no time. I've been sporting it for the last two weeks with a pair of flip flops to boot! On The Beach applied absolutely flawlessly. It was a little thinner than I first expected, and it took about three coats to look as dark as I wanted it to. However, out of the two that I received this is my definite favorite.
Dark Side of the Moon is a really rich, dark purple. (Flat Iron Experts describes it as "Absolutely Aubergine".) Purple is one of my favorite colors, and usually I think the darker the better. Dark Side of the Moon in my opinion is a fantastic color for the Fall/Winter months. It looks great with greys, creams, blacks, olive greens, browns, etc. However, I don't think it's my favorite shade for my fingers. I think it's definitely more of a toenail color for me. I also seemed to struggle a bit more applying this particular color. Maybe it's because I put it on my right and (and I have an unskilled left hand), or maybe it's just the formula I wasn't fond of. Because of the darker color, I also found that I only needed 2 coats to get the coverage I wanted, verses the 3 with On The Beach. Less coats is a bonus because with two active toddlers who really has time to just sit there and watch paint dry...?

Both Deborah Lippmann polishes dried quickly. Between the three coats on one hand, and two on the other it maybe took a total of about an hour to apply all of the coats and let them thoroughly dry. Even without a top coat, the polish stayed on my nails much longer than I expected. My toes always keep nail polish on the longest, but even after applying my initial test coats, the polish has hardly chipped. My finger nails even held the nail polish for a good solid 3 days before I noticed any chipping. Overall, I'm impressed with the brand, and thrilled that Flat Iron Experts carries a huge variety of Deborah Lippmann colors!

If you missed my previous reviews for Flat Iron Experts, you need to know about their FREE shipping on orders over $50 to both the USA and Canada. They also have a lowest price guarantee, AND a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Awesome!

Make sure you find Flat Iron Experts on Facebook and Twitter as well.


*I was provided the previously mentioned products free of charge from Flat Iron Experts in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Flat Iron Experts – BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron (0.75in) Product Review


A few weeks ago I had the chance to review a Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts, and before that a Hot Tools Marcel 1" Curling Iron. This week, we're back to the curling irons and I had the opportunity to review a BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, just one of the many products Flat Iron Experts sells.

It is only recently that I've started to use curling irons again. My hair is not exactly curling iron friendly, but I'm always willing to give anything a try. The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling iron was rated Top #2 Curling Iron by Flat Iron Experts, and barely missed being ranked #1 due to its price. And while it is normally priced at $119 you can get it for only $84.99! (I still love that low price guarantee and FREE shipping on orders more than $50.)

Anyway, after getting mostly used to the marcel handled Hot Tools Curling Iron, it was a relatively easy transition back to the spring handled BaByliss Pro. I'm still not even close to being a professional, and do struggle to get things "just right", but I REALLY enjoyed using this particular curing iron. Personally I thought the ceramic tourmaline worked much better than previous curling irons I have tried. I needed to use smaller sections of hair, but that would make sense with the barrel being a little smaller. It's not a bad thing, but I'm impatient and not a super "girly girl" so it's hard for me to justify spending extra time on myself when my kids are terrorizing the house. However, as of right now, the BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron is definitely my first choice.


  • 5 barrel sizes available
  • Unique POP-IN/POP-OUT temperature control
  • Ultra-powerful heaters that provide fast, steady maximum temperatures
  • Instant heat recovery
  • 40 heat settings
  • Heats up to 428ºF(220ºC)
  • Slim rubberized handles
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic closes the hair cuticle resulting in smooth, glossy hair.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic plus heat emits NEGATIVE IONS which eliminate static electricity and neutralize odors and bacteria.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic barrels retain heat more efficiently, distribute it more evenly and eliminate damaging hot spots.
  • Tourmaline/Ceramic radiates faster drying FAR-INFRATED HEAT, which dries hair from the inside out, preserving more moisture within the hair shaft and causing less damage to the hair cuticle.
  • Extra long, heavy duty swivel cord
  • Dual Voltage
  • One year warranty

I went about this review in my usual way. I washed my hair, used the KCQ Thermal Shine spray, and then blow dried it and brushed it. This time I thought I'd try to get a better result all over instead of just in the front. I separated my hair out into sections, and began curling. Before I curled the top section of my hair I teased it just a bit so it had a little more volume. My hair is straight as straight can be, and the length weighs it down making it sit flat against my head. It still took a few practice runs, but instead of 5 hours of 5 days, it took me about 30 minutes to get to the point of being happy with the results. I wanted to brush out the curls to see if I could get some waves, but I worried that I'd brush all of the curl out and have to start from the beginning. When I did, I decided to just run my fingers through to break up the curls, and my hair had a nice wave to it. I'm impressed that even hours later my hair has held a lot of the curl without using any hair spray or additional styling products.

I thought the curling iron was extremely comfortable to use, and the super long, rotating cord was an added bonus. The curling iron heated up super fast, and I never felt a lag of heat between opening and closing the barrel. I thought the push button features were pretty neat too. If you want to change your heat setting just push the button in to unlock it, spin the dial, and push it back in. You'll never accidentally change your heat setting. The on/off button had the push button feature too instead of the typical sliding button. I also liked that although the barrel heats up to 428 degrees and does feel really hot, for some reason I wasn't worried about burning myself. I'm sure I certainly could have, but even with the barrel so close to my head, the heat seemed to stay mainly within the barrel instead of radiating out. The entire experience was really great, and I never felt like I was damaging my hair - even curing and re-curling certain sections several times. GREAT product!

Make sure you check out Flat Iron Experts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


* I received a product free of charge from Flat Iron Experts in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Tree Hut Shea – Almond & Honey Sugar Body Scrub Product Review


"If I had to pick one way to go, I'm thinking death by Honey Almond Sugar Scrub would be choice #1." That was my Facebook status after receiving the Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Sugar Scrub today in the mail. It might be a little drastic of a statement, but within the 10 seconds it took to open it up and smell it, I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life swimming in an entire tub of this stuff.

Let's back up for a bit and start from the beginning. I love bath products. I love things that smell fantastic, and I love feeling fantastic, and what's even better are things that smell fantastic AND make me feel fantastic. FANTASTIC! (I also really love that word.) Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of reviews floating around for Tree Hut Shea, and everything I read said wonderful things about their products. So, of course I got curious and wanted to give Tree Hut Shea a try for myself. I've tried my fair share of soaps, and bath products, and rarely dislike anything I use, so my standards were set pretty high for this review. How could they top everything else I've used?

I was asked what I was interested in reviewing, and since I really wanted to review EVERYTHING I mentioned that I thought my favorite scent would be the Almond & Honey and requested that they pick their favorite to send. Tree Hut Shea decided to send their 18 ounce jar of Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Sugar Scrub. SWEET! That was actually the item I really wanted the most so I was beyond thrilled that's what they chose for me.

I literally showered about 30 minutes ago. I'm sorry if that is TMI, but I enjoyed using this product SO much I wanted to write this review while inspired. I keep smelling myself and just sink into the Honey Almond scent. I ran out of the bathroom and said to my husband, "Smell me!" It does smell more like honey than almond, but I like the scent better than most honey almond products because of this.

So, what is in this that makes the product so FANTASTIC?


Sucrose (Sugar)
Polysorbate 20
Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Oil
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit
Ascorbic Acid
Retinyl Palmitate
Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil
Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil
Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil
Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed Meal
Caprylyl Glycol
Sorbic Acid

Alright - so you know I think the Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Sugar Scrub smells heavenly, but this product also WORKS. The sugar is the best exfoliant. I have really dry skin on my face, and that was one of the areas I made sure to use the sugar scrub on. My face hasn't felt this good in a LONG time! The natural sweet almond oil and real honey along with Evening Primrose, Avocado, Macadamia Seed and Orange Oil are also conditioners, making my skin feel SO smooth and soft. The entire formula is just great. The sugar is not too course, and when using it in the shower on wet skin, the product doesn't feel sticky either. Tree Hut Shea's products are paraben free, DMDM free, and cruelty free and are made in the USA!
I wanted to get my husband's opinion because, well... he's my husband and probably feels my legs more than I do. HE could even feel the difference compared to my regular soap routine. All of the dead skin I normally have on my face (Yes I know, gross.) has been scrubbed off, and my skin I don't think has ever felt better. And that is all after ONE use! I don't know for a fact, but if this works so well, smells SO good, and makes me feel this great, I'm betting the rest of their products are just as wonderful. Make sure you check out the Tree Hut website too, and browse through their products and scents. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! You can also sign up for their newsletter through the Facebook tab “Newsletter” and through link titled “Newsletter sign up” via homepage of their website.

You can also purchase a 3-pack of the Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Sugar Scrub for only $20.99 (plus shipping) on Amazon!

Tree Hut is giving my readers a chance at winning a jar of their Honey & Almond Sugar Body Scrub! When the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE]. Giveaway is open to legal residents of the USA who are 18+.


* I received a product for free from Tree Hut Shea in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.