Dress First – Find the Perfect Dress for Your Holiday Party #Sponsored


Wedding season is winding down, and that means it's time for all of those holiday parties that are being planned as I type. What's the one thing every woman needs for a holiday party? A new dress. But, as I'm sure you're all well aware, fancy dresses tend to be extremely expensive. If they're not, they're generally poor quality. That's why I'm introducing Dress First.

I have been browsing for a new party dress for MONTHS. All have either been way out of my price range, or probably wouldn't have looked great on me. Or, based on who was selling the dress I already knew it was going to be cheaply made. Then, there are the dresses that would fit, and I like, but they weren't sophisticated enough. They were meant for teenagers. Bummer.

Dress First has a MASSIVE selection of absolutely stunning garments for just about every body type, and every occasion. I keep browsing through the Formal and Cocktail categories making lists of all the dresses I'd like to see hanging in my closet. And, while one dress is only needed, who likes to show up at multiple parties in the same thing every time? The best part, is that Dress First's dresses are affordable with huge markdowns already taken off the final prices, and a sale section with even further discounts. No sense in spending more than $200 on a dress that you can get as Dress First for $100.

In addition to the huge style selection that's offered, every style I've browsed appears to come with multiple color options. Don't want the dress in black? Choose from greens, blues, purples, browns, etc. If you can't tell, the dress to the A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon Evening Dress (shown on right) is one of my absolute favorites. Priced at only $112.99 (marked down from $224), this stunning chiffon evening dress has 27 additional color options. Isn't that dress absolutely stunning? I'm thinking this would make the perfect dress for attending my husband's company holiday party in.

Dress First doesn't just offer formal wear and party wear, but also wedding gowns, bridal party attire, prom dresses, accessories, shoes, and shape-wear. It's your one stop shop for looking fabulous for whatever event you're attending this season.

Dress First can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


*I was compensated for my opinion in this post. All opinions are mine. See Disclosure Policy.



Sandgrens Clogs – Sulu Wedges (Marina) Product Review


You may or may not have noticed that during the last couple of months Ugglebo Clogs has been rebranded into Sandgrens Clogs. I'm not exactly sure why, however it appears that it has only been a name change. (You can find more information on the Sandgrens "Our Story" page.) Sandgrens Clogs are still made by Christer, the Clog Master, and are still made with some of the highest quality leathers and woods. If you missed my previous review for Ugglebo, make sure you check it out to read all about the Seoul Clogs in Green Ash (which are back in stock by-the-way) on the new Sandgrens Clogs website.

Sandgrens Clogs' bases are made from wood, including Alderwood, and Spanish Pine and are sourced right from Sweden. The leathers, including the best quality nubuc leather is then brought in from Italy to the Sandgrens factory where the shoes are assembled by hand. That means each pair of shoes is a little bit different from its predecessor. No two are ever exactly alike. Similar, but not identical.

For this review I wanted to go with something a little different. While I'm still partial to the more traditional clog look, especially those made by Sandgrens, I thought it was time to up the ante just a bit and throw in a different color, and a higher heel. One of the things I truly enjoy about Sandgrens' selection of clogs is that they really have something for everyone. Whether you're young and looking for a fashion forward shoe, or older and looking for comfort, you're sure to find it in a style and color you'll love. Sandgrens sent their Sulu Wedges in Marina, size 41, for an introductory re-branding review, and I couldn't be more pleased with the shoe.

"The Sulu Wedge Swedish clogs are a testament to one of the big fashion trends right now. With their wedge high heels and lush Horween nubuc leather, these wood clogs will elevate you far above most other mules and clogs for women. Sandgrens Sulu Wedges come on a high Spanish pine wood bottom and the leather on these wood shoes is fastened with nail heads, giving the clogs a fashion-forward look." ~ Sandgrens
Admittedly I was a little bit worried about how the Sulu Wedges would fit. I have large feet, and found that the Seoul Clogs from my previous review fit, but they JUST fit. I could have used another 1/2 size, but a 42 wasn't available in that style. A 42 wasn't available in the Sulu Wedges either, so I hoped and prayed that these would work for my gargantuan hooves. I was also a little nervous about the 4.1" heel. I'm, uh... clumsy... to put it nicely. I rarely wear heels unless it's for a special occasion, but I figured a pair of wedges might be sturdy enough.

The Sulu Wedges arrived packaged neatly in thick paper and tied with a ribbon. (I love that they do this.) When I took them out of the packaging I thought they might end up being too narrow. Turns out, they fit PERFECTLY. I mean Cinderella's glass slipper perfectly. The wooden base is a bit narrow, but it doesn't bother my feet at all, and doesn't make the shoes uncomfortable. I think it's just more of an aesthetic preference. The nubuc leather upper is SO soft, and a rich, stunning shade of blue. The nail heads (used to fasten the leather upper to the wooden base) really add to the beauty of the shoes. The Seoul Clogs were fastened with staples, so it was great to see this feature first hand.

I LOVE the Sandgrens Sulu Wedges. I think they'll be the perfect heel for summer. I loved pairing them with my long white peasant skirt, and another, shorter bohemian dress that I save especially for the warmest months. I might even pair these with a nice set of capris, or skinny jeans.

Do check out Sandgrens on Facebook and Twitter. If you're also a Pinterest junkie you can find Sandgrens there too!

*I was provided a product free of charge from Sandgrens in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Choix – Gypsy 05 Multi Color Scarf Product Review


I have to say, I love it when a business begins following me on Twitter. I've found that it's one of the simplest ways to learn about a company that I may not have heard about in the past, and at the same time isn't flashing any advertisements in my face. Not too long ago this is how I was introduced to Choix (French word meaning "choice", pronounced as  "Shwa")! I loved their short company bio - "A boho-chic shopping site where you can muse over unexpected discoveries & unearth your own sense of style." - and decided this was most certainly something I needed to check out for myself.

"A love of quotes, a curiosity for travel, adventure and culture, a need to find products that dazzle and daze, a passion for artisan lines that tell a story – these are the tenets that spurred Bethany Branan, the creator of Choix, to take the promise of an idea and turn it into reality." ~ Choix

After spending probably a good hour perusing through their products, I just had to reach out because I thought Choix was something my readers would enjoy being introduced to. We were hoping to work together on a clothing review, because their items really are just so beautiful and unique. Unfortunately my favorite items weren't available in my size due to selling out at a huge pop up event they had just participated in. (I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it's great to see their products were a huge hit, hence the depleted inventory.)

We decided to go with the Gypsy 05 Multi Color Scarf made of viscose fabric. It's November after all, and who doesn't love a great scarf? My favorites are getting worn and ragged from the many years of Fall/Winter wear and tear, and I was thrilled for the chance replace them with one so stunning. In addition to the beauty of the scarf, I think one of the biggest "up votes" for me was that this scarf is also made in the USA. I just LOVE it when I have the opportunity to write about a made in the USA product. There's just something so meaningful and important behind that small piece of information.

There were many things that pulled me in. The tie die non-pattern, the muted wintery purple mixed with white and a light teal/mint, and the knotted edges with the feathery fringe gave the scarf a lighter more ethereal feel. This is a piece that can be worn in the fall, spring and indoors as just an accessory, or with a dressy winter jacket when it's blustery outside. It's large enough to work as a shawl, and can be draped in several different ways. Even the owner, Bethany, raved about how much she loved the scarf, and said she also owns one herself!
Typically I'm not usually one for obvious patterns on my clothing, which is why I enjoy a fantastic accessory that has a pattern ranging more along the lines of abstraction with a strong tonal differentiation. It's not overpowering, and catches the eye just enough to break up the monotony of my solid colored wardrobe. I like to wear accessories as conversational pieces - something that stands out beyond the norm and breaks people out of their shell long enough to ask where I got it, or maybe even say how much they like it. The Gypsy 05 Multi Color Scarf does exactly that.

In addition to all of their fabulous scarves and wraps, accessories that Choix carries includes bags, gloves, jewelry and artisan pieces. Choix also carries a relatively large variety of dresses, shirts, skirts, and sweaters. Make sure you check out Choix online, and on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.
Choix is also offering the Gypsy 05 Multi Color Scarf (ARV $46) as a prize for a giveaway! The giveaway will be open to legal residents of the USA who are 18+. Giveaway will run for approximately 1 weeks. During the time the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE].


*I was offered a product free of charge from Choix in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.



YAK Apparel – Winter Trapper Hat Product Review


"You Are one of a Kind."

Want to know the first word that comes to mind when I think of winter? "Yuck." I'm not a snow bunny by any means. In fact, let me live my entire life in Bora Bora and I'll be happy as a clam. But, living in Maine it is impossible to skip winter, and I have to make the best of it. Guess I'll just have to keep dreaming about the beach while I spend my cold, snowy days in legit hibernation. This year, to spice things up a bit on those rare occasions that I have to venture from the warmth of my home, I'm making winter more fun with a YAK Apparel Winter Trapper Hat that I was sent to try out.

I've always wanted a trapper hat. There's something about the warmth of them, the unique styling, and the overall fashion atrocity that I actually quite adore. I have a friend who calls trapper hats, "mad bomber hats", which I find absolutely hilarious. And, when you think about it, everyone wears the same thing: beanies, berets, those weird ear handband things, ski masks, and ear muffs. (They still make those, right?) No, thank you. When I go out in winter, I want to look like I live in a cabin 10 miles into the woods. There are only two places on my body that I like to go a little crazy with when it comes to accessories. Give me a fabulous quirky pair of shoes, and a cute random hat.

YAK Apparel's hats are handmade from natural, sustainable materials and real wool. The one tidbit of information that really jumped out at me was that YAK Apparel's products are made by women in a true cottage industry that helps support Nepali families. I'm quite partial to Nepal (visited and traveled around for a month), so even though it's not "USA Made", it's great to see that YAK Apparel supports people in developing countries.

"YAK Apparel is a Boston-based clothing and accessories company specializing in wool hats and silk scarves handmade in Nepal. We founded Yak in 2009, after a trip to Nepal in which we discovered talented artisans crafting beautiful, colorful wool hats by hand.

When we started working with the Artisans who make our product in Kathmandu and the surrounding villages, we were struck by the sense of color and the incredible creativity everyone brought to the table. The women who knitted our hats literally designed them on the fly – they knew exactly what colors to pick, how to combine them and how to incorporate them into the most intricate designs." ~ YAK Apparel
As I mentioned previously, YAK Apparel sent their (grey) Winter Trapper Hat for me to try out. Thankfully we haven't had a blizzard so I've been able to wear it out for fun, and not for its usefulness. The Winter Trapper Hat is really beautiful and I LOVE it. It was just what I was looking for. (I've been looking for an awesome trapper hat for about 3 years now.) The inside is lined with a soft, quilted fleece, and the ear flaps, front, and back are lined with soft multi-toned faux fur which really gives it a "real" look. The hat overall feels like quality, and I love how thick the wool outer is.


  • great warm Russian style hat
  • natural wool ensures perfect warmth and comfort
  • full faux-fur and fleece lining
  • perfect for work and play
  • spot clean only
  • one size fits most

I know the color description says this hat is grey, but it's definitely more of a tan. The fleece lining is grey, and the the majority of the faux fur is grey, but the wool outer is a dusty tan. I'm not complaining. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to go with the grey, or the beige, and last minute changed my mind to the grey. I think this would be stunning if it was actually grey, but I REALLY like the tan. Although YAK Apparel makes hats for men, women, and children, I did find that the women's Trapper Hat was a little small, hence the "one size fits most". This doesn't surprise me since my mother likes to remind me of how large my head was as a child. "I couldn't get sweaters on over your head unless it had buttons or a zipper. You had such a big head!" (Thanks, mother.) It actually fits my head perfectly, but there's no additional wiggle room which means I can't wear my hair up if I wanted to. I also think the ear flaps don't quite lay flat on the side of my head because it's just a bit small. This is just for reference, especially if you are part of the Big Head Club. "Hi. My name is _____, and I have a big head."

The only thing I actually really didn't care for, was the strings that hang down from the ear flaps. They kind of curl, and do their own thing, and the tip is just simply knotted. But, YAK Apparel has another version of this hat with pompoms at the end of the strings, which I think I like a little bit better.

Overall, I love the hat, and I really like the selection that YAK Apparel offers. I'll definitely be sporting my hat all through the blustery wind and swirling snow, and my head will be WARM. Make sure you check out YAK Apparel Online, and on Facebook, and Pinterest!
YAK Apparel is also offering a giveaway! One DealPeddler reader will win a YAK Apparel Hat. Giveaway will start 11/17 and run for approximately one week. Entrants must be legal residents of the USA who are 18+. When the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE].

*I received the above mentioned product free of charge from YAK Apparel in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Monroe and Main – Fit For You Guide “Short Waisted” Clothing Product Review


In general I'm pretty blessed to have the body I do. Even after two kids, I can still fit into Junior size clothing if I choose to, and my chest is smaller than it was 10 years ago. I also walked away from the entire pregnancy process with wider hips that now balance out the upper part of my body. However, one thing I've always noticed about the way my body is shaped, is that I have a rather short torso compared to my legs. Honestly, I never thought this was a problem. I like having longer legs. But, sometimes certain styles of clothes just don't look right.

Monroe and Main released their new Fit For You Guide this Fall for Misses and Plus Sizes, and focused on four shape solutions for all of you lovely ladies that would like some help picking out clothing best suited for your body type. The guide shape solutions include: Hide Hips & Add Height, Short-Waisted, Camouflage Midsection, and De-emphasize Bust. I was asked to review/feature an outfit for the Short-Waisted shape solution! I've been a fan of Monroe and Main for quite some time now, so you can just imagine how downright thrilled I was to be offered the opportunity to choose an outfit that I thought would work for my body shape. I decided to go a little off the wall, and break out of my usual clothing comfort zone. I tend to dress super casually since I'm a SAHM with really no where snazzy to go. I tend to gravitate to floor length jeans, and solid colored 3/4 sleeve shirts. I'm not usually one for clothes with a printed pattern on them. But, I decided I'd love something different to wear for my next "date night" with the husband. I also think the outfit I chose would work well for any semi-formal event.One of the things I love about Monroe and Main's Fit For You Guide, is that they don't leave you hanging. They have grouped their clothing by category with custom links that take you to the items specifically meant for your personal shape solution. After compiling a few outfit choices, I decided to go with the Trim Trouser, size 10, in black (shorter leg emphasizes leg length), and the Border Print Tunic size Large (printed top pulls focus away from legs and up toward the torso). To dress it up a bit I also chose a black/silver glittery clutch (which appears to now be out of stock). They also threw in a pair of Silver Wrap Hoop earrings to complete the outfit. (Accent pieces also draw the eye up away from the length of your legs.)
I especially think the Border Print Tunic draws attention away from my legs because the pattern is heavier at the top. With a bolder, lighter colored pattern near the face, and the halter design exposing the shoulders, it's not hard to see why this top is flattering for this particular shape solution. It draws attention to my shoulders, and neck, and the earrings complete the ascent to my face. (Please excuse the fact that the sun was causing some squinting to happen.) Also because the shirt is loser fitting, it hides my left over baby pudge I still haven't managed to rid myself of. It's slimming, concealing, and most of all - comfortable. The only thing I didn't like about the tunic was that the halter part of the neck (2 buttons in the back), was a little loser fitting than I would have liked.

Admittedly, the outfit I chose is more for the warmer months, however I'm not the sort of person who only wears "summer" clothes in the summer. I figure a jacket or a cardigan works well when running from the car to indoors, and most places crank the heat in the winter to at least 70 degrees. So, the fact that the Border Print Tunic was sleeveless didn't deter me in the slightest.

Make sure you check out Monroe and Main to see the rest of their Fit For You Shape Solutions! There's something for everyone. Monroe and Main can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest!

Monroe and Main is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to one lucky DealPeddler reader! Giveaway will be open to legal residents of the USA who are 18+. Giveaway will begin 10/22 and run for approximately one week. When the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE].


*I received an outfit free of charge from Monroe and Main in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.



BagBlaze – Mary Ostrich Satchel Product Review & Sponsor Spotlight


If there was one place you could go to guarantee quality hand bags at $39.95 or less, plus free shipping and free exchanges, my guess is that you'd like to know about said place. Am I right? I found this website called BagBlaze while stumbling through the interconnected webs of the internet, and was immediately impressed by their stylish selection, as well as their super reasonable prices. They offer deals on totes, satchels, hobos, clutches, and shoulder bags with 3 new Daily Blazing Handbag Deals every day. Their handbags are never priced more than $39.95, and often times they're priced even less than that. With BagBlaze you're saving 50% or MORE on each style they offer during their Daily Blazing Handbag Deals. Finally - a place for all of you handbag lovers to go!

BagBlaze sent me the Mary Ostrich Satchel in Beige from Sundae Sky to review for them. I had several options but that particular bag stood out the most. It looked sophisticated yet young enough for casual wear. Before the deal ran out, they offered the Mary Ostrich Satchel in black, beige, orange, and red.

When the bag arrived I was really surprised by how big it was. I'm really awful at judging a purse's size by the measurements given on a website. I just can't seem to picture it accurately. However, while I was expecting something probably 2 or 3 inches smaller all around, the larger size actually works out perfectly for me. Oddly, I don't carry around much in my purse. Just my wallet, keys, sunglasses, and a few small odds and ends. The amount of stuff that I carry does change depending on how many kids I have to drag around with me on errands, and how long we're going to be out. This bag is PERFECT for also tossing in a packet of wipes, several diapers for both kids, snacks, and still have enough room left over to be able to find it all.

"This chic Ostrich Satchel makes accessorizing easy, with an embossed pattern and zip-closure for easy access to everything you need in your day. This fabulous bag features two sturdy handles for easy portability, and a smart, sleek style that's fully lined and includes a back zip pocket for your wallet or phone and a unique front lock-style detail." ~BagBlaze

• Faux Leather
• Zipper top closure
• 2 handled satchel
• Embossed Ostrich-style leather pattern
• Size : 15 x 10 x 6 (inches)
Although the Mary Ostrich Satchel is faux leather, and you can tell that it is, it still has a great quality feel for it. So far everyone that I've shown, including two men, have said it's a great looking bag. (Sometimes my husband is a little embarrassed by the purses I carry around.) The zippered closure zips smoothly without catching, and the lining of the product is a gorgeous navy blue. It has two inside pockets that you can use for your cell phone or a small camera, and a zippered inside pouch as well. The front lock detail while it has no purpose other than for decoration, the little nob actually turns like a regular lock would. The handles feel rugged, and they even included a removable shoulder strap. I feel like a million bucks carrying this purse around, and the best part is that it was priced at only $39.95 on BagBlaze.

BagBlaze also has a neat little rewards system. Share with your friends and you can earn a couple of bucks to put toward your next purchase. Each purchase you make also gets you a few dollars back into your account to use on a future purchase. I think my absolute FAVORITE thing about BagBlaze is that while they are a "daily deal" site, they're NOT a club, and there is never any obligation to purchase anything.

If you're a handbag lover, BagBlaze is definitely a site you need to check out especially if you love great styles that fit within your budget! You can also find BagBlaze on Facebook and Twitter.

BagBlaze is SO generous. They are offering one DealPeddler reader a code that is worth a FREE bag of their choice. Giveaway is open to residents of the USA who are 18+. You will be able to enter [HERE] once the giveaway is live.


*I received a product free of charge from BagBlaze in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Midnight Velvet – Greta Dress Product Review


I remember way back when I used to live with my mother, she primarily did all of her clothes shopping via catalog. I always thought these clothes were solely for older women, or plus size women (because lets face it - many stores don't usually carry many plus sizes). I happened to get in touch with Midnight Velvet who was looking for bloggers. They sent a bunch of options for me to choose from, and while they were all stunning selections, none of the were exactly "me". I'm not one who dresses up a lot, and since my job is mother and blogger, I stay in my PJ's more often than I'd like to admit.

Midnight Velvet let me peruse through their website to see if I could find something else I liked. Then I saw it. The Greta Dress. *Swoon* I asked if this dress ran small, and they said while they've heard one person say that it does, they don't believe so. I requested the Midnight Velvet Greta Dress in a size 10. One thing I thought was superb is that they have this dress (along with most of their other clothes) in Misses sizes Small to Extra Large, and Plus sizes from 1x to 3x. It's so great that they have this gorgeous styles in a vast variety of sizes!

The dress arrived very quickly which is always a bonus. The first thing that I noticed was that they dress was heavier than I expected it to be. The polyester fabric seems as though it is really great quality, and the dress has two layers. Another bonus since I hate wearing slips. Remember slips? This isn't a dress I'd recommend for Summer just because of the weight, but I think that's probably a given when considering the design of the dress.

Next step, trying the dress on. I must have looked so silly when I kept telling my husband it was too small and I couldn't get it past my shoulders. I had searched for a zipper, but missed the fact that it has a SIDE zipper. Once I figured out that little, albeit important detail, it was mostly smooth sailing from there. The only problem I had with the fit, is that the bust area was a tad tight. The first time I was wearing a padded bra, and I think that made things a little less roomy. So, I tried it on again with a non-padded bra (what are those called?), and it fit AMAZING. It was fitted where it should be (upper chest), and roomy where it needed to be (around the stomach and love handles). I couldn't believe you couldn't see any of the bulges left over from having kids! It is relatively low cut, but I like my clothes that way. I feel a little claustrophobic with collars up near my neck. I'm going to blame that oddity on those lace-bibbed dresses my grandmother use to buy me, and every time I'd sit down, the collar/neckline would end up choking me.

There is only ONE thing I didn't like about the dress, but it's easily fixable if you don't mind spending 5-10 minutes on it. I really did not like the faux jewels around the neckline. I knew this might be an issue since I read the website reviews. The person who had the issue nailed their criticism. The faux jewels are cheap. They're plastic, and not even great quality plastic. But, they're sewn on, and can easily be taken off without ruining any of the fabric, which is exactly what I'll do before I wear it to any event. Otherwise I thought the dress was completely worth the price of $129.95, gems or no gems.

Other than my dislike of the bedazzeling, I thought the dress was fantastic quality paired with a really  flattering fit. Midnight Velvet has a great selection to suit most anyone too! Below are some of my other favorites.
Find Midnight Velvet on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

Midnight Velvet is super duper awesome and giving one DealPeddler reader the SAME dress I received (providing size and quantity are available) as a giveaway prize. Entrants must be a resident of the USA who are 18+. Giveaway will run for approximately 1 week. When the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE].

*I received a product free of charge from Midnight Velvet in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


Dawgs Footwear – *NEW* My Snappy Socks


Remember the Spirit Dawgs review I did a few months ago? Well, as a super nice "than you", they sent along a pair of their NEW My Snappy Socks. I wasn't even asked to review them, but I did want to write up a quick post to return the nice favor.

I was sent the Humming Bird-Blue White Sock, w/ Blue Trim in women's. I don't generally wear socks, but the overall concept is really great, and I thought they were really comfortable and light weight. These socks have a snap, so instead of always searching for pairs, or folding them which can stretch them out, you can easily snap them together right out of the laundry. This I think is great for kids and adults - my husband I think would benefit the most from them. The snap sits right on the trim, at the inside of your leg so it isn't super visible. And, the snap is as close as possible to the trim which helps it blend in even further.

I really like that they offer solid colored socks along with designs, AND I did mention to my husband that I wished these were ankle socks, and guess what? They sell those too!

They're priced at $5.99, but you can get a 6 pack of these for only $29.99. If you go that route you're only paying about $4.99 - think of it as buying 5 and getting your 6th one FREE.

These come in infant sizes all the way up to toddler, children, youth, women and men. It also looks like if you join their Dawg's Club, you can get an extra 10% off!


Idylle Clothing – Flutter Draped Cardigan Product Review


When I was first introduced to Idylle clothing a few weeks back, I feel head over heels, madly, deeply in love with their products. I'm rather picky when it comes to purchasing clothing. I rarely wear patterns, and prefer solid, fall toned colors. Usually the prints I find on clothing are tacky or are not something I can relate to. I don't need numbers from a random team on my shirt, or anything that says "Sexy", "Angel", or "Princess". Very rarely do I find an article of clothing I just have to have. You must know what I'm talking about. Even if it's slightly out of your price range, you still purchase it because you know you'll regret it if you don't. And, if you do have the will power to walk away, you spend the entire day thinking, "Maybe I should have bought that. I really loved it. Why didn't I buy it?" I have actually gone back to the store to see if something was still there. I have also hidden clothing in the racks just in case I decided I wanted to go back and get it. Idylle has this type of clothing. I have gone back and browsed through their site over and over hoping I don't regret not purchasing a certain shirt. I believe it is calling my name - "Rebekah! Buy me!"

Anyway, Idylle gave me the opportunity to select an article of clothing from their website to review. Of course my first choice was a very popular tank, and the inventory was running low so that ended up as a no-go. Bummer! So, to make things a bit easier they offered me a list of some of their favorite pieces that were available for a review. It was difficult to choose, because everything is just so beautiful and unique. We decided to go with the Flutter Draped Cardigan in size Large. I'm not usually a big fan of insect prints on my clothes (as I'm sitting here in a pair of PJ bottoms with butterfly prints all over them). But, my eye was caught by the paisley design on the back, and by the fact that the cardigan is purple. I just can't say no to purple.

I've decided the people from Idylle can dress me any time. Before the Flutter Draped Cardigan arrived I knew that I liked it, but I wasn't sure if I was going to LOVE it. Let's just say this is now my favorite article of clothing in my wardrobe. It is so darn comfortable, and really is quite a stunning piece. The cardigan is 100% cotton, machine washable, and is made in the USA! Woohoo - another made in the USA product! That fact right there scores Idylle some major brownie points.

The cardigan has a really nice draped flow to it. I like that the front is longer than the back. And, the sleeves have buttons up near the elbows so, if you want to wear it on a warmer day and don't want the full length of the sleeves, you can roll them up and button them. But, I liked the sleeves really long, so I'm not sure I'll use that feature. The cotton is a nice weight too. It isn't super light, but it isn't a really heavy shirt either. I wore it for the last 3 days, inside in the AC, and outside in the heat, and it was comfortable in both temperature differences.
A few things I noticed when I compared the product to the online photo was that in person, the paisley print is actually darker, however you probably can't tell from the photo. But, this is a wonderful thing. I was a little scared that the butterfly would look more like a sticker instead of part of the overall design, but it blends in very nicely. The purple of the cardigan is also not quite as grey as the photo shows it to be. (This is also good in my opinion). It has a very nice red undertone, and the shirt is definitely a dusty purple, and not some grey-purple like I expected. These few differences worked extremely well in the cardigan's favor, because these were the reasons why I was a little hesitant to review this shirt.

I am THRILLED to have found Idylle! I got the biggest kick out of wearing the Flutter Draped Cardigan out on some errands because I knew I was probably the only person in town to own it. Actually, I'm probably the only person in the state of Maine who has this particular shirt. I like my clothes to be unique, and I like my clothes to reflect my personality. These days my clothes also need to be comfortable, because trust me, there is nothing worse than wearing the most uncomfortable shirt or pants while having to run around after your children. This is one clothing website I will be checking out often, and maybe even splurge at every once in awhile.
Idylle has a huge range of styles varying from a good ol' fashion tank top, to eye catching sweaters, hoodies, and T's. Their sizes range from Small to Extra Large, and as far as I can tell fit true to size. I would consider each design a piece of wearable art. The designs are intricate, ethereal, funky, bohemian... and the colors are exactly what I look for when I buy clothes. Idylle has quickly become my favorite website for printed clothing.

Now, make sure you take the time to find Idylle on Facebook & Pinterest. Why? Because Idylle is offering one DealPeddler reader an item of choice from their store as a giveaway prize! Yup, everything except the accessories are up for grabs unless your size is out of stock. The giveaway will run for approximately one week, and is open to residents of the USA who are 18+. Readers will be able to enter [HERE] during the time the giveaway is live.


*I was provided a product for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.




Ugglebo – Seoul Clogs in Green Ash Product Review


There is nothing quite like a beautiful handcrafted pair of shoes made from quality materials. Sure, jewelry is nice, clothes are nice, even a new purse or wallet are nice, but every once in awhile your feet need spoiling. I love bringing unique products to my readers, which is why I'm SO excited to share Ugglebo with you! Not only are Ugglebo Clogs absolutely stunning in their small details and nuances, but are also practical and wearable.

I've always wanted a pair of clogs, but they usually look a bit doofy. In my experience with just trying them on in the store they're either hard to walk in, slip off your feet, are uncomfortable, or just look like a glorified pair of slippers. Ugglebo gave me the chance to pick out a pair of their shoes to review. I decided to go with the Seoul Clogs in Green Ash because the leaf detail cut into the leather really caught my eye. The Seoul Clogs are a "low heel"; about 1.75 inches in height. As much as I liked the higher heeled clogs, I just couldn't picture myself walking around with two kids hanging off of me without managing to break an ankle. Plus, I really liked the more traditional clog look, and the Green Ash just happens to be one of my favorite colors. (Unfortunately this particular style is sold out now, however they're always bringing in something new!)

I need to quickly say that their overall presentation from their website, to receiving the shoes in the mail is just great. The shoes came in an Ugglebo specific box, and were wrapped in thick tissue paper with a ribbon tied around them! It was like opening up a Christmas gift. When I saw the delivery presentation I was even more excited. You know you're getting something special when that much time and care is put into sending them through the mail.
The entire process of what goes into making an Ugglebo clog is fascinating. The bases are made from wood, including Alderwood, and Spanish Pine and are sourced right from Sweden. The leathers, including the best quality nubuc leather is then brought in from Italy to the Ugglebo factory where their Clog Master, Christer, assembles them by hand along with a few of his associates. Not only are you getting a stunning pair of shoes, but each pair is slightly unique. The Seoul Clogs are a beautiful soft nubuc leather and Alderwood base held together with staples, which I think just ads to the overall aesthetics of the shoes.

Alright, so obviously I'm in love with how beautiful these shoes look, but I did say they are also wearable? I'm sure you're thinking, "How is walking on wood all that comfortable?" After I got done caressing the leather (I REALLY love my shoes), I figured it was time to actually wear the shoes. I've had a hard time sizing my feet correctly when getting shoes from online instead of having the chance to try them on first. I went with a size 41 (10.5 to 11). Since I'm usually a 10.5 I was praying more than anything this pair of Ugglebo lovelies would fit. I'm happy to say they do fit. Barely, but they fit! My heel is right to the edge of the shoe, which is probably the correct way to wear them (although I do lite a little extra length). They're definitely closer to a 10.5 than an 11, and I could have possibly gotten by with a half size larger. However the toe box is perfect. The overall width is great and there's enough wiggle room for my toes to not feel claustrophobic. Yes, my toes freak out when they can't move. The wood base of the clog is actually very soft (I was quite surprised), and there are slight indents where your toes go giving that tiny bit of extra room my toes need. I really loved that the wood isn't just a basic carved out slab, but actually designed to mold to your feet. The toebox and heel on the sole are padded with some sort of rubber that keeps the shoes from slipping around on hard surfaces.

I did have to get used to walking in the Seoul clogs. It wasn't difficult, but the soles aren't quite flat, so there is a little bit of "rocking" when you walk. After a few practice runs around the house I'm now an Ugglebo Clog walking pro! I just absolutely adore these shoes. I want to display them on my wall as works of art!

I have a couple exciting tidbits of news for you all too. First, Ugglebo is celebrating the Swedish Midsummer holiday by offering 30% to 50% off of EVERYTHING on their web site. Now is definitely the time to purchase a pair of you're drooling over these now like I was. In addition to this spectacular sale they are offering FREE shipping on all domestic orders when you purchase at least two pairs of Ugglebos. Trust me, finding 2 pairs you just can't live without is not a difficult task. The hardest part is choosing which two pairs to get! The Ugglebo Midsummer Sale is scheduled to run from June 16th through June 22nd.

Second, Ugglebo has a program called "Re-clog the World". Clever, right?! This program is a super awesome way to give back to those less fortunate and reduce landfill waste. Ugglebo has teamed up with the foundation Donate Your Old Shoes to provide shoes to children and adults who are less fortunate and cannot afford new pairs of shoes.  All you have to do is send Ugglebo your old clogs (of any brand) to their USA location with a specific form you can print and fill out, and they will give you 25% off your next Ugglebo purchase! What a great way to give back AND save money!

And finally, Ugglebo is offering DealPeddler readers a chance to win their very own pair of hand crafted Ugglebo Clogs in ANY style! Giveaway will run for approximately 1 week. Open to residents of the USA who are 18+. You will be able to enter the giveaway [HERE] once it is live.

Do check out Ugglebo on Facebook and Twitter. If you're also a Pinterest junkie you can find Ugglebo there too!


*I was provided a product for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.