Zooligans – Penny the Penguin Boot Review & Giveaway


Way back in May of 2012, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of being introduced to a children's brand of shoes called Zooligans. My daughter had the chance to test out a pair of Amanda the Panda Mary Jane shoes. She LOVED her Panda shoes. I mean, she loved them so much that she never wanted to take them off. It was all about the Panda. Now, about a year and a half later, Zooligans has introduced a brand new Fall line that is just as adorable and kid friendly as their previous line. And let's just say, she wore her new pair for three days straight. This brand is a huge winner in my book. (I tell people with young kids about them all of the time via word-of-mouth.)

This time my daughter's eye landed on the Penny the Penguin Boots. "Penquin boots! Penguin boots!!" It was an easy choice for her, and Mommy was thinking ahead to Fall/Winter weather and all of the rain I was sure we'd be getting lately. I requested a pair in size 11. The shoes are supposedly true-to-size, which I found accurate for the most part. Her feet have been growing like weeds so, I'm never sure which size for which brand will actually work best. The only issue I noticed is that with my daughter's pudgy feet (<--- that's a bit of an understatement), is that the area where the foot needs to turn, right by the penguin's stomach, is a little tight. We can get the boots on her when she's wearing socks, however not when she's barefoot. Then again, who wears boots without socks? It's really not a flaw of the product. We've had this problem with every pair of boot that she's owned, and honestly, this is the first pair that has actually gone ON. (We have returned so many pairs of boots just because her stinkin' feet won't feet into them.)

"The Zooligans crew is dedicated to creating an innovative
line of shoes that speaks to the playful side of being a child, while offering up the features that parents look for when choosing healthy shoes for their children's growing feet.
From the soft leather uppers, roomy toe box, adjustable straps and super flexible bottoms to the design detailing from the 
tip of the nose to the end tail; quality, function and fun is 
what drives the Zooligans brand." ~ Zooligans

From my past experience with Zooligans I knew that these were fantastic shoes. Not only are they made from quality materials but they are built specifically for little growing feet. (Or in my daughter's case, massive yet still growing feet.) Just like Amanda the Panda, Penny the Penguin's uppers are made from leather. The soles are rubber and designed with Paw Flex Four Way Flexible Sole. Not only do the soles look like paws, they're meant to flex like them too. You know how it is with little kids. They tend to be clumsy, and without proper footwear (i.e. rigid soles) your kids tend to trip and fall considerably more often.
In addition to the fantastic design of the soles, I absolutely love the adorable details that Zooligans includes in each pair of shoes. Every little detail of the animals appears constructed from individual leather pieces, and the visible stitching creates a unique affect. The color schemes are adorable, with Penny the Penguin in Dark Slate/Arona Blue with pops of color in bright pink.

Penny the Penguin made into this month's Parent's Magazine issue as one of their Top 10 Favorites on their "Must-Have, Must-See, Must-Do" list. That's right. Have to say I was kind of tickled that my daughter had good enough taste to pick out a featured product.

Zooligans can be purchased at several online retailers including Nordstrom, ShoeBuy, and Amazon. Check your local boutique retailers too. Many are starting to carry Zooligans!

You can also find Zooligans on Facebook (they have some awesome fan giveaways) and Twitter.

Zooligans wants to give away a pair of shoes to one lucky DealPeddler reader! Entrants must be 18+ and live in the USA. Failure to complete the mandatory entry will result in disqualification.

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*I was provided a pair of shoes from Zooligans free of charge in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. My son LOVES his Zooligans! He would be the envy of his preschool buddies if he had a pair of the new Sparky the Puppy sneakers!

  2. We love the Zooligans shoes and boots. They hold up soooo well! We want the penguin boots.

  3. My grandson would like the Jacques the Gator
    Boys’ Ox.

  4. paloma the pony.

  5. My daughter would probably like the Paloma the Pony
    Girls’ Boot.

  6. My daughter would love the Kat the Kitty boots


  7. My daughter would love the Paloma pony boots.

  8. My son would LOVE the Jaques the Gator shoes. I have never heard of this company before. How AWESOME!

  9. My grandson would love to have the Bobo the Monkey
    Boys’ Mid shoe!

  10. Sparky the Puppy

  11. My daughter would love the Paloma the Pony boots!

  12. I think my nephew would like Tux the Penguin Boys’ Boot the best. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. My nephew would love the Sparky the Puppy Boys’ Sport Sandal in Parisian Blue/Moonbeam Grey.

  14. My nephew would live Leonard the Lion.

  15. the gator is cute n so is the dog

  16. My son would love the Bobo the Monkey Boys’ Mid Olive/Island Green/Parchment

  17. I like sparky the puppy shoes

  18. I love the Kat the Kitty
    Girls’ Boots for my daughter!

  19. I love the Paloma the Pony Girls’ Boot Dark Earth/Pink Flambe

  20. Sparky the puppy.
    Thanks for the chance.

  21. Kat the Kitty – Girls’ Boot – Strawberry/Pearl Pink…soooo adorable!

  22. I would love to have the Sparky the Puppy Shoes for my son.


  23. I like Sparky the Puppy Boys Ox

  24. My daughter would love the Kat the Kitty boots!

  25. I like the Paloma the Pony boots.

  26. My daughter would looks so cute in the Paloma the Pony Boots!

  27. Amanda the Panda Girls’ Mary Jane White/Black

  28. My niece would like Olive the Owl.

  29. Penny the Penguin Girls’ Boot Dark Slate/Arona Blue are adorable.

  30. My son would Ringo the Raccoon Boys Sport Sandal.

  31. Leonard the Lion.

  32. I like kat the kitty boots.

  33. The Jacques the Gator
    Boys’ Sport Sandal
    Crackle Green/Black.

  34. My favorite is the Tux the Penguin Boys’ Boot. Too cute!

  35. I think she would like sparky the puppy or amanda the panda.

  36. Oh wow…Carter would love the Jacques the Gator
    Boys’ Ox! He had a pair of alligator slipons for summer there were his favorites, but he just outgrew them. These are so cute, oh he would go nuts over them!

  37. My daughter would love the Fuzz the Kitty Girls’ Mary Jane

  38. It’s a toss-up between Deano the Dinosaur & Paloma the Pony!!! Thanks for the chance, great review!!!

  39. my daughter would love the Paloma the Pony

  40. I love Fuzz the kitty – fushia

  41. Sparky the Puppy
    Boys’ Ox
    Navy/Blue/Spicey Orange

  42. My daughter just walked up behind me and flipped out over the Kat the Kitty
    Girls’ Boots! So…those.

  43. My daughter would love fuzz the kitty in pink. They are just too adorable.

  44. I like the Tux the Penguin
    Boys’ Boot

  45. My grandson would like the Tux the Penguin
    Boys’ Boot

  46. Kat the Kitty boot

  47. Jacques the Gator
    Boys’ Ox

  48. My daughter would love the Paloma the Pony

  49. Tux the Penguin Boot

  50. We like the Paloma the Pony
    Girls’ Boot.

  51. tux penguin

  52. OMG! I LOVE Jacques the gator! These are adorable!

  53. panda girls’ mary jane white/black

  54. Amanda the Panda

  55. My baby girl is obsessed with cats right now so I know she would love the “Kat the Kitty” boots!

  56. My son would love the Sparky the Puppy Boy’s Ox shoe.

  57. my son would love deano the dinosaur

  58. such a hard choice, I just wish the girls shoes came in bigger sizes. My son would love bobo the monkey

  59. My grandson would love the adorable Sparky the Puppy shoes!

  60. My lil man wants tux the penguin!!

  61. My youngest would love the monkey pair!!

  62. I absolutely love the Kat the Kitty Girl’s Boots in a toddler size 11


  63. i like the paloma the pony boots

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