Disney’s PLANES – Flying into Your Children’s Hearts


My daughter has been talking constantly about seeing Disney's PLANES. Every single time a trailer has come on the Disney channel she shouts out, "Disney's PLANES!! It's Disney's PLANES!" Needless to say this was not a screening we were going to miss. How can you say no to a child who is so darn excited about seeing a movie?? Much less saying no to taking your kids out for their first movie theater going experience. As my daughter so succinctly put it, "This is so awesome!"

The squeal from my daughter at the beginning of the movie was enough to tell me this movie is worth seeing. While I personally thought the voice casting was a little iffy, I thoroughly enjoyed Dane Cook's vocal appearance as Dusty Crop-Hopper and thought he added that little extra sparkle that all Disney movies should have. (Hey, I think the guy is hilarious, and a good chunk of eye candy to boot.) I have a feeling if Disney makes a Planes 2 that everything will be just a little bit better the next time around... kind of like the way Cars was and many of their other sequels.

The movie starts out a little slow, spending about 15 minutes introducing all of the characters, but since they are all knew to viewers, it makes sense. Immediately you get a feel for the plight of Dusty and by the time he makes it to the point of racing you're already cheering him on as the underdog. There was one sad/scary moment when you're on the edge of your seat wondering where the movie is going to go next. My daughter blurted out, "Oh no Disney's PLANES! It's going to be OK."

The movie also had some great comedic lines which had the entire theater cracking up. I think laughter is always a good sign that a movie is appreciated and enjoyed. I love movies that teach children the lesson of reaching for the stars. I see video clips every day of real people who have to overcome disabilities and other adversity just to function day to day, so watching Dusty Crop-Hopper soar above and beyond everyone's expectations of him was heart warming and a lesson I hope my kids took in.

Definitely a cute movie, and I hope Disney follows it up with a sequel some day! We'll definitely be seeing it if they do. I'm also sure Disney's PLANES is now a movie my daughter will watch daily once it comes out on DVD.

Disney's PLANES soars into theaters everywhere TODAY! (8/23) While you're waiting to go see it, make sure you check out Disney.com's Flew Tube! You'll find:

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You can also find Disney's PLANES on on Facebook, Twitter, Online, and find more video content on the new Planes RSN Channel on Youtube.


*I was provided a chance to see a Disney PLANES screening courtesy of Disney & Allied Integrated Marketing in order to facilitate this post/review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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