Allstate – “Good Hands for the Good Life” Enjoy the Simple Things

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This morning I was sitting outside in sunny 75ºF weather drinking my freshly brewed coffee. A gentle breeze was blowing. The family squirrels that lives in the tree in front of my place were on the ground wrestling and frolicking. I counted at least 6 different species of birds chirping away. Trees finally had all of their leaves, and my neighbors' gardens were in beautiful bloom. And it was just perfect. There was nothing in particular super special about the morning, but I realized it was the simple things that I was enjoying the most. Getting to this point in my life hasn't been easy. My family and I moved from Maine to DC in December. Our life in Maine had been considerably different. We were always struggling to make ends meet, our yard was always a wreck, our house was a wreck, and life in general was rather difficult. It took a lot of courage for my husband to break us out of this rut - for him to start looking for work - and gather the courage to move us all away from our friends and family for the sake of a better life. But he did it, and we couldn't be happier!

Allstate Good Life's new vision, "Good Hands for the Good Life", wants to celebrate the simple pleasures in life and praise what it takes to get there. They recognize that simple pleasures like time spent with family, road trips, and even a cup of coffee outside early in the morning in beautiful weather are important. Without taking risks we'll never get to the place we want to be in our lives. Risks are what keep us from becoming sedentary and complacent in our every day lives. Just like Allstate's mission, creating the good is more important than thwarting the bad. It's not much of an enjoyable life if all we do is live in avoidance verses taking action to build our own simple pleasures.

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