LightSpeed Outdoors – Compound 8 Tent Giveaway

LightSpeed Outdoors Compound 8 Tent Product Review

LightSpeed Outdoors has offered up their AWESOME Compound 8 Tent for a giveaway! Because this is such a great prize, I'm teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers to get the word out. Giveaway is open to legal residents of the continental USA who are 18+. Giveaway will run from 5/30 to 12am 5/8. Entrants must complete the mandatory entry in order to be eligible. Good luck!

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  1. three rooms divided by zippered walls, what a great feature! I hope I win! could really use this for Bonnaroo!

  2. Lots of room!!

  3. 3 rooms – with a family of five much needed!

  4. the duffel bag.

  5. the 3 rooms is nice! we could have our room, kids, and the grandparents!

  6. I like that the poles are color coded.

  7. Love the size, But also the it is so compact to come in a duffle bag. Wont take up all the space in the car. Having the 3 rooms gives the kids time away from each other. Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. I like the large screened porch can be used to get out of the sun or to help keep bugs out!

  9. I like the screened-in porch.

  10. Divided rooms for sure!

  11. I like that it says it’s easy to put up and take down.

  12. My favorite feature is the large size. It would fit my entire family!

  13. the size and the screened porch

  14. The 3 rooms!

  15. I love that it has dividers! That would come in handy if our little boy brought a friend with him when we go camping!

  16. I love that it’s divided rooms, how cool is that? I’ve never seen one like that before.

  17. The feature that I am most excited about is three rooms divided by zippered walls. What a great idea!

  18. i love the hub system with the preattached poles. great idea! 3 rooms, makes it more functional for families or to set up separate dining/living and sleeping areas. neat! thanks for such a grand giveaway!

  19. The Compound 8 comes in a large duffel bag which makes it really easy to pack away.

  20. I love all the different rooms! We have 3 boys ages 13, 5, and 2. So that would be great for the 13 year old to have his own little room!

  21. The roominess!!!!

  22. I love that it has 3 rooms

  23. Ease of set up is one of the best features!

  24. the screened-in porch

  25. love that it is easy to set up and take down!

  26. The big dufflebag for storage

  27. I just love how bit it is and the little screen porch:)

  28. I love the large screened porch to get out of the sun and keep bugs at bay

  29. I love that it has a porch.

  30. I love that it has a porch on it.

  31. I LOVE that is has the 3 rooms! I’ve been looking for a tent like this for a long time, so this is super exciting! How awesome!

  32. It is nearly 7 feet tall so it will feel huge when you are camping in it with family.

  33. I love that the instructions are sewn on-very convenient!

  34. I love that it comes in a large duffel bag which makes it really easy to pack awa

  35. Love that its 7ft tall!

  36. I love how there are 3 rooms! So cool! We were just looking to buy a tent today; I hope we win this.

  37. I like how the rooms are divided. Each one of my kids can be in their own room and my husband and I can have our own room. We could all keep our rooms cleaner that way too! No excuses with who messed up what or where someone’s belongings are.

  38. I like how large it is and that it has 3 separate rooms.

  39. I really like how few parts there are to the tent. It always seems like every tent our family gets has a ton of separate pole pieces, stakes, and hooks!

  40. That it has 3 different rooms in it.
    Thanks for the chance.

  41. I like that the poles are color coded for easy assembly and that it has TONS of space!

  42. I like that it three rooms divided by zippered walls and we could be together as a family but separate at the same time.

  43. I love that it has 3 “rooms”. Such a great idea when you have kids going to sleep earlier than mom and dad.

  44. I like that there is a front porch and most of the poles are already attached.

  45. 3 rooms separated by zipped walls and preattached poles

  46. It has 3 rooms! How cool is that!

  47. The height and the fact it has walls dividing the rooms

  48. easy set up – wow that is one awesome tent

  49. I love how easy it is to take down. Our tent that we have now is a 6 man tent, but the bag it’s “supposed” to fit in is a 2 tampon bag. It is SERIOUSLY that small! And my husband is anal about putting things in their proper packaging so every time we use it we have to plan an extra few hours at the end of our trip for the fight of getting the tent in it’s case.

  50. I love that this tent has dividers and that it is tall, making it definitely spacious for my family!

  51. The divided rooms!

  52. I really like the size with it’s three rooms and that it seems rather easy to set up.

  53. I love the three rooms!

  54. I love that it folds up quickly. Ours is impossible. We had to buy a Rubbermaid tote to put it in since we couldn’t get it back in the bag it came with!

  55. I love the larger storage bag and the compression straps!

  56. I love the size and the 3 rooms with screened porch but I am most impressed with the fact the their other tent from the same company withstood hurricane type weather!

  57. I love that it has the three different rooms!

  58. I love the screened porch

  59. 3 rooms with screened porch sounds perfect

  60. I like that the poles are color coded

  61. I love that it has 3 rooms divided by zippered wall

  62. I love the 3 rooms divided by zippered wall

  63. The room divider is so important!

  64. The screened porch looks awesome!

  65. I like that it has 3 different rooms

  66. That the main area sets up with pre-attached poles and the compression hub system.
    This would save us time setting it up.

  67. 3 zippered rooms! That’s camping in style and practical with kids.

  68. I like that the poles are color coded… that’s nice

  69. I love that it has 3 rooms – enough to separate you from the kids.

  70. I like how big it is and the 3 rooms.

  71. I like that the tallest part of the tent is 7 foot tall. Plenty of room to stand up in.

  72. I like the fancy screened porch and the three sections.

  73. I love the divided rooms

  74. I like that there are 3 rooms it gives some privacy that way

  75. I like the dividers

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