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So, it happened again. My husband decided it was time for us to go camping. Camping in April? What?! This isn't a thing that normally occurs in Maine and needless to say I was relatively unprepared. We usually borrowed supplies from my mother, but that was just not possible with our relocation to DC. LightSpeed Outdoors had been fantastic last September and let us review their Vermont 4 Pro tent. We loved it so much, that I reached out again to see if they might have another tent on hand they'd like a review on. I mean, that tent had stood up to the weather of whatever hurricane had come through the US coast last September. Rain, wind, it handled it all and we loved how easy it was to set up and take down.

LightSpeed Outdoors offered their Compound 8 tent for this camping trip. Oh my holy goodness was this a monster of a tent. And by that, I mean this tent was HUGE. Hugely awesome that is (and huge in size).

"The Compound 8 offers three rooms divided by zippered walls, making it the most spacious Lightspeed Outdoors® tent yet. The main area sets up with pre-attached poles and the compression hub system. Telescoping poles elevate the main tent upward and lock into place. Additional poles are attached to frame out the remainder of the tent. While this tent is very easy to set up, we recommend trying it at home the first time to become familiar with the setup process. In addition to the sleeping area, a large screened porch can be used to get out of the sun or to help keep bugs at bay." ~ LightSpeed Outdoors
There were so many amazing features about the Compound 8 that I'm not even sure how to begin. Much like the Vermont 4 Pro, the Compound 8 comes in a large duffel bag which makes it really easy to pack away. You know those old school tents that used to have the tiniest bag ever, and you'd have to fold it a very specific way after getting all of the air out with the hope that it might just fit back into the bag the way it was supposed to. (My mother had written instructions packed away with her tent so she could remember how to pack it back into the bag.) Disassembling the tent was as easy as removing the polls, releasing the compression hub, and rolling it up. The tent even comes with extra compression straps so everything stays together and easily packs away.

Setting the tent up was almost as easy as taking it down. I say almost, because there just seemed to be a lot of steps. While it doesn't quite go up the way the Vermont 4 Pro did, it's also very similar. All you need to do is lay out the tent, attach the compression hub, extend out the telescoping poles, thread the poles through the sides, steak it down, set up the porch and you're done.Most of the poles are already attached!  The only additional poles are for the outer rooms, and the front porch. The poles are also color coded so it's pretty fool proof. I had watched the "how to" video before taking the tent on our trip and I could easily direct my husband on how to set it up. Hey, I was taking the photos or else I would have set it up. Turns out that he only needed my extra set of hands a couple of times, and in all probability he most likely could have set it up alone if he had really tried. The duffel bag also has the printed instructions sewn into the side of it, so even if you didn't watch the video, the 8-Step directions break it down for you. One of the things I love is that there are very few actual parts. The tent comes with a rain fly, 4 steel poles with grey tape, 2 fiberglass poles with grey tape, 2 steel poles with red tape, 1 fiberglass pole with red tape and 33 stakes. One little feature that I think while not super significant, is still pretty nifty is that the rain fly directly buckles to the tent. It definitely won't be going anywhere in a storm!

Like I said, the tent itself is MASSIVE. My husband and I camped out using the Vermont 4 Pro (still think we should have given that one to the kids), and we stuck our kids in the Compound 8. There was MORE than enough room for all of them, plus our bags we packed, and anything extra we needed to store. My husband and I could have easily fit our queen size air mattress in there along with everything else. Having dividers in the tent is also a plus if you want to sleep in the same tent as your kids, or even other friends. The tallest part of the tent is nearly 7 feet tall, which means both my husband and I could easily stand up straight in it.

The only thing I had a slight issue with, is that I accidentally broke one of the poles. Not one of the telescoping ones that are pre-attached, but one of the smaller steel or fiberglass ones. And it wasn't that I broke it in half and can't fix it, it was just that where it hinges together I kind of unhinged it. Nothing a pair of pliers and some patience can't fix. Or my husband. I think I was a little excited to be heading home and just got carried away trying to take the tent down as fast as possible. Oops. I don't think it was a flaw of the tent, just my poor judgement and user error. We can't wait for our next camping trip this year! LightSpeed Outdoors has become a brand I will immediately recommend if anyone is looking around for a new tent. Both have been fantastic to us, and we absolutely love the products.

The LightSpeed Outdoors Compound 8 retails for $499.99 (shipping included) directly from LightSpeed Outdoors.

You can find LightSpeed Outdoors on Facebook too.

Guess what? LightSpeed is giving DealPeddler readers a chance to win a Compound 8 tent! Once the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE]. Giveaway is open to legal residents of the USA who are 18+.



* I was given the above mentioned product free of charge from LightSpeed Outdoors in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I like that there are very few parts.

  2. comes in a large duffel bag which makes it really easy to pack away

  3. I like having different rooms. Gives you theprivacy but still have the kids in the same tent.

  4. I love that it sounds fairly easy to set up and take down. I love the Front porch with screen protection!

  5. It’s great that it has the quick set up. We had some tents that just seemed impossible to set up! I think that and size are the most important features. :)

  6. like that it’s so quick and not a lot of parts. oh, and the front covered & screened area

  7. I like the size, easy set-up and that the duffle bag has instructions sewn in so if you are having trouble they are right they for you.

  8. I love that it can be seperated into 3 rooms!

  9. I love the different rooms and that it fits so many people!

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