Teton Sports – Fahrenheit Regular 0F Degrees Sleeping Bag Product Review


Last Fall I worked with Teton Sports and had the opportunity to review their TETON Sports Celsius XL –18°C/0°F Sleeping Bag. It was a FANTASTIC sleeping bag. It was perfectly huge, soft, warm, and I still can't get over how much I love the storage bags with the compression straps. Well, my husband decided we needed to go on a Spring camping trip this year. The weather had been extremely nice lately, and while it's nice to camp when it's super hot out because of all of the swimming options that tend to be available, camping is a lot of work. And, a lot of work in the sweltering heat just kind of takes away from the fun of being outdoors. Because I loved working with Teton Sports so much last year, I reached out again to see if we could review a new product. We settled on the Fahrenheit Regular 0°F Sleeping Bag. (Unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for THIS particular camping trip, but I can still give it a solid two thumbs up and will definitely be using it in the future.)

"This well-built sleeping bag keeps you warm in all but the most extreme temperatures. Cozy cotton flannel lining feels like luxury bed sheets Zipper and shoulder baffles keep drafts out of the openings Dual layer construction with staggered seams distribute fill evenly to reduce compression and eliminate chilly spots. Mummy style hood snugs around neck with drawstring. No-snag, self-repairing zipper opens top or bottom for adjustable ventilation and connects easily to second bag for shared sleeping space." ~ Teton Sports

There are so many fantastic features about this sleeping bag but I think the most important is that it was constructed for durability and warmth. The flannel liner is 100% brushed cotton making it super soft and breathable. Several of my photos have my daughter in it. She jumped right in and pretended to sleep even without a pillow (which she ALWAYS needs). Yeah, the inside of the sleeping bag is THAT soft. I figured she can play and model the bag for me all she wants, but at the end of the day, I'm staking my claims on it.

The top part of the sleeping bag has a drawstring to turn the head part into a hood so your head and pillow stay off of the ground. Personally, that's what I use an air mattress for, (I'm a slight pansy when it comes to camping.) however I've used other sleeping bags with hoods like this to keep bugs off of my face. Nothing like trying to get a few hours of sleep before everyone is awake at the crack of dawn and having to swat mosquitoes away from your face every 10 minutes.

The shell of the bag is made from taffeta which is lightweight and lends to the warmth and durability of the sleeping bag. Then there are little things about the bag that I also really appreciated. There's a Velcro strap at the top of the bag where the zipper ends so it prevents drafts, and I think it also helps keep the zipper from sliding down on its own while you're sleeping. The zipper is also amazing. It's self-repairing and zips OH SO smoothly. The sleeping bag is also constructed with full length draft tubes which is a huge bonus for me. While camping the other weekend we brought our other Teton bag with us and used it as a blanket. While warm, it wasn't warm enough because of the drafts. I can only imagine how well this one would have performed given the ability to zip it up instead of having to share one big one.
If you're looking to create one HUGE sleeping bag, you can buy left and right zippered bags so you can zip them together. (Isn't one of the fun parts about camping getting to snuggle with your hunny?) Teton Sports also has a limited lifetime warranty on the sleeping bag. Oh, and it's non-allergenic.

Although not super significant, I think my favorite feature is the Oxford Compression Sack that comes with the bag. You don't even need to roll up the sleeping bag before stuffing it in, and the compression straps let you shrink it down even further to conserve space. If you're like our family you have to pack a TON of stuff just for a few nights away and any little extra space counts.


  • Dimensions: 80" x 33"
  • Temperature Rating: 0°F
  • Fill: SuperLoft Elite™ 4–Channel Hollow Fiber
  • Shell: Taffeta
  • Lining: 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Storage: Oxford Compression Sack with Drawstring Closure
  • Zipper: Left or Right Hand
  • Pack Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Pack Size: 15" x 10" x 10"
  • Color: Grey

Make sure you find Teton Sports online, and on Facebook & Twitter. You can also purchase the Teton Sports Fahrenheit Regular 0°F Degrees Sleeping Bag [HERE] for about $60.

Teton Sports has also offered to give away a Fahrenheit Regular 0°F Degrees! Once giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE]. Giveaway will run for approximately 1 week. Open to US residents who are 18+.


*I received the above mentioned product free of charge from Teton Sports in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I like he 0 degree tmperature rating I hate being cold

  2. Cozy cotton flannel lining and Zipper: Left or Right Hand

  3. I love the feature of being able to zip two together and the high zippers, i’ve had so many sleeping bag where the zipper stops 12-18 inches from the top of the bag!!! i’m a person who sleep with their head beneath the covers so this is Perfect for me!!!

  4. Cozy cotton flannel lining and drawstring to make a hood to keep out mosquitoes and what not. Great features!

  5. I love that you can zip two together, that is our favorite way to sleep when camping! I also love the way that it closes/stores itself!

  6. Love that it zips easily. That’s great for our kids. I also like the compression bag.

  7. I love the temperature rating

  8. I love how the top turns into a hood and how the zipper works so smoothly.

  9. Truly impressed with the compact size & 0 degree rating for cold weather.

  10. I like that the cozy cotton liner feels like sheets

  11. I like that the flannel liner is 100% brushed cotton

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