Pork, Smoked Gouda & Mushroom Meat Cupcake with Bacon Loaded Mashed Potato Frosting Recipe

Yesterday, my husband showed me a photo of a meat cupcake someone else had made, and proceeded to tell me I needed to give this a try. After reading through the person's recipe and realizing I didn't have most of the ingredients she used, I came up with my own. I've been brainstorming for a week about what to do with the mushrooms and smoked Gouda in my fridge. I'm determined to make a risotto in the near future, but since mushrooms get a little slimy if hanging out too long, I decided this might be the perfect thing to use them in. Last I knew there wasn't a shortage of white mushrooms. Essentially a meat cupcake is just a small meat loaf with mashed potatoes on top. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Meat Cupcake Ingredients (Makes Approx. 10 Cupcakes):

  • 1 Pound - Ground Pork
  • 1/2 - Small Onion Diced
  • 2 - Eggs
  • 1/4 to 1/3 Cup - Sauteed White Mushrooms Chopped
  • 1/2 Cup - Dry Bread Crumbs
  • 1/4 Cup - Smoked Gouda Chopped Finely or Shredded
  • Season to Taste (I recommend 1/2 Tsp of seasoned salt or regular salt.)

Loaded Mashed Potato Frosting Ingredients:

  • 6 to 8 - Red Potatoes Peeled and Cubed
  • 1/4 Cup (1/2 Stick) - Butter
  • 1/4 Cup - Milk
  • 1/4 to 1/2 Cup - Sour Cream
  • 1/4 Cup - Cheddar Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste

Garnish Ingredients:

  • 6-8 - Strips of Fried Bacon (Set a strip or two aside for crumbling.)
  • 1 - Green Onion
  • Cheddar Cheese


  1. Heat oven to 350F Degrees. Lightly grease a cupcake pan and set aside.
  2. In a large skillet cook 8 strips of bacon over low heat.
  3. While bacon is cooking, saute mushrooms until soft in a little olive oil.
  4. Thoroughly beat the eggs with a fork.
  5. Combine meat, onion, mushrooms, bread crumbs, cheese, and eggs by hand in a large bowl until all ingredients are incorporated.
  6. Fill and pack meat mixture into approximately 10 cupcake compartments.
  7. Bake on 350F for 25-30 minutes.
  8. While meat cupcakes are baking, boil potatoes until soft and then drain.
  9. Add butter, milk, sour cream, cheese and your preferred seasonings. Mash until smooth.
  10. At the same time, remove bacon from skillet, and transfer onto a plate with paper towels to drain the grease and cool.
  11. To assemble the cupcake, remove meat cupcakes from pan and place onto a serving platter.
  12. Break 5 strips of bacon in half. Lay a half on top of each cupcake.
  13. Fill a piping bag with mashed potatoes. (Just use your favorite LARGE frosting tip.)
  14. Pipe the loaded mashed potato frosting onto the top of the cupcakes in any way you wish. (I like using the large star tip and creating a double layer.)
  15. Garnish with green onion, cheese, and crumbled bacon.


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