Thermal-Aid – “Tiny” the Elephant Giveaway

Thermal-Aid "Tiny" the Elephant Product Review

Save $5 on ANY Thermal-Aid purchase with code PEDDLER at checkout.

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  1. I learned you can use it as a hot or cold pack.

  2. I like that it can be used as a hot and cold pack! ;)

  3. I like that it’s filled with corn and not some weird, harmful chemical-like stuff.

  4. I didn’t know they were full of a specialized corn.

  5. I didn’t know that they don’t freeze solid.

  6. Its weird they are filled with corn product!

  7. Like that you can put in both freezer and the freezer :)

  8. I’ve learned that they worth both as a heat pack, and a cold pack! Cool! I love it :-)
    Thank You for the giveaway

  9. They work as a heat pack and a cold pack and it never freezes solid. This would help because my daughters always hates it when I put a hard ice pack on them. :)

  10. love that it is a heat and ice pac

  11. I learned that you can use it either hot or cold

  12. I love that it works as both a heat or cold pack!

  13. 5 hours to get cold is not taht long a time…good feature

  14. A cold pack or a heat pack! I love the choice of animals and that they are a heating or cooling pack. I can use one with three rowdy kids!!

  15. I had no idea they were a cold/hot pack!!!

  16. I like that you can use it for heat or cold!

  17. That they can be used as a hot or cold pack

  18. love the fact that you can use it for hot and cold!

  19. i learned that they use specialized corn to hold temperatures for a long period of time

  20. I like their new zoo line! They are adorable!

  21. I like it is hot or cold packs.

  22. I love that they come in such nice colors. They can’t be washed, so they need to be a nice material and decent colors to hide any stains!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  23. I learned you could use it as a hot or cold pack. This would be perfect for the little girl I babysit!

  24. I learned that it can be used as hot or cold pack.

  25. I just didn’t think you could use it as a cold pack too! That’s a plus. Thanks for the chance.

  26. What a great product!!! My son hates when I put anything on his “boo boos” when he gets hurt, but I can see this as something he would let me!

  27. Great that they can be used for cold or hot pack! Even more awesome that its a cute little elephant! I like that the adult packs are clinically proven to reduce fever, sunburn, earaches, back & neck pain, flu symptoms, sprains, bee stings, headaches, sore muscles, growing pains, and insomnia. I will definitely be checking those out!

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