Sandgrens Clogs – Sulu Wedges (Marina) Product Review


You may or may not have noticed that during the last couple of months Ugglebo Clogs has been rebranded into Sandgrens Clogs. I'm not exactly sure why, however it appears that it has only been a name change. (You can find more information on the Sandgrens "Our Story" page.) Sandgrens Clogs are still made by Christer, the Clog Master, and are still made with some of the highest quality leathers and woods. If you missed my previous review for Ugglebo, make sure you check it out to read all about the Seoul Clogs in Green Ash (which are back in stock by-the-way) on the new Sandgrens Clogs website.

Sandgrens Clogs' bases are made from wood, including Alderwood, and Spanish Pine and are sourced right from Sweden. The leathers, including the best quality nubuc leather is then brought in from Italy to the Sandgrens factory where the shoes are assembled by hand. That means each pair of shoes is a little bit different from its predecessor. No two are ever exactly alike. Similar, but not identical.

For this review I wanted to go with something a little different. While I'm still partial to the more traditional clog look, especially those made by Sandgrens, I thought it was time to up the ante just a bit and throw in a different color, and a higher heel. One of the things I truly enjoy about Sandgrens' selection of clogs is that they really have something for everyone. Whether you're young and looking for a fashion forward shoe, or older and looking for comfort, you're sure to find it in a style and color you'll love. Sandgrens sent their Sulu Wedges in Marina, size 41, for an introductory re-branding review, and I couldn't be more pleased with the shoe.

"The Sulu Wedge Swedish clogs are a testament to one of the big fashion trends right now. With their wedge high heels and lush Horween nubuc leather, these wood clogs will elevate you far above most other mules and clogs for women. Sandgrens Sulu Wedges come on a high Spanish pine wood bottom and the leather on these wood shoes is fastened with nail heads, giving the clogs a fashion-forward look." ~ Sandgrens
Admittedly I was a little bit worried about how the Sulu Wedges would fit. I have large feet, and found that the Seoul Clogs from my previous review fit, but they JUST fit. I could have used another 1/2 size, but a 42 wasn't available in that style. A 42 wasn't available in the Sulu Wedges either, so I hoped and prayed that these would work for my gargantuan hooves. I was also a little nervous about the 4.1" heel. I'm, uh... clumsy... to put it nicely. I rarely wear heels unless it's for a special occasion, but I figured a pair of wedges might be sturdy enough.

The Sulu Wedges arrived packaged neatly in thick paper and tied with a ribbon. (I love that they do this.) When I took them out of the packaging I thought they might end up being too narrow. Turns out, they fit PERFECTLY. I mean Cinderella's glass slipper perfectly. The wooden base is a bit narrow, but it doesn't bother my feet at all, and doesn't make the shoes uncomfortable. I think it's just more of an aesthetic preference. The nubuc leather upper is SO soft, and a rich, stunning shade of blue. The nail heads (used to fasten the leather upper to the wooden base) really add to the beauty of the shoes. The Seoul Clogs were fastened with staples, so it was great to see this feature first hand.

I LOVE the Sandgrens Sulu Wedges. I think they'll be the perfect heel for summer. I loved pairing them with my long white peasant skirt, and another, shorter bohemian dress that I save especially for the warmest months. I might even pair these with a nice set of capris, or skinny jeans.

Do check out Sandgrens on Facebook and Twitter. If you're also a Pinterest junkie you can find Sandgrens there too!

*I was provided a product free of charge from Sandgrens in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. These are so cute! I just checked out their website and love their Black Seattle Boots – guess I need to remind Santa what my shoe size is ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to admit I am not a shoe-fanatic, seeing as i wear a size 11, shoes aren’t my friends LOL! However, I LOVE the way these look! Thanks for the review, this is a style & brand I would look into NOW!

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