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I went to college. Seems like forever ago, but I went. I studied so many different things, and each semester I think the cost of my text books kept going up. I started looking around outside of the college bookstore for better prices, but I still always found that I was BUYING books I didn't need, or didn't plan to keep. And when I did purchase from the bookstore, by the end of the semester, half of the books I purchased couldn't be returned because they weren't going to be used that following semester.

I have to say I kind of wish I knew about CampusBookRentals beforehand. This seems like a great option for getting text books at good prices, and without amassing a huge collection. CampusBookRentals offers FREE shipping both ways, a savings of 40% to 90% off of bookstore prices, flexible renting periods, and the ability to high light in the book (this is a perk I really would have liked back when I was buying my books). Every rental is shipped on time, with a 30 day guarantee, and a 15 day grace period. And, if you get your friends to sign up with CampusBook Rentals you can earn $5 for each friend you refer!

Here's a fantastic example of how CampusBookRentals can save you a TON of money. The Rent Building Construction: Materials and Methods by Allen, Edward and Iano, Joseph has a list price of $110, but if you RENT it you get it for only $29.12! Talk about a huge savings on a book you'll probably never open again after your semester is over.

However, I think one of my favorite aspects of CampusBookRentals is that with every book rented they make a donation to Operation Smile. I absolutely adore this particular charity. Operation Smile is an international children's charity that helps fix the smiles of children who are born with a cleft. These children often times cannot eat, speak, smile, and every donation to Operation Smile helps these children better integrate into society, and avoid being shunned by peers and family.


*I was provided compensation for my time writing this post. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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