Monroe and Main – Fit For You Guide “Short Waisted” Clothing Product Review


In general I'm pretty blessed to have the body I do. Even after two kids, I can still fit into Junior size clothing if I choose to, and my chest is smaller than it was 10 years ago. I also walked away from the entire pregnancy process with wider hips that now balance out the upper part of my body. However, one thing I've always noticed about the way my body is shaped, is that I have a rather short torso compared to my legs. Honestly, I never thought this was a problem. I like having longer legs. But, sometimes certain styles of clothes just don't look right.

Monroe and Main released their new Fit For You Guide this Fall for Misses and Plus Sizes, and focused on four shape solutions for all of you lovely ladies that would like some help picking out clothing best suited for your body type. The guide shape solutions include: Hide Hips & Add Height, Short-Waisted, Camouflage Midsection, and De-emphasize Bust. I was asked to review/feature an outfit for the Short-Waisted shape solution! I've been a fan of Monroe and Main for quite some time now, so you can just imagine how downright thrilled I was to be offered the opportunity to choose an outfit that I thought would work for my body shape. I decided to go a little off the wall, and break out of my usual clothing comfort zone. I tend to dress super casually since I'm a SAHM with really no where snazzy to go. I tend to gravitate to floor length jeans, and solid colored 3/4 sleeve shirts. I'm not usually one for clothes with a printed pattern on them. But, I decided I'd love something different to wear for my next "date night" with the husband. I also think the outfit I chose would work well for any semi-formal event.One of the things I love about Monroe and Main's Fit For You Guide, is that they don't leave you hanging. They have grouped their clothing by category with custom links that take you to the items specifically meant for your personal shape solution. After compiling a few outfit choices, I decided to go with the Trim Trouser, size 10, in black (shorter leg emphasizes leg length), and the Border Print Tunic size Large (printed top pulls focus away from legs and up toward the torso). To dress it up a bit I also chose a black/silver glittery clutch (which appears to now be out of stock). They also threw in a pair of Silver Wrap Hoop earrings to complete the outfit. (Accent pieces also draw the eye up away from the length of your legs.)
I especially think the Border Print Tunic draws attention away from my legs because the pattern is heavier at the top. With a bolder, lighter colored pattern near the face, and the halter design exposing the shoulders, it's not hard to see why this top is flattering for this particular shape solution. It draws attention to my shoulders, and neck, and the earrings complete the ascent to my face. (Please excuse the fact that the sun was causing some squinting to happen.) Also because the shirt is loser fitting, it hides my left over baby pudge I still haven't managed to rid myself of. It's slimming, concealing, and most of all - comfortable. The only thing I didn't like about the tunic was that the halter part of the neck (2 buttons in the back), was a little loser fitting than I would have liked.

Admittedly, the outfit I chose is more for the warmer months, however I'm not the sort of person who only wears "summer" clothes in the summer. I figure a jacket or a cardigan works well when running from the car to indoors, and most places crank the heat in the winter to at least 70 degrees. So, the fact that the Border Print Tunic was sleeveless didn't deter me in the slightest.

Make sure you check out Monroe and Main to see the rest of their Fit For You Shape Solutions! There's something for everyone. Monroe and Main can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest!

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*I received an outfit free of charge from Monroe and Main in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


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  1. Gorgeous! I love the whole thing. The earrings are so cool and would go with a lot of outfits. And your look fantastic! What a great shirt! This looks like shopping made easy and you’d end up with something that flattered you. Great idea, Monroe and Main! Thanks for the review!

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