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What do you get a 10-year-old for Christmas that isn't an electronic device? Sure, you could go the usual route with clothing, a new bike, books, toys, movies, etc. However, that all gets rather boring pretty quickly, goes un-played with after 10 minutes, and most aren't exactly a great way to encourage the kiddos to play outdoors.) I was browsing the interwebz for ideas for this year's Christmas and happened upon the Rockboard Scooters. What really caught my attention was that the original Rockboard Scooter was a Toy Of The Year Finalist in 2011, and the Rockboard Mini was a Toy Of The Year 2012 Winner. How cool is that?!

I had initially contacted Rockboard to see about reviewing the Rockboard Mini, but found out that the product has only a 100lb weight limit. I wanted my step-daughter to be able to use this for several years, so we decided that the Rockboard Original Scooter would probably work for her best. It says it's for ages 8+, and has a 200lb weight limit. That means even I can ride it!

"Propulsion is achieved with each rock, wasting zero energy and allowing the scooter to reach speeds up to 10mph. The patented Rockboard Scooter comes fully assembled and can be folded to a compact size for storage." ~Rockboard

We were sent the Rockboard Original Scooter in the Orange on White color scheme. They aren't kidding when they say "no assembly required". The scooter came in a large box, and the minute you opened it, the product was ready to use. It did take us a little minutes to figure out how to get the scooter in the position in order to be able to use the "rocking" feature. Even after reading the instructions for whatever reason we still had a little difficulty. However, after checking things over, scratching our heads, and trying what the instructions said a few more times, we were able to figure it out. (It really shouldn't have been that difficult now that it's super obvious how it works. Definitely a user issue, and not a product issue.)

I tried hopping on the Rockboard Scooter while it was still in my house, and I was a little nervous that it was going to be a little heavy and awkward for a 10-year-old girl to handle. It's a very heavy duty product, but I suppose that means it's also great quality and could possibly hold up through more than one child using it over the years.

My step-daughter and her dad went next door into an abandoned parking lot to give it a whirl. She already knows how to use a regular scooter, so we were most interested in having her try it out by "rocking" the foot base back and forth. I just can't get over how cool that seems to be, and such a unique way to propel yourself around. After a few tries and working on getting her balance, my step-daughter had the hang of it no problem. She didn't wipe out ONCE. Even at her age I was a bit clumsy, and was definitely expecting a few bumps and bruises during the acclamation phase.
The Rockboard Scooter is very easy to change from one mode to the other.  The handle bars have two different settings depending on which mode you want the scooter in, and easily change by loosening a little black knob, adjusting the handle bar pole (moves forward and back), and then tightening it up. See? Easy peasy. The handle bars also have a height adjustment so younger children who are generally shorter can use it, and adults who are considerably taller can also use it comfortably. Underneath, by the coil on the bottom is a "quick release".  After you pull that, you can lift the front of the board up and bring it into "rock" mode. They even threw in a little kickstand so the scooter will remain upright. (I tell ya, it's these little features that seem to matter the most.)
My step-daughter couldn't get over how "cool" and fun the Rockboard Scooter is! She said she had a blast, and looks forward to the good weather days when she can head over next door to ride it. I like that it encourages her to play outside. Usually she spends 5 or 10 minutes riding her bike before the boredom sets in, or before she manages to wear herself out. However with the Rockboard she goes and rides it for an hour or so at a time, and doesn't complain about being exhausted. She's also been asking to ride her bike to school this year, and I think the Rockboard would be a better option considering it doesn't require very much energy to propel it forward.

There were several other features we loved in addition to having something as simple as a kickstand. The base where your feet go is non-slip, and the handlebars have a nice padding to them. However, I think one of the features we liked the best just for the sheer convenience, is that the Rockboard easily folds up so you can store it in a smaller space. We don't have any closets, or a garage, so when folded up, the Rockboard easily fits under my step-daughter's bed. This is not an inexpensive product, but I think the weight limit paired with the adjustable height for the handle bars makes up for it. This is a product that will grow with her instead of one that will need replacing every other year.
We really thought this was a great gadget, and would make the perfect Christmas present for any kiddos (or adults) who like to scoot around, and who like to do it in style. I can tell she's super excited to get to show the Rockboard Scooter off at school. I've heard her on the phone telling people all about it. "Oh! Do you know what a Rockboard is? I HAVE ONE!" It's too funny to listen to - she is just so darn excited.

Make sure you checkout Rockboard online. You can learn more about the Rockboard Scooter Original, Rockboard Mini, as well as their Rockboard Radiate, and Rockboard Descender. (These look like some pretty spiffy products too!) Rockboard can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


*I received a Rockboard Scooter Original free of charge in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


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  1. This looks so cool! What a great twist on a scooter. Thanks for the Christmas gift idea!

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