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"Join the most loveable, huggable T-Rex in 10 Tee-rific tales filled with imagination, music and learning! Barney shows what it means to be a friend, why it's important to keep promises and how to find creative ways to work together. Follow your heart and join Barney and his friends in a stu-u-pendous collection of stories and songs the whole family will love!" ~ Barney: Most Loveable Moments

Recently released on September 18th, Barny: Most Loveable Moments has managed to warm its way into my home thanks to a review opportunity from Lionsgate. This 2-Disc Collection is jam packed with 10 great episodes and additional bonus features - 198 minutes total. That's a LOT of dancing, singing, and learning just for your inquisitive tots.

Episodes include:

  • "Once Upon A Fairy Tale"
  • "The Reluctant Dragon"
  • "The Princess and the Frog"
  • "Bonjour, Barney!"
  • "Little Red Rockin' Hood"
  • "Beethoven's Hear!"
  • "It's Showtime!"
  • "Counting"
  • "Days Of The Week"
  • "Squares, Squares Everywhere"

DVD Special Features:

  • "Barney's Book Of Hugs" (Book)
  • "Barney And Baby Bop's Band" (Read-A-Long Book)
  • "BJ's Batting Cage Counting" (Game)
  • "What's That Sound?" (Game)
  • "Build A Sand Castle" (Game)
  • "If You're Happy And You Know It" (Sing-A-Long)

Not unlike many moms, I grew up with Barney. I remember singing the songs, and occasionally still catch myself remembering the words from episodes that aired 15 years ago or so. Unfortunately we don't have either of the channels that Barney now airs on (Sprout & PBS), so I was thrilled that I could finally introduce my toddlers to Barney. As a child, Barney was one of my favorite educational TV shows because each episode was new and exciting.

Fast forward into adulthood, and Barney is still evolving with new children's characters, new imaginative friends, and new dinosaurs. Barney still sings the "I Love You" song, It just wouldn't be Barney if he didn't. Needless to say my daughter LOVED Barney, and I'm so happy to have a few hours of educational TV that I can put on for her to watch. I think my favorite episodes were "The Princess and the Frog, "Beethoven's Hear!" and "Bonjour, Barney!"

"The Princess and the Frog" provided a fantastic lesson in keeping your promises, but also taught to look past one's initial judgement of someone. Baby Bop wasn't so sure she wanted to be friends with a frog because he wasn't royalty, or part of her usual group of friends. She learned acceptance, and that when you say you'll play with someone (or tell someone you'll do something for them), that you follow through and do it.

"Beethoven's Hear!" introduced a little girl character who needed hearing aids in order to hear properly. I loved that they took the time to teach her friends a little more about them so they wouldn't find them strange. In addition, they imagined Beethoven to life, so he could talk about how he composed music even though he was deaf.

And finally, "Bonjour, Barney!" taught children that it's OK to do things differently. You may not be able to paint the way other people do, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy your own way of painting, and it doesn't make it bad. They imagined themselves into France, talked with an artist friend of Barney's, and met up with Baby Bop when she came to life out of a painting to do the Can-Can.

"Barney: Most Loveable Moments was a great collection for the kiddos, and we'll certainly remain Barney fans through their childhood. You can purchase the 2-Disc Collection on Barney's Website  (or find it in a store near you). You can also find Barney on Facebook!


*I was provided the Barney: Most Loveable Moments 2-Disc Collection free of charge from Lionsgate in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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