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If you're one of those last minute people, or someone who lives under a rock, then perhaps you've forgotten that Halloween is just over two weeks away. With only two TV channels we haven't really had the opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit. Luckily for my kids and I, NCircle Entertainment sent us a group of THREE Halloween centric yet educational DVDs for the kids and I to watch! I wasn't quite sure how Halloween and learning would manage to meld together all that well, but it did. We were sent Cat in the Hat: Tricks and Treats, Side the Science Kid: Sid's Spooky Halloween, and WordWorld: Kooky Spooky Halloween. Because of the last NCircle Entertainment review I had the opportunity to do, I was already familiar with WordWorld, but not so much on the others. We had the perfect rainy day to just sit down and watch the DVDs as a family recently, and because they're not very long, it proved to be a couple hours of entertainment with enough variety to keep everyone's attention.

"A new spooky adventure this DVD brings, with The Cat, Nick and Sally, Fish and the Things. Meet the eeriest critters you have ever seen, arrived just in time for this Halloween! There'll be lots of trick and, of course lots of treats, to share with the animal friends you will meet! There's a coconut crab, spider monkeys and bats, and plenty more fun with The Cat in the Hat! ~ Cat in the Hat: Tricks and Treats

The Cat in the Hat: Tricks and Treats is a super cute Halloween DVD featuring many of the well known and loved Dr. Seuss characters many of us grew up with ourselves. The three short stories include "Batty for Bats", "Aye Aye!", and "Trick or Treat". With 35 minutes of entertainment featuring the voice of Martin Short as the Cat in the Hat, the DVD is entertaining, educational, yet fast paced. The perfect type of DVD for those kiddos with shorter attention spans.

The Cat, Nick, Sally, and Fish visit caves, learn about bats in the "Batty for Bats" episode. They go trick-or-treating around the globe while making new animal friends in "Trick or Treat", and learn about new "scary" creatures such as the Aye Aye and make masks for Halloween in "Aye Aye!". Martin Short made a great Cat in the Hat voice, and kept things light and fun. The music also would pique my children's interests when their minds started wandering off. It was even great to see lessons in sharing, and learning about something before deeming it as scary. Personally, I'm a big animal fan, and love introducing my kids to the wonders of the fauna found around the world.

"It's Halloween! Join Sid and his friends as they discover how bats catch mosquitoes, why spiders are expert engineer web builders, and how skeletons make up the foundation of our bodies. The kids dress up to celebrate Halloween at school, and Teach Suzie leads them in a special Halloween parade song to show off their costumes! With Side the Science Kid, Halloween can be spooky and scientific! ~ Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Spooky Halloween

I had never heard of Sid the Science Kid before, and I actually really ended up enjoying the show! My daughter's favorite part was when they made "slime" and she kept asking to try it. The only thing that I wish was that females in the show had a bigger role. I'm a big believer in encouraging girls to like science (and math), and find that a little girl's biggest role model is another female. I think it's just about relating to someone who is like them, since kids once they hit a certain age tend to group together based on gender. Either way, I still thought the show was clever, and loved that they encouraged every child to be a scientist and to work along with the characters. Not unlike The Cat in the Hat Halloween DVD, Sid the Science Kid spent time teaching its viewers about animals typically associated with Halloween, i.e. spiders, and bats. Although these animals are generally seen as "scary", viewers were also taught how useful these creatures are in nature.

Sid the Science Kid also incorporated animation along with human scenes which I thought was a great way to help children relate. My favorite was the Halloween Parade song. In addition to the Halloween episode, Sid's Spooky Halloween also included a bonus story titled Sid's Healthy Day. This was a fantastic addition in my opinion. Hygiene isn't exactly the easiest thing for kiddos to learn, and it taught everything from washing their hands to help avoid getting sick from nasty germs (after viewing dirty hands under a magnifying glass), eating healthy foods, and taking care of their teeth (and exploring the different teeth our mouths contain, and their functions).

"The WordFriends get their share of scares the night before Halloween, when Pig sleep walks and everyone thinks he's a ghost! Then, Sheep is making herself a super special fairy costume to wear for the big Halloween party. But what will she do when her WordFriends need pieces of her costume for their use?" ~WordWorld: Kooky Spooky Halloween

We decided to save the WordWorld DVD for last since we had been recently acquainted with the show. If you're not familiar with WordWorld, it's a show geared toward teaching your youngsters how to read and spell. Just about every object/character is "built" from letters to create the word that says what they are. The show also teaches basic phonics sounds.

The WordWorld: Kooky Spooky Halloween has two Halloween episodes and a bonus music video titled "Monster Maker". The episode Kooky Spooky Halloween was more funny than anything, and taught the kiddlet viewers that while it is fun to be scared, there isn't anything to be scared of in regards to Halloween and ghosts. "There's no such thing as a ghost." The episode, "Sheep's Halloween Costume", was my favorite from the DVD. Sheep had every plan in the world to be a fairy for Halloween. However, when her friends kept asking her to help them with their costumes, she ended up giving all of her costume pieces away. Sheep shows up at the Halloween party embarrassed and without a costume. It was great to see all of her friends work together to make her a fairy costume, and it was a really great lesson in friendship, generosity, and sharing!

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* I received the previously mentioned products free of charge from NCircle Entertainment in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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