Daily’s Cocktails – Original Frozen Pouches Product Review


Unfortunately, I don't generally have the chance to indulge in a good frozen drink. I don't own a machine that will easily chop the ice as finely as I'd need it, and I'm certainly not planning on going after dozens of ice cubes with a hammer. Then, throw in the fact that you have to buy the alcohol as well as the drink mix, and I say give me a box of wine instead. Between the inconvenience of having to make the drink and shelling out big bucks, (or buy one in a restaurant/bar at a hugely inflated price), it's just not worth it. And, even though I may drink more than I should, I'm certainly not going to consume an entire pitcher of frozen, alcoholic goodness. (Not saying I wouldn't want to though.)

Lucky for those of you who are in the same boat as I am, Daily's Cocktails has clearly thought this all through, and offers small, personal size, pre-made/mixed frozen drink pouches! And, the best part is that many grocery stores, including Walmart carries them. I have heard that some states can only find the in liquor stores due to certain laws, but (holla) I don't live in one of those states. I picked up four pouches at my local WalMart with the $10 gift card Daily's sent for the purpose of this review. I decided to go with (original) Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Daiquiri, and Pomegranate Acai Margarita. They sound absolutely delicious, don't you think?? Just pop the pouches in your freezer for 8 hours and they're ready to serve! In addition to the flavors I picked up, Daily's also has Pina Colada, Lemonade, Light Strawberry Daiquiri, and have brought out Fall flavors to include Hard Cider and Spiced Sangria. Yummmm!

"...[W]e stand by our roots when it comes to the important things like offering our consumers the best available products that use real ingredients and natural fruit flavors. All Daily’s Cocktails & Mixers are made with the freshest, real fruit ingredients available - succulent strawberries, luscious lemons, creamy coconuts, and so much more." ~ Daily's Cocktails

I have to say I was a little skeptical. I enjoy my drinks rather strong, and generally anything you pick up pre-made in a store tends to suffer in quality and flavor. I kind of expected the drinks to taste watery, weak, and nothing like a homemade or bar-made cocktail. I was also a little concerned about the quantity each pouch would deliver. However, across the board I was wrong. The drinks tasted fresh, full of flavor, and yielded a good size drink to two smaller ones. Can you believe it? Considering these only cost around $1.75 to $3.00ish (depending on your store and your location), you're getting a convenient, delicious treat at a fraction of the cost. I think the pouches I picked up were close to about $2.00 and some odd. That means, depending on the size of the glass I used, I was getting each drink for $1 to $2!

Overall, I don't think you can beat the quality for this price. I'm truly impressed and will definitely be purchasing more! Make sure you check out Daily's Cocktails online for additional Daily's product information. They don't just sell these frozen pouches. They also have Single Serve Bottles, Cocktails in a Box, and 1 Liter Pre-Mixed Cocktails. They also have some fantastic cocktail recipes on their site, updates on new promotions, and a store locator so you can find the nearest place that carries these delicious items.

You can also find Daily's Cocktails on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you want news sent directly to your inbox, make sure you sign up for their Newsletter too.

Daily's Cocktails is also offering a giveaway! THREE DealPeddler readers, who are ages 21+, will receive a Daily's insulated lunch tote. Giveaway will start today and run for approximately 1 week. Once the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE].


*I received a $10 Walmart gift card to purchase Daily's Cocktails in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


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