Pac Man: The Complete Second Season Product Review


The Pac Is Back!

Welcome back to PacLand - the hilarious world full of round characters, ghosts, Power Pellets, and chomping! Warner Brothers sent "Pac Man: The Complete Second Season" from the Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection for our family to review. I had never watched Pac-Man as a kid, so I asked my husband if he remembered it. He's the gamer in the family, and boy did he remember.

My kids and I turned on the DVD and let it run all the way through. Yup - we watched all 216 minutes in one sitting. Because I'm not a huge fan of video games, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to like the DVD. Turns out I was laughing through most of it! "I'm allergic to sharks. I break out in teeth marks." Hah! Throughout all of the adventures and misadventures Pac-Man kept the humor ball rolling with "p" alliteration perpetually peppering Pac-Man's vocabulary, silly mishaps, and even throw backs to old-school novels, fairy tails and myths.

"Pac-Man returns for a Power Pellet chomping second season of adventures, with some very special cast additions – teenage cousin PJ and the super-heroic Super-Pac! Together with the rest of the Pac pack, they continue to thwart Mezmaron and his minions while time-travelling, battling Robo-Pacs and Pac-Apes, and taking a trip to Pac-Hollywood. Save your quarters, this game’s been extended! Contains all 16 sophomore season adventures." ~ Pac Man: The Complete Second Season

I have to admit that the second season of Pac-Man aired 3 years before I was born. Not only did Pac-Man travel back in time during the episode "Journey into the Pac-Past", but I time traveled back to 1983. Episodes include "P.J. Goes Pac-Hollywood", "Public Pac-Enemy Number One", "The Super-Pac Bowl", "Around the World in 80 Chomps", "Happy Pacs-Giving", "Computer Packy", "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Pac-Man", The Genii of Pacland", "The Greatest Show in Pacland", "Journey into the Pac-Past", "The Old Pac-Man and the Sea", "Super-Pac vs. Pac-Ape", "Pac-Van-Winkle", "Pac-A-Lympics", "Hey, Hey, Hey...It's P.J.", and "Here's Super-Pac!"

"Pac-Man: The Complete Second Season" also included a special bonus! The fan-favorite prime time holiday special "Christmas Comes to PacLand" where viewers watch Pac, Pepper, Baby and the Pac-Pets receive a visit from Santa when ghosts attack sending Santa off course and into PacLand.

I'm actually a little bummed that I never truly grew up with Pac-Man! I thought the episodes were hilarious, and a great way to share a huge blast from the past with my kiddos. One of my favorite episodes was "Computer Packy". Back in 1983 computers still weren't the "norm", and it was great to see the imaginations of the producers run wild with all of the things Pac's computer could do; clean the house, feed the baby, and even teleport Pac, Baby, and PJ into the computer, and then print them back out.

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*I received a product free of charge from Warner Brothers in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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