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My two toddlers do not like the vacuum cleaner. Let me rephrase that. My two toddlers absolutely abhor, hate, and despise with the force of 10 million suns the vacuum cleaner. As a result of their seething hatred for this contraption, they completely freak out whenever I turn it on. Their reaction is equal to what I would imagine would happen if there were 1,000 fire trucks are blasting their sirens right in my living room. So, in order to help keep the peace in our house I don't vacuum as often as I should. (And it gives me a good excuse not to do one of the many chores I'd rather avoid.)

Now, not vacuuming all that often really wouldn't be such a big deal if it was just my husband and myself living here. But, noooo. We have a bajillion pets, and what seems like a bajillion kids (only 3) who all co-habitate with us. We have fur bunnies taking on lives of their own. When I reached out to Bissell to see if I could get some help with my cleaning conundrum, they offered to send their Bissell Natural Sweep. I have ALWAYS wanted one of these ever since seeing my grandmother's. It seemed so simple, and best of all they are QUIET. Bissell mentioned that it is the perfect sweeper for those times when I don't have time to vacuum, or when I just need to pick something up quickly.

"The BISSELL Natural Sweep® is designed to effectively clean your carpets and hard floors in between routine cleanings without using electricity. The sweeper has two brush rolls: one is specially designed for picking up large debris (cereal, beads, etc.), and one is designed for picking up fine particles (dirt and dust). In addition, the Natural Sweep® has small brushes placed in the 4 corners of its foot. These help to capture dirt and debris along edges and in corners." ~ Bissell


  • Contains parts that are 100% recycled plastic and PVC-free
  • Dual rotating brushes
  • 4 corner brushes for cleaning in corners and along edges
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Safe on carpet, rugs and hard floors
  • Perfect for in-between cleanings
  • Durable design

The Bissell Natural Sweep comes in a much smaller box than I had anticipated, and had fewer pieces than I had expected too. Thank goodness. I don't do complicated. All you had to do was screw the pole pieces together, and then screw that into the base of the sweeper, and it is fully put together. It only takes about a minute or two to assemble, and is so simple that I found the instructions to be completely unnecessary. It's rather light weight too. My 2 year old likes to pretend she's helping, and even my 1 year old likes to walk it around.

Immediately after assembling the few pieces of the Bissell Natural Sweep, it was time to give it a try. The biggest concern is the area rug in our living room. Most of our floors are hard wood or linoleum so those easily get swept. But, it's the big area rug that gathers most of the grossness and has to be vacuumed. The dogs lay on the rug. The cats lay on the rug. My kids eat and play on that rug. It's one of our highest trafficked areas. Needless to say the carpet is pretty gross after a week or so without being vacuumed, so I went over it a couple of times with the Natural Sweep. It definitely looked better and certainly gave me extra time between vacuuming jobs. Time to inspect the try. What was this simple product able to pick up?

EVERYTHING! OK, well not EVERYTHING, but a large portion of fur, dirt, and food crumbs that I couldn't get unless I turned on that demon vacuum. The tray was pretty full, and I was embarrassed to see how much crud resides in that single rug. I found that the Natural Sweep worked best with a little bit of pressure applied. However, I loved how small the cleaning head of the sweeper is, and that the handle lays practically flat so you can get under tables and chairs without having to move them around.

The only thing I'm not super fond of, and it's not the fault of the product, is that you have to keep the bristles clean. With so much pet hair that's really difficult, and I'm a bit lazy when it comes to things like that. Plus, even though I'm not a germ-a-phobe, I'd rather not have to touch the bottom of the sweeper. However, this will NOT stop me from using it. I really love that I have this in my house now, and have used it SEVERAL times. I'm thinking for every one time I vacuum, I pull out the Natural Sweep at least four times. It really has helped keep my kids from freaking out, and my floor for getting too gross before I happen across the time of day where both of my kids are napping and can break out "Jaws". (What my mother used to refer to her vacuum as.)

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