Polar Bear Coolers – Green 24Pack Cooler Product Review


Last weekend my family and I went camping, and shortly before we left, we realized we REALLY could use a cooler to take with us to story land. Our big, hard, bulky cooler was just not practical, and our tiny, hard, bulky cooler was not big enough. We were planning to be gone for several hours so we needed something that would keep everything cold for as long as we needed, but also something a little easier to carry around.

I reached out to Polar Bear Coolers to see if perhaps they'd like to help us out by providing one of their soft shell, nylon coolers to take long with us to Story Land, and they said YES! So, we decided to go with the Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack size in the color green. It seemed big enough to fit everything we'd need and then some, but small enough for it to me manageable. Honestly, we almost forgot it at home *gasp*, and I am SO glad we didn't. (The trip was such a whirl wind that I also forgot to take pictures while we were gone. Oy.) The Polar Bear Cooler arrived sealed and compressed. The instructions said to fill the cooler with hot water for 5 minutes to allow the cooler to regain its shape. Um... do you know how much water this thing holds?! I could barely lift it to dump it out into the sink.

Since we had already packed most of our perishable food away in our other cooler, we decided this was the perfect one to carry 2 gallon jugs of frozen water (it could have easily fit 3), as well as the taco dip I had made last minute and had in a 9" x 9" glass container. One of the biggest features I really wanted to test out, was the claim that the coolers will keep ice for at least 24 hours in 100 degree weather. I'm pretty sure when I saw that my first reaction was, "Bull.....!"

We packed the cooler with the ice into our car around 8:30am and headed off. We arrived at our camp site and unpacked the cooler around 2pm, and the jugs were still COMPLETELY frozen. Granted, that's only about 5 hours but usually stuff starts melting by then. We left the jugs in the cooler, along with some other bottled water to take with us the following day. The next morning, the jugs were STILL mostly frozen.  I don't even think enough had melted to fill one of those 12oz water bottles.

The next day was our Story Land trip which is REALLY why we wanted the cooler. Just look at it. It has a long shoulder strap, plenty of storage, and even handles at the top (instead of on the sides). Even the small zippered pouch on the front was a nice touch. We packed some frozen water bottles, some cold water bottles, our lunch meats, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, granola bars, yogurt, apple sauce, and a bottle of milk for my youngest. It may not have been 100 degrees outside, but it got up to about 85, and we were in the sun most of the day. Everything stayed cold, and the small water bottles stayed frozen. AWESOME!

This particular size was still a little bulky, but the long shoulder strap made up for it. We were able to hang it off of my son's umbrella stroller which made transporting it considerably easier, and when that wasn't an option, it was so great to be able to put it on my shoulder, instead of using my hands to carry it. Overall we were very impressed with how well this cooler worked, and all of the great features! We didn't have to go back to the car to eat lunch, and we could relatively easily carry it with us around the entire park. Plus, it kept things just as cold as Polar Bear advertised. I think this really is the perfect cooler, and with the different size options (including a backpack option) you're sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs.


  • Heavy duty luggage grade 1000 denier nylon outer shell.
  • Specialized open cell foam air trap design.
  • Leak proof / Sweat proof Dura-Temp liner.
  • Heavy duty #8 weatherized rubber-coated zipper.
  • Padded shoulder strap. (N/A on 6 pack).
  • Side release buckles, heavy duty built to last. (N/A on 6 pack)
  • Side pocket with rubber coated zipper.
  • Velcro wrap around handle.
  • Zipper pull-tab / bottle opener.
  • Will keep ice for at least 24 hours in 100-degree heat.
  • 24Pack measures 10" x 18" x 12"
  • Will keep items hot (up to 200 degrees) for several hours
  • Can be monogrammed

Make sure you take the time to find Polar Bear on Facebook and! I'm sure they'd love to hear from you. If you own a Polar Bear Cooler and love it, I'd like to hear about it too, and I'm sure Polar Bear would as well!


* I received a product free of charge from Polar Bear in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. This is really neat! I want one for myself!

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