Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats – DVD Product Review


I'm pretty sure no matter what age you are, you've watched at least a hand-full of Tom and Jerry episodes in your lifetime. If you're closer to my age, you probably remember pretty vividly waking up in the morning, sneaking into the TV room, turning the TV on, and just reveling in the early morning cartoons which almost always included at least 30 minutes of Tom and Jerry. It's such a timeless cartoon, and something even my children can fully enjoy as they grow up.

With Halloween right around the corner, Warner Brothers sent the "Tom and Jerry Tricks & Treats" DVD for my family to review. Recently released on September 4th, this DVD contains 161 minutes (20 episodes) of Tom and Jerry shenanigans - including some older episodes that I remember from my childhood, and many of the newer ones. This DVD is jam packed with so much fun, they even included two bonus episodes: "Ho Ho Horrors" (Christmas bonus) and "Doggone Hill Hog" (Christmas bonus). Talk about good ol' nostalgia! It was great to be able to share something I grew up watching with my children.

"Tom and Jerry are in for spooks galore in this monster collection. With 20 eerie episodes plus two bonus episodes, your goodie-bag will be overflowing with fun! Tricks and treats are at every turn, from ancient Egypt to Transylvania, from creepy houses to haunted forests, the hair-raising hilarity is non-stop! Our favorite cat and mouse mingle with ghosts, mummies, werewolves and witches in these terrific tales. Of course Tom and Jerry have a bounty of tricks up their own sleeves as well! Fear not, the chase is on! It's a scare-iffic good time for the whole family!" ~ Synopses

"A Chilling, Thrilling Tom & Jerry Treat!"

When the DVD arrived, we immediately popped it into our computer (that just so happens to be hooked up to a 47" monitor on our living room wall), and my kids and I sat down to watch it. I guess this IS pretty "spook-tacular" because the first episode, "More Powers To You", scared my 2 year old daughter! Hah! However, after the first episode she decided that she loves Tom and Jerry and giggled away for the entire 161 minutes. Oh yes. I played that entire DVD all the way through. (Mommy needed some "quiet time". Tom & Jerry to the rescue!)

Hilarious episodes included "Over the River and Boo! the Woods", "Fire Breathing Tom Cat", "Haunted Mouse", "Fraidy Cat Scat", "Tomb it May Concern", and so many more!

You can even watch Tom & Jerry in Spanish and French in addition to English.

The was the perfect initiation DVD for my little monsters, and a great way to spend a little time bonding and sharing my childhood with my kids. I even enjoyed the DVD. You are NEVER to old for a little Tom & Jerry ruckus!

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I received a product free of charge from Warner Brothers in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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