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Last year I made both my daughter's and my step-daughter's Halloween costumes. Let's just say that's not happening again! All of that time and money spent just to put together a couple of costumes was not worth driving to the store and buying a cheap costume. But, I really dislike most of the costumes in the stores. It's getting harder every year trying to find a child appropriate costume and the selection is usually pretty small. It's also getting harder to find a costume in the store that isn't going to fall apart before the hour or two of trick-or-treating is over.

I've been browsing for costumes this year online, and found one I adored on BuyCostumes.com. Because we live in Maine, it's very important for my kids to have costumes that they can put clothes under, or that are heavy enough to be worn on their own. Trust me. No one wants to lug kids around door to door in 32 degree weather with cranky freezing kids. Lucky for me, the price of the costume I had been eying fell within the price limit I was given for the review, and less than 3 days later I had the Gypsy Child Costume in my hands! When it arrived my daughter was playing in her yogurt I gave her for lunch, and even though I was really excited to put it on her to see if it fit, she wanted to take her good ol' sweet time, and then needed a shower immediately afterward.

"Add a little mystery to her life this Halloween in the Gypsy costume which includes a whimsical white ankle length peasant dress featuring large ruffles along the hem and a sequined apron with attached golden coins. A matching sequined scarf is also included in this trendy travelers look." ~ BuyCostumes.com

OK. Fast forward about an hour and I could FINALLY put the Gypsy Child costume on her. How stinkin' CUTE is she!?
I had requested a children's small in size, because while she's not quite 3 yet, she's MASSIVE for her age. (I mean that in the nicest way possible.) The Gypsy Child costume comes with a dress that has an attached sash on it, another sash with gold bangles on it that actually jingle when she moves, and a sequined head scarf. There are also accessories you can purchase separately to go with this particular costume including jewelry and shoes. The dress fit her PERFECTLY. It's just as long as I wanted it to be, and there's plenty of wiggle room. She may even be able to fit into this next year if she hasn't completely turned it into a dress up dress.

The dress and scarves are a mixture of cotton and polyester. This seems to me like it's a good quality costume. It's not super expensive (only $29.99), but definitely well worth it for such a beautiful and unique costume. My ONLY issue is that the shiny gold bangle things are all sewn on with ONE piece of thread. So, if one comes off, they all come off. I will have to go back through and make sure they're more secure since within 2 hours of my daughter wearing the costume, a few of the bangles fell off. BUT, I still love it! (Part of the reason they fell off is because when I tied the sash around her waste, the knot overlapped with the beads and pulled them.)

So, you know I love the costume, but you have got to hear my daughter's reaction. She REFUSED to take the costume off all day. I had to take it off for dinner to keep the white staying white, but she was not happy at all about it. Every time I asked if I could take it off she'd run in the opposite direction yelling, "NOOOOO!!!" She loves her new costume, and I'm sure she'll be wearing it every day after Halloween.

If you're in need of a quality, creative, unique costume for your kiddos, or yourself, make sure you check out BuyCostumes.com! You can also find them on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube. BuyCostumes.com offers FREE exchanges, and if you sign up for their emails you'll save 15% on your next order! BuyCostumes.com advertises as "The Web's Most Popular Costume Store" and I can certainly see why. Their selection is SO vast I couldn't even get through all of the children's costumes within an hour. Orders placed before 4pm also (usually) ship SAME DAY. And, many costumes are eligible for 2 day shipping. I'll definitely be coming back when I'm in need of more Halloween costumes.

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  1. OMG I absolutely LOVE that costume! It is seriously the cutest one I’ve seen in a LONG time.

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