Momo Baby – Soft Sole Baby Shoes (Tiger Brown) Product Review


Remember a few weeks ago I said my little guy started walking? Well, he hasn't stopped and he's just about ready to run full speed wherever his little heart desires to go. We actually found him upstairs this morning. Yes, my little munchkin is now able to climb the stairs all by his lonesome. With his newly acquired mobility, shoes are becoming an ever-increasingly important part of his wardrobe. Of course great support for his growing feet is important, but I also rank comfort, ease, softness, and affordability almost equal to support.

I reached out to Momo Baby because of the soft sole baby shoes that they carry. They were kind enough to offer a pair for my little guy to test out. We ended up going with the brown Tiger Soft Sole Baby Shoes in size 18-24 months. I always request shoes a tiny bit larger than their actual size so they aren't done wearing them within a month. I did however notice that Momo Baby's shoes run a tad large. We have another pair in 18-24 months and that pair is a good half size smaller than the pair we received from Momo Baby. I was informed though that they are working on resizing their shoes down by a half size because a lot of customers had the same feedback I did about the sizing. (Isn't it great when a company hears what their costumers have to say?)


  • Uppers are made from ventilated, soft premium grade leather. They provide a breathable space that keeps your baby's feet cool and dry.
  • Elastic ankle ensures the shoe stays securley on the foot.
  • Non-slip soft suede leather sole prevents any unexpected slips.
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

My daughter had similar shoes when she was my son's age, so I was well aware of how awesome soft sole baby shoes are. The elastic is really important to me because my kiddos have always curled their toes while trying to put their shoes on. I'm sure you've experienced that. You're struggling with shoes that aren't so stretchy (perhaps stressed while rushing to get out of the house), and you're telling your toddler, "Stop curling your toes!" Right. Because they understand exactly what you're saying to them.
These slipped on SO easily, curled toes and all, and sit tight enough around his ankle where they aren't going to fall off. He didn't even attempt to take them off himself. The soles are great on our floors. Our hose is mostly hard wood and linoleum, and he didn't slip once. He did trip over the shoes, but that's because they're a bit big. I love that these move with how my son's feet move. His toes aren't constricted, and he can fully bend his feet in any direction that he needs to. After a few minutes he stopped noticing that they were even on his feet. I also really like that I can take them off easily if need be. I had forgot he had them on, so as I was walking up the stairs with him on my hip, I reached over and quickly pulled them off instead of having to put him down, unstrap, tie or un-Velcro, and he was off to nap time.

Want to know my absolute favorite thing about the Momo Baby Soft Sole Baby Shoes? They're only $16.99! That is a price I'm extremely willing to pay for leather shoes that I know my kiddo will enjoy wearing - not to mention shoes that make mommy's life just a tiny bit easier.

Momo Baby carries several other styles of soft soled shoes (both for boys and girls) that I think are just adorable. These just happened to be some of my favorites.
Momo Baby also carries rain boots, maternity items, rubber sole leather sneakers, feeding items, and bedding items!

Make sure you take the time to visit Momo Baby on Facebook & Twitter. (I will need to update you with the links to their social media pages as soon as I have them.)


* I received a product free of charge from Momo Baby in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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