Etching Expressions – Personalized Etched Wine Bottle Product Review


If you were to describe me as a sentimental person the people who know me would probably laugh you right out of town. I'm not the type of person to save cards or ticket stubs. I'm not a fabulous scrapbooker. In fact, I don't even think I have any printed photos of my children except for the ones taken in a studio. However, with my wedding anniversary coming up I knew I wanted something that was a little special that I could keep and look back on with fond memories and yes... a little bit of sentiment.

I admit, three years of marriage isn't that big of a milestone in the grand scheme of things since just about every set of wedding vows includes, "'Till death do us part." However in my short three years of marriage I've had two beautiful children, started grad school, and started my website. These three years are something I really wanted to celebrate. So, I contacted Etching Expressions. (When I did I hadn't realized how soon my anniversary was.) Etching Expressions asked if I had any special occasions coming up, and what I would like the etched wine bottle to have on it. I told them my anniversary was coming up, gave them my name and my husband's name, and left the rest up to them. I was figuring it would just be a pretty bottle, but the wine was going to be the highlight.

When the Etching Expressions wine bottle arrived I knew it would be beautiful because I was emailed a photo of it before it was sent through the mail which you can view on the right. However, when I opened the box I literally teared up. It was absolutely stunning and it perfectly captured my personality and my husband's personality. It was simple, elegant, and really just perfect. If I had been given this as a gift it would have meant just as much if not more. The etching was clean (no rough edges), and the coloring was very neat and stayed within the etched portion of the bottle. This is one bottle of wine I am not opening! This is one product I have managed to attach myself to for sentimental reasons. It will be displayed proudly in my home as a beautiful piece of art, but also as a reminder of my first three years of marriage and all of the successes and hardships that brought my husband and I closer together.

Etching Expressions can make any occasion special; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Not only do they etch the bottles of their own private label wines, but they also etch liquor bottles, and champagne bottles. Etching not quite your thing? They also provide personalized label options as well, corporate gifts, and accessories.

You choose the color, the message, and the design! Etching Expressions has artists that are fully capable of transferring a priceless photograph to one of their bottles. The sky is truly the limit with these special gifts!

Etching Expressions would love for you to find them on Facebook and Twitter! Why? Because Etching Expressions is giving away a $100 Gift Certificate to one DealPeddler reader! The gift certificate will cover up to one of their basic private label wine/champagne bottle etchings in mono color ($65) or full color ($75) and shipping. If you go with the single color you can even add their $11 wooden wine box in! Giveaway will start 6/30 and run for approximately 1 week. You must be 21+ to enter and a legal resident of the USA. You will be able to enter [HERE] during the time the giveaway is live.

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