Hidden Maine Treasures – Dragonfly Farm & Winery LLC Stetson, ME

My husband completely surprised me last weekend on our 3rd wedding anniversary. I had gone out to run errands earlier that morning thinking we'd just have a normal Saturday of nothing. When I came home he handed me a card that said we had some place to be by 3pm. We usually don't have a lot of money to do anything really fun, however I guess he heard me say I'd like to visit a winery some day. Silly me had assumed that wineries don't exist in Maine. I mean, com'on, we're known for snow, black flies, and our numerous lakes and rivers. Oh, and I can't forget our moose. I never in a million years would have thought we have an actual winery in our state.

Guess what? They DO exist in Maine! And, we happened to have a gorgeous one only 20 miles or so away from where we live. I can't begin to explain my excitement when we pulled up to this beautiful yellow house with a sign that read "Dragonfly Winery" on it. "Are you serious?! You're taking me to a winery? Wait. We have wineries in Maine?!"He just looked at me and smiled knowing full well he nit the nail on the head with this little outing.

The Dragonfly Farm & Winery LLC is located in Stetson, Maine 100% owned and run by the Nadeau family - way out in the middle of nowhere. When you pull up to their small driveway it really doesn't look like much; a few buildings, a few grape vines, some bushes, and a lot of land. I think "quaint" may be the best word to describe it. It certainly wasn't the ginormous California vineyards I had always imagined any winery would look like. My husband thought the "Gift Shop" sign was pointing down a little winding trail so we explored there first. We ended up at a building that was definitely not the gift shop we were looking for. So, back up the trail we went. We were warmly greeted by Todd. Nadeau who promptly took us on a tour of their vineyard/farm.

The Nadeau vineyard boasted several varieties of grapes, including a variety only THEY had. And yes, I mean they are the only ones in the entire world that have this particular variety of grape. I wish I could remember what it was called. I guess I was slacking on my journalism skills because I didn't bring anything to write with! I suppose that's what happens when something like this is completely sprung on you. ;) I did happen to have my camera though! They also grow several fruits too that they use to make their fruit wines with. I really enjoyed getting to taste the wine right out of the fermenting barrels. I had never had the opportunity to taste wine that wasn't quite done yet. Todd Nadeau asked if I'd be able to finish the little bit he gave me, and I said, "Of course! I'll finish anything you throw my way!"

The Dragonfly Farm & Winery started out as a small dream his family had, and they grew it into what it is today; a vibrant, successful winery that produces some of the most delicious sweet wines I have ever tasted. You may know that I'm a huge fan of sweet wine so this was the perfect winery to visit! They have a total of 7 varieties of white wine, 6 varieties of red wine, and 8 varieties of fruit wine. However, what is in stock depends on the season. After the tour I had the amazing opportunity to taste 9 of their wines ranging from whites, and reds, to blueberry, strawberry, and cranberry. Yumm! The names included: Clarity, Serendipity, Candle Waster, Blueberry Bliss, Blue Lightening, Raspberry Riot, St. Pepin, and Jelly Juice... now that I count I guess I'm missing one.

Of course I had some favorites and boy did I stock up! I came home with 2 bottles of "Clarity", 2 bottles of "Serendipity", and 2 bottles of their "Candle Waster" Cranberry wine. Jelly Juice was another favorite however I didn't purchase that one. Todd & Treena Nadeau are both members of the United States Air Force, so they consider their winery as a part time hobby. I can't believe it. It seems like so much work, and even more waiting, but WOW do they do a fabulous job with it! When it came time to ring up our (I mean MY) purchase, they were beyond generous and threw in an extra bottle as an anniversary gift, and they gave us the "anniversary discount" of $1 off each bottle. In addition, if you have ANY military affiliate (yourself, cousins, aunts, uncles, employees) they give a "military discount" of $1 off each bottle you purchase. Their wines are VERY affordable too. Every bottle is only $13. I walked out of this beautiful place happier knowing I had a wonderful opportunity to meet the Nadeau family, uplifted by the beauty of their farm, and completely satisfied that I purchased some of the best wine I have ever had while simultaneously supporting a local business.

Dragonfly Farm & Winery isn't just all about wine. They also make Maple Syrups. Have you ever had REAL Maple Syrup? You don't know what you're missing by choosing Aunt Jemima over the real stuff. The Nadeau's make their maple syrup in the traditional French Canadian way. I'm not 100% sure what that means exactly since I wasn't there for the syrup, but homemade natural syrup is always a winner.

If you're ever in Maine, make sure you check out the Dragonfly Farm & Winery in Stetson, Maine. You won't be disappointed, and you'll truly get to see one of Maine's Hidden Treasures, and you'll meet some of the friendliest people! It's a win win all around.


*This post is not sponsored. I do want to thank my wonderful husband for taking me on the best little outing I could have dreamed of!

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  1. Looks so beautiful! I wish I lived near a winery.
    Shoot. I wish I lived in Maine! lol

  2. wow sounds amazing I will be sure to check it outsome time! thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I never knew there are wineries in Maine either! I’ve toured wineries in Italy and these pictures take me back to that amazing trip.

  4. I love this review! Sounds like a perfect outing with your husband and the wine sounds divine. I love sweet wines, too. And $13 per bottle is a great price. We’re in PA but have family in Maine (no relatives named Nadeau, but I know one or two!) and next time we make the trip I’ll be keeping this place in mind. You make it sound amazing!

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