Ugglebo – Seoul Clogs in Green Ash Product Review


There is nothing quite like a beautiful handcrafted pair of shoes made from quality materials. Sure, jewelry is nice, clothes are nice, even a new purse or wallet are nice, but every once in awhile your feet need spoiling. I love bringing unique products to my readers, which is why I'm SO excited to share Ugglebo with you! Not only are Ugglebo Clogs absolutely stunning in their small details and nuances, but are also practical and wearable.

I've always wanted a pair of clogs, but they usually look a bit doofy. In my experience with just trying them on in the store they're either hard to walk in, slip off your feet, are uncomfortable, or just look like a glorified pair of slippers. Ugglebo gave me the chance to pick out a pair of their shoes to review. I decided to go with the Seoul Clogs in Green Ash because the leaf detail cut into the leather really caught my eye. The Seoul Clogs are a "low heel"; about 1.75 inches in height. As much as I liked the higher heeled clogs, I just couldn't picture myself walking around with two kids hanging off of me without managing to break an ankle. Plus, I really liked the more traditional clog look, and the Green Ash just happens to be one of my favorite colors. (Unfortunately this particular style is sold out now, however they're always bringing in something new!)

I need to quickly say that their overall presentation from their website, to receiving the shoes in the mail is just great. The shoes came in an Ugglebo specific box, and were wrapped in thick tissue paper with a ribbon tied around them! It was like opening up a Christmas gift. When I saw the delivery presentation I was even more excited. You know you're getting something special when that much time and care is put into sending them through the mail.
The entire process of what goes into making an Ugglebo clog is fascinating. The bases are made from wood, including Alderwood, and Spanish Pine and are sourced right from Sweden. The leathers, including the best quality nubuc leather is then brought in from Italy to the Ugglebo factory where their Clog Master, Christer, assembles them by hand along with a few of his associates. Not only are you getting a stunning pair of shoes, but each pair is slightly unique. The Seoul Clogs are a beautiful soft nubuc leather and Alderwood base held together with staples, which I think just ads to the overall aesthetics of the shoes.

Alright, so obviously I'm in love with how beautiful these shoes look, but I did say they are also wearable? I'm sure you're thinking, "How is walking on wood all that comfortable?" After I got done caressing the leather (I REALLY love my shoes), I figured it was time to actually wear the shoes. I've had a hard time sizing my feet correctly when getting shoes from online instead of having the chance to try them on first. I went with a size 41 (10.5 to 11). Since I'm usually a 10.5 I was praying more than anything this pair of Ugglebo lovelies would fit. I'm happy to say they do fit. Barely, but they fit! My heel is right to the edge of the shoe, which is probably the correct way to wear them (although I do lite a little extra length). They're definitely closer to a 10.5 than an 11, and I could have possibly gotten by with a half size larger. However the toe box is perfect. The overall width is great and there's enough wiggle room for my toes to not feel claustrophobic. Yes, my toes freak out when they can't move. The wood base of the clog is actually very soft (I was quite surprised), and there are slight indents where your toes go giving that tiny bit of extra room my toes need. I really loved that the wood isn't just a basic carved out slab, but actually designed to mold to your feet. The toebox and heel on the sole are padded with some sort of rubber that keeps the shoes from slipping around on hard surfaces.

I did have to get used to walking in the Seoul clogs. It wasn't difficult, but the soles aren't quite flat, so there is a little bit of "rocking" when you walk. After a few practice runs around the house I'm now an Ugglebo Clog walking pro! I just absolutely adore these shoes. I want to display them on my wall as works of art!

I have a couple exciting tidbits of news for you all too. First, Ugglebo is celebrating the Swedish Midsummer holiday by offering 30% to 50% off of EVERYTHING on their web site. Now is definitely the time to purchase a pair of you're drooling over these now like I was. In addition to this spectacular sale they are offering FREE shipping on all domestic orders when you purchase at least two pairs of Ugglebos. Trust me, finding 2 pairs you just can't live without is not a difficult task. The hardest part is choosing which two pairs to get! The Ugglebo Midsummer Sale is scheduled to run from June 16th through June 22nd.

Second, Ugglebo has a program called "Re-clog the World". Clever, right?! This program is a super awesome way to give back to those less fortunate and reduce landfill waste. Ugglebo has teamed up with the foundation Donate Your Old Shoes to provide shoes to children and adults who are less fortunate and cannot afford new pairs of shoes.  All you have to do is send Ugglebo your old clogs (of any brand) to their USA location with a specific form you can print and fill out, and they will give you 25% off your next Ugglebo purchase! What a great way to give back AND save money!

And finally, Ugglebo is offering DealPeddler readers a chance to win their very own pair of hand crafted Ugglebo Clogs in ANY style! Giveaway will run for approximately 1 week. Open to residents of the USA who are 18+. You will be able to enter the giveaway [HERE] once it is live.

Do check out Ugglebo on Facebook and Twitter. If you're also a Pinterest junkie you can find Ugglebo there too!


*I was provided a product for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.


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  1. I love the idea of the Reclog the world program. It’s so cool to see companies give back :)

  2. I love them!!! They are stylish, cute and look comfy too!

  3. I love clogs but they don’t like my feet, maybe one day I’ll find a pair that does.

  4. I love love love those sandal clogs in the last picture. would wear them ALL the time.

  5. Great review! I like the ones in the center and the far right. I went to their website and they have a ton of cute styles!

  6. What i love is that they are all handmade and each are unique. You don’t find too much of that these days!

  7. I like that they have a low heel size. Some clogs are to high for me. I have trouble walking and the lower heel would help.

  8. I am glad to hear they are soft to walk in that was on of my biggest concerns. I do have one more question I these shoes light, average or heavy when you pick them up? I can not wear heavy shoes like Doc Martins because I have a nerve injury and if a shoe is to heavy it is like super gluing my foot to the floor

  9. Are they comfortable to wear without socks? How do they fit when you wear socks. They are nice looking. :-)

    • Mine were very comfy without socks – and I’m not sure how they would fit with them. I don’t wear socks. I would imagine with how these in particular were sized I could get by with a thin pair, but anything thicker I would have preferred a size up.

  10. Great review – I appreciate you noting they’re comfortable because you never know with these kinds of shoes!

  11. I like that that are still handcrafted….I really love the clogs you got, they don’t seem to be available any more? :( LOVE the cut-outs on them. Thanks for the giveawy chance!

    • I’m sorry – they have sold out. I tried to let everyone know that in the review. I found out when I went to grab some photos of them while writing it up. Good luck in the giveaway!

  12. I was really interested to read about the indent for your toes. I have a wide foot and it seems harder and harder to find shoes that are comfy and don’t pinch.

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