Beach Camera – Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Bundle Father’s Day Giveaway

Beach Camera Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Bundle Product Review & Sponsor Spotlight

Beach Camera has been SO generous, and is offering a Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Bundle in Red to one lucky DealPeddler, Suburban Coupon Mom, Gone Klippin' Crazy, My Coupon Lady, and Pandora's Deals reader! The winner will have the choice of the Red Canon PowerShot A3400 Bundle, or a Canon PowerShot A3400 in a different color that does not come with the camera case or SD card. Canon PowerShot Bundle's ARV is $279.99 and includes the camera, camera case, and 4GB SD card.

There is only one (1) mandatory entry, however you are encouraged to utilize all entry methods. All entries will be verified, so we appreciate your honesty.

Good Luck to All Entrants!

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  1. Definitely loving that it has a 3″ touch screen, and 16 megapixels!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. I really like that it has a touch screen!

  3. i like the 3 inch screen so it would be easier for me to see what i am doing

  4. I love the touchscreen feature!

  5. I love the fact it has a touchscreen, and the video feature!. It takes great oictures even in the rain!

  6. I love that it’s a touch screen with 16 mega pixels! The video is great quality too!

  7. I can not believe that you are giving away an awesome camera! My favorite features are:
    1. The 3 inch screen is great!
    2. And it has a Touch Screen!
    3. And it is easy to hold!

  8. I like that is has a 3″ screen and is touch screen. Wish my camera did that =)

  9. I love the 720p HD video capabilities bc I love taking videos on trips.

  10. i luv every-thing about it

  11. I love that it has a 3 inch touch screen that has to be one of my favorite features of this camera.

  12. Captures pictures good or bad

  13. i love the touch screen feature!

  14. Touch screen! Awesome!

  15. love the touchscreen feature

  16. Thank you for the contest!

  17. The touch screen and stylus combination is quite cool.

  18. My favorite features are :3 inch screen, and the easy controls.

  19. love the fact that it has touch screen as well as a stylus

  20. i like the quality of the photos it takes!

  21. touch screen

  22. i like the 720p HD video feature

  23. *gasp* touchscreen!! Wow! I want a camera with touchscreen!

  24. the huge 3 inch screen so I can see what I am shooting

  25. I like that it comes with it’s own battery charger!

  26. I like that it has a touch screen and that you can select who you want it to focus on by tapping the screen

  27. I love that it is 16 mega pixels!

  28. i love the touch screen!

  29. Love the touch screen feature!


  31. My favorite feature is how easy and quick it is to learn to use bc I struggle with anything even mildly techy and yet I love taking photos so this sounds like the perfect kind of camera for someone like me!

  32. I’m loving the touch screen as well.

  33. I’m loving the touch screen. And the fact that it is 3 inches!

  34. Definitely the Touch Panel LCD

  35. There is no added bulk like some cameras have due to the larger batteries they use

  36. I like that it comes with its own rechargeable battery! Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. The easy to use controls

  38. Touch screen and 16 megapixels! WOW!

  39. The huge 3 inch screen and that it is touchscreen!

  40. I love the fact that its a touch screen!

  41. I like the touchscreen!! That is awesome!!

  42. I like that it has a 4GB HC SD Card.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. 16 Mega Pixels, Touch Panel LCD, 5x Optical Zoom, 720p HD Video, Smart AUTO, and Image Stabilization

  44. I would love the Touch Panel LCD…. nice!

  45. I have never seen a touch screen on a camera…I like that!

  46. I love all of its feature. But my favorite is that is has 720p HD, because I love video-ing moments. ♥

  47. I love the 3in screen.

  48. the touchscreen feature

  49. huge 3 inch screen, and the easy controls

  50. I like how it has a touch screen

  51. 3″ touch screen, 16 MP, rechargeable battery, what’s not to love.

  52. I love that is 16 MP! I want it! :)

  53. My favorite feature is being able to recharge the battery. I hate cameras where you have to replace the batteries with fresh ones practically every day!

  54. i love the touch screen

  55. Gotta be the touch screen

  56. The 3 inch screen.

  57. Touch Panel LCD and Image Stabilization

  58. I would have to say the touchscreen

  59. I love the touchscreen feature!

  60. I like that it is easy to use, for those quick moments that you want to capture.

  61. My favorite features are the 3 in screen and easy controls!

  62. I love that it has a 3″ screen — and especially that it has a touch screen. Nice!

  63. I like how it has 16MP for a point and shoot!

  64. I LOVE that it’s a touch screen camera and it’s small for carrying around! My Dslr just isn’t cutting it when I go out with friends! I DEFINITELY need something smaller!

  65. 16 mega pixel and touch screen

  66. I like that it has the 720p video.

  67. This camera is loaded! I love the fact it has a 5x zoom. I like my camera, however my zoom sucks. The touchscreen & 3″ screen are awesome.

  68. Love the touchscreen feature,5x zoom,16 pixel and the easy controls!

  69. I like the Smart AUTO feature.

  70. Love the touch screen

  71. That it’s touch screen and it’s 16 mega pixel

  72. I love that it’s a touch screen (and so does everyone else, apparently)!

  73. I love that it’s touch screen and that it is easy to use.

  74. I like the 3 inch screen.

  75. I like that it’s user friendly.

  76. I love everything about it but my favorite thing is that is compact.

  77. I love that is has a large 3 inch screen. I like to see a clear picture when I recall it!

  78. I like that it has it’s own rechargable battery- I hate having to worry about batteries for my camera.

  79. No way it has a touch screen? That is so cool. I also like the 3 inch screen itself. I used to have a camera that had a small screen and I was never seeing what I thought I saw. LOL

  80. I’m thrilled about the easy video features and rechargable batteries!! yay!!

  81. I like the whole thing, I really need a new camera, going to the beach soon to. I’ve never had one this nice before.
    thanks for the giveaway

  82. Touch screen!

  83. I like its 3.0-inch touch panel LCD screen!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  84. favorite features are the 16 megapixels and the touch panel LCD

  85. I love the screen and that it’s so easy to use!

  86. I love that it’s compact, easy to use, has a touch screen, and is 16 mp!

  87. I like how small it is. An how easy to operate and of course its made by canon.

  88. The fact that it is user friendly. I really don’t know much about cameras but I really want one that I can have quality pictures from.

  89. I love the idea of the large 3″ screen that is a touchscreen!

  90. touch pad lcd

  91. Touch Screen
    3 inch Screen
    User friendly

  92. I’m VERY surprised there is actually a touch screen! How fun! Well, I’m excited for that, and excited that it’s so versatile!

  93. you can literally use it at its basic functionality right out of the box

  94. I like that it is easy to use right out of the box and the large screen.

    Diana C

  95. My favorite feature is the touchscreen, so cool!!

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  96. I like that I can tap on the screen to focus on a subject.

  97. I was liking it ALL, then I saw “touch screen” and let out a little Woot! Right now, my Not-So-Bebe Girl is teaching in China, and I let her take MY digital camera, so I’m without one for the next two months. At $129, THIS could tide me over (and I might even like it enough to let Autumn keep mine, which would make HER very happy) :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  98. Definitely the touchscreen!

  99. I like the touch screen – haven’t heard of that on a camera! And you can’t beat that price! :)

  100. Diffently the touchscreen feature!!! Would Love to win this!!!

  101. I love that it is easy to use and understand right out of the box. I can NEVER understand the manuals!

  102. the 3″ touchscreen

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