Wholly Guacamole – Cooler Full of Guac Giveaway

Wholly Guacamole Cooler Full of Guac Product Review

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  1. “swimming in guac” lol I want to be swimming in it too!

  2. I love Wholly Guacamole and would love to try their salsa!

  3. I love Wholly Guacamole :)

  4. I would love to try the Mild Salsa; I just love Salsa! I would also like to try the 100 calorie packs because once I start I have a hard time stopping although I’d probably be like you and eat 2! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  5. I’d like to try the Wholly Salsa.

  6. Love to try the Wholly Salsa….we love Wholly Guacamole :-) thanks for the chance :)

  7. I’d like to try the 100 calorie guacamole.

  8. Chips and spicy Guac in one hand and avacado stress reliever in the other.

  9. Love guac! I like how you describe texture to us! I also like how you write, so honestly. I will remember to freeze some if I win! :D

  10. I want to try the 100 cal packs! Although I would probably be bringing two with me also haha! I love wholly guacamole!

  11. Your blog post made me hungry – I want to try everything!

  12. I want to try the Spicy Guacamole. My husband and I LOVE Spicy!!

  13. I think it is funny that you ate guac for a week cuz your family doesn’t like it! LOL I don’t like it either, but my bf does and I love salsa and pico de gaillo…if we win this he would be in guac Heaven!

  14. I like the 100 cal packs. Keeps you from going overboard with the calories

  15. I don’t know what I’d do with all that Guac at first either! All my family members love Guac and were always having get togethers with the neighbors atleast once a week so this wouldn’t go to waste in my household.

  16. I didn’t know they made Snack Packs, or that they had so many varieties. Honestly, I’ve only seen a max of 4 types on my Kroger, HEB, and Randalls shelves.

  17. spicy guak

  18. i love guacamole. i love avacodoes in general. i have to say, it was wierd at first when i did finally try it when i was 24! first time. but after you get used to the creamy texture, it is really good.

  19. I love all the varieties and want to try them all! Like you I’m the only one that likes guac so it would be ALL for me! :)

  20. I want to try the 100 Calorie Guacamole

  21. Want try 100 calorie

  22. I want to try the Chunky Guacamole! :)

  23. I want to try Guacamole and Spicy Pico

  24. i did not know they had 10 varieties who knew not me ty for givaway

  25. I did not know that you could freeze guacamole!!! I will have to remember this the next time I stock up!! I thought I was the only one that licked the packaging on the 100 calorie packs, LOL!! I am glad that I am not alone!! ;) I would however love to try their salsa, that sounds really good!! I would also LOVE to win a cooler full of guac!! My son and I would be in heaven!! Thanks for the chance!! ;)

  26. I would love to try the Salsa! Yum!

  27. “You licked the packaging”, AWESOME!

  28. After reading your review i think I would like the Spicy Guacamole but my daughter would love them all .

  29. I’d like to try the Spicy Guacamole!

  30. I didn’t know you could freeze it or up to 3 months!

  31. I love wholly guac and keep a supply in my freezer. I would love to try the verde guac. I have never seen it in the stores

  32. we love, love, love guac and would so love to win this pkg. I did not know they made verde guac. I love the green sauce, hubs,…not so much…. Nor, did I know you could freeze guac. Not that we ever have any left to freeze!!!! thanks so much for this great opportunity

  33. I would like to try Spicy Guacamole..

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. I would like to try the Original Guacamole.


  35. I would like to try the 100 Calorie Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs which would be great for when I wanted some and my family wasn’t around.

  36. I can’t wait to try the New Wholly Pineapple Salsa!

  37. This has GOT to be the YUMMIEST contest out there! I love all of it, and the fact that it is good for you is a bonus! I would be dancing if I won! (queue the music..)

  38. I would love to try your favorite guacomale and spicy pico. Funnny your daughter eating the foam!! oh my! Learned about the different textures!

  39. I can’t believe your family doesn’t like guacamole! Although half my family doesn’t. Three of my your kids do not like guacamole but we all love Pico de gallo

  40. i loved the fact that the stress ball got eaten too..ahhahaha would love to win..gonna freeze some for this summer outside bar b q’s.. :)

  41. I’d like to try the classic mild.

  42. I would love to try the 100 calorie guac…I am trying to get healthy so every little bit of calories I can save is great! Big fan of guacamole! :) Facebook follow with the email address littlemiss_0025@hotmail.com :)

  43. I learned Wholly Guacamole makes snack packs. That is AWESOME!

  44. The Pico de Gallo guac sounds great, and is something i’d like to try.

  45. I had no idea all the varieties they had..and salsa? The hubby doesn’t care for guac, but I LOVE it!

  46. I have never tried their salsa, and was pleased that you noted how fresh it tasted despite its lack of chunkiness. I would probably use it in a recipe as opposed to using it as a dip. Thanks for the info!

  47. I didn’t know they made 100 Calorie Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs! I would love try the new salsa! The Red Pepper Mango and the Pineapple sound like they would be great salsa!!!

  48. I left a comment on the review post also.

    I had no idea you could freeze Guacamole. That’s great to know, so I can stock up when it’s on sale. :)

  49. I learned that you can freeze Guacamole! I always that that it wouldn’t taste good after it was thawed.

  50. I learned that you can freeze Guacamole! I always thought that it wouldn’t taste good after it was thawed.

  51. I would love to try the Guacamole and Spicy Pico.

  52. I want the 100 calorie packs to take with me to work!

  53. great giveaway love love love guacamole!!

  54. I learned you could freeze it.

  55. I love guacamole and use it in my salads!

  56. i love guacamole and im glad that you can freeze it up to 3mths

  57. I am a total guacamole lover and would love to try some of this!

  58. The first thing that had me laughing was “mmmm foam”! :D Now I know that I can freeze guac too! I’m really hoping that the bf doesn’t like guac (more for meeeeee :D ). How we could be together for 4 years and I wouldn’t know is a surprise to me but stranger things have happened. I love your candid reviews, splashed with humor! Thanks!

    • Thanks! :) My husband and I had a conversation about him liking it or not – silliest thing ever. “You don’t like guac, right?” “I like cold guac.” So he tries it… “I don’t like guac.” It was all I could do to keep myself from smiling.

  59. Would REALLY love this!

  60. I want a Wholly Guacamole fest.I have a freezer in the garage would not want to lose any. I don`t mind liking the packaging (just don`t tell any one ;) .So many flavors .enie menie minei mo…

  61. I just acquired my liking/craving for guacamole 2-3 months ago. I have to admit…I’m addicted! All my siblings gather @my mom’s house every Sunday for dinner and we always devour the guacamole dip while we’re preparing dinner (doesn’t matter what we make for dinner, there’s always guac :) I’ve only had my sisters homemade guacamole, so I am incredibly interested in trying out different variations of it. I didn’t even realize there was spicy guacamole! I am such a guacamole virgin…but not for long.

  62. Yum! I want to try the guac and spicy pico!

  63. Sure got a laugh out of your daughter taking a bite! Would sure like to try out all of those different kinds of Gauc! Love it!

  64. The 100 calorie gauc sounds great love you saying swimming in it!

  65. Licking the package.

  66. i would like to try the wholly salsa

  67. wholly salsa

  68. I learned that you can freeze guacamole. i would love to win the cooler because my 2 and 3 yr olds eat it with a spoon. My 3 yr old whined for 2 days until I got to a store to buy him some more.

  69. I would also eat 2 100 calorie packs… and lick the package :/ I would also love to try the spicy guac, hubby is partial to the chunky guac!

  70. I would like the Pico de Gallo Guacamole

  71. i would like to try the pico de gallo

  72. that sure is a lot of guac for one person 1000 lol i know its only 11 and your daughter taking a bit out of guac lol bet she was surprised at the taste of that. I love it and so does my husband…thanks for this opportunity to win this…..it goes with so many things…

  73. i didnt know there were 1000 varieties! i love Wholly guacomole..esp with blue chips :)

  74. Guacamole and pico sounds delicious!

  75. I bought their guac last week and now really want to try their salsa!

  76. I’d love 2 try the Spicy Guac!!! Sounds yummy!!

  77. I want to try everything

  78. I would love to try the Spicy Pico … Since My husband is mexican and My kids are half we would love to win this !

  79. The 100 Calorie Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs are a great idea!

  80. Spicy Guac

  81. I want to try the spicy pico!! yum yum.

  82. I would be upset not to be able to eat it all and would suck it out…but the licking sounds good too! :)
    I didn’t realize that there were so many options.
    I have only seen the regular one at my Kroger.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. I found out that your family doesn’t care for it, so you get it all to yourself (lucky girl) and I laughed when you wrote that your daughter took a giant bite out of the foam avocado!

  84. I’m interested in trying the Spicy Guac! I don’t usually like packaged guac, but the different flavors are intriguing!

  85. I would like to try the wholly salsa!

  86. I would love to try the salsa

  87. Would like to try the Spicy Guacamole love the regular

  88. I didn’t know they had 100 calorie packs! I’d love to try them!

  89. I LOVE that there are 100 Calorie Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs, thats GREAT

  90. I would like to try the guac with spicy pico!!

    p.s. There is nothing wrong with licking the package!! ;)

  91. I love this stuff and would love to win some. Your review was great and me and my kids would love to try all there different flavors. Thanks for a chance

  92. I licked the packaging

  93. I would like to try the Guacamole itself!

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