Zooligans – Toddler Shoes Giveaway (Winner’s Choice)

Zooligans "Amanda the Panda" Toddler Shoe Product Review

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. i love the cute animals!!!!!

  2. BoBo the Monkey! They are so darn cute! =]

  3. I love the Fuzz the kitty!!!!! These shoes are sooooo cute and unique!! Love them!

  4. Your review actually got me all excited about these shoes!! 1st I love the fact that they included a box for child to use in other ways … makes you feel like you really got your moneys worth and shows that they do pay attention to all aspects that consumers want! I also appreciate your honesty and detail about sizing and fit. I love that the shoes are a soft leather for breathing and making the shoes light weight. This is especially great for summer :)
    Ohhhh I am sooo keeping my fingers crossed on this giveaway! Especially since my granddaughter NEEDS a new pair of shoes :)
    Thank you! and Good luck to all!!

  5. Jacques the gator.

  6. Amanda the Panda – Girls’ Mary Jane. I like that the linings of the shoes are not only padded to help provide support & are able to breathe. They are so adorable, and my little girl would be precious in them!!!

  7. if i won i would choice fuzz the kitty shoes

  8. i like that you can wear them without socks and not get blisters or sores,cause my daughter hates wearing socks.my daughter would really love these shoes

  9. i like the fact that the shoes have room for the feet to breathe and also it looks like it has a non slip grip on the bottom of them. love that as well.

  10. i’d choose the amanda the panda shoes.

  11. Either Bobo the monkey or Jaques the gator! my son cant decide!

  12. I love the Koalas!!

  13. I would choose the sparky the puppy shoes. Cute!

  14. I would choose Amanda the panda.. So cute

  15. The boys Spanky the Puppy/ These are soooo cute~

  16. this is a tuffy we have two kiddos in these sizes Panda for my girl , gator for the lil’ guy…but they are all pretty cute

  17. From your review, I like that you talk about how comfy these shoes appear to be! My toddler has had some shoes that have given her blisters :(

  18. I love the fact they come with a box that they can play with. Cute idea and Very Cute shoes. Great review. Thanks

  19. I would have to choose Sparky the Puppy. My granddaughter loves dog as much as I do.

  20. I love that they come with a story and that they have little paw prints on the bottom. They are so cute.

  21. The boys Bobo monkey.

  22. Bobo the monkey boy sport shoes in my daughter’s size so she and y son can both wear them! :)

  23. I like that they can be worn without socks and have a flexible sole. That’s two huge bonuses for us.

  24. I love fuzz the kitty, adorable :)

    madforfashion at aol.com

  25. I love that there are many different animals for boys and girls and how cute they are!!!

  26. I like Sparky the puppy

  27. Fuzz the Kitty Girls’ Mary Jane

  28. i love the bottom of the shoes

  29. I would probably choose the kitty for my granddaughter.

  30. I especially like that they are very flexible.

  31. I Like sparky the puppy!!

    Sparky the Puppy
    Boys’ Sport Sandal
    Parisian Blue/Moonbeam Grey
    Sizes: Toddler 4-12

  32. I like how they are “designed to breathe”

    DS feet sweat so much he gets it from his dad :)

  33. they’re all just adorable..i love fuzz the kitty!

  34. sparky the puppy for grandson!

  35. These are all adorable buy I really love the kitty and the panda bear

  36. LOVE how cute they are!!

  37. the amanda panda shoes they are cute

  38. I like the pandas

  39. I love that they are breatheable and come with a story

  40. Jacques the Gator

  41. I would choose BoBo the Monkey for my son!

  42. I love that they have support and are so cute as well!

  43. I like that they can be worn without socks and won’t give my son any problems!

  44. I would get the Fuzz the Kitty Girls’ Mary Janes. They are so cute and my daughter loves cats

  45. I love the idea that they come in a box that turns into a “pet carrier.” It is a great way to encourage the box to be reused.

  46. If I won, I’d chose the Fuzz the Kitty maryjanes.

  47. I really like the fun characters and the pet carrier. Cute ideas!

  48. bobo the monkey

  49. I really like Ringo the Raccoon
    Boys’ Sport Sandal

  50. I love the flexible soles because that is important for toddler foot development

  51. I would pick 1 of the girls styles. They r all so cute. Tough decision. GL to everyone & TY for the giveaway! :~)

  52. I have read your review & well what’s NOT to like about these shoes. EVERYTHING is nice about them. The maker of the shoes really researched for the product. It seems they know what kids & parents will like & what we look for. TY again for the giveaway!

  53. i like BoBo the Monkey

  54. i love amanda the panda :)

  55. i love the 4 way flexible sole

  56. Sparky the Puppy :)
    Thank you!

  57. I like that the shoes are also super flexible :)
    Thank you!

  58. Amanda the Panda!!!!

  59. they are all sooo cute! But I’d pick the bobo the monkey!

  60. the amanda panda shoes are adorable. they look comfy!

  61. I love the footprint on the bottom, these are so so cute:)


  62. Fuzz the kitty shoes are so cute!! And I love what you wrote in your review about the shoes coming with a cute little pet carrier box. My daughter would love that!

  63. Probably BoBo the Monkey

  64. I like that there is enough wiggle room with the long enough strap across the foot!

  65. I love the Sparky the Puppy for little boys!!

  66. Bonnie the Bunny!

  67. I like that socks aren’t required! My dd hates socks, such a struggle! Love the attention to details too!

  68. I like the gator shoes.

  69. I like the gator shoes and the monkeys.

  70. Jaques the gator for sure!

  71. Amanda the Panda

  72. That they are cool character shoes which might help encourage the child to want to wear them. My nieces who hate shoes would love these.

  73. gator

  74. no socks needed

  75. Omb these are too cute!! I would love to win joey the koala for my niece!!

  76. Love that they are flexible and no socks needed!!

  77. Amanda the Panda

  78. Amanda the panda was blind, pink and toothless when she was born

  79. I like SParky the puppy!

  80. I like amanda the panda

  81. I like that it comes with a reusable box that doubles as a pet carrier!

  82. I like how the box can turn into a pet carrier! also the designs are too cute and their very flexable and made of soft leather!

  83. Amanda rthe panda

  84. Jacques the gator they are all so cute….thanks for the giveaway

  85. I like the Panda design and that the box turns into a “pet carrier” :)


  87. Those are soooo cute! I love the kitty!

  88. I love that the soles are flexible!

  89. amanda the panda or fuzz the ktty sooo cute!

  90. I like Jacques the Gator

  91. I love that you can wear them without socks,and that toddlers with wide feet can fit them easily.

  92. fuzz the kitty

  93. Girls’ Mary Jane shoes, They are super adorable

  94. I love how flexible they are

  95. I like that they leave paw prints and when my lil one sees this she will actually want to wear shoes because she never does

  96. I love that They come in a box that is a pet carrier. Both of my kids love to play with containers of all sorts. It makes me wonder why I bother to buy them toys when they’re literally happy playing with a brown paper grocery sack.

  97. Bonnie the Bunny So cute!!!!

  98. I love that you said that they come in a box that can be used as a “pet carrier” so cute and love that they tell the story of the animals

  99. I like Jacques the Gator. he’s frightening cute ;o)

  100. from your review I learned that they made of soft leather allowing the shoes to breathe.

  101. I think my kids will fight over them

  102. I think I would get the Koala ones… if they had a giraffe that would be my first chouce though

  103. I like Fuzz the Kitty but I wouuld let my daughter pick if I won. :)

  104. My favorite thing about the shoes is definately the look. Not only do I think they’re cute but my daughter would absolutely love them because she loves animals.

  105. I love the bunny one for my daughter. Too cute!

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