Zooligans – “Amanda The Panda” Toddler Shoe Product Review


I was browsing through Twitter a few weeks ago, and happened across a page called Zooligans. Cute name, right?  Well, their Twitter page had a link to the Zooligans web site, so I did what any curious cat would do, and followed it. I found a treasure trove of some of the cutest shoes for toddlers all in various animal designs! What I didn't know, was that Zooligans is brand new. Literally. They just released their shoes into stores this month.
My daughter is taking after her mama, and is becoming quite the shoe fiend herself. Zooligans offered a pair of shoes of our choice for this review. I already had my eye on Amanda the Panda, but getting my daughter to pick was a challenge. It basically involved me pointing to every pair of shoes (multiple times over), and watching her kick and whine until I finally pointed to a pair she liked. Whew - she liked Amanda the Panda too! I'm not surprised since she loves panda anything, and her favorite books are about zoos. We decided to go with a size 9 since 8's are her actual size, but we'd like to have a pair last for more than a month. We also have issues with her feet being too pudgy to fit comfortably in several toddler styles. They're either too narrow width wise, or too tight across the tops of her feet.

Amanda the Panda arrived in a cute little box that can transform into a little "pet carrier". Children have some of the best imaginations, and this allows them to pretend their Zooligans are pets, or they can use the box to carry other toys or stuffed animals. I thought that was a nice touch, and a small detail that's an added bonus to the fun of these shoes. Amanda the Panda also comes with her own little story on the tag that's not only adorable but also informative.

"When Amanda was first born in the mountains of China, she was blind, pink and toothless, but with the help of her mom's milk, she grew big and black and white pretty quickly. Amanda is very shy and likes to spend a lot of time alone. She loves to eat bamboo (up to 50 pounds a day), and spends half of her day eating, so it's a good thing she grew strong teeth! When Amanda is not eating or sleeping, she enjoys mountain climbing and swimming. What adventure will you and Amanda take together today?" ~ Zooligans

My daughter's initial reaction was, "Shoes?!" and then she she immediately requested that I "Putnon" (put them on). Let's just say she took off running through the house testing out her new shoes. These fit her perfectly! Size 9 was just what we needed. They fit well enough for her to be able to wear them now, but they have enough room for her to continue wearing them through the summer (hopefully). The straps were long enough to fit all the way across the tops of her feet while still leaving a little wiggle room so they don't cut in. I really couldn't be happier with the shape and sizing of Amanda the Panda. Even kids with narrower feet should be able to wear these because of the Velcro strap.

The tops of the shoes (the panda part) is made of soft leather allowing the shoes to breathe. The photo above shows Zooligans' Paw Flex Four Way Flexible Sole. The Paw Flex sole is designed to not only look like a paw, but flex like one too. The shoes are also super flexible which is great for tiny, growing, clumsy feet. Many shoes I've tried on my daughter have caused her to fall and stumble a lot due to the inflexibility and weight of the shoe. With the warm days we've been having, I was happy to read that the linings of the shoes are not only padded to help provide support, but they're also designed to breathe. She's not big on socks either (go figure), so the breathability design is great for the warm weather we've been having. You can find more information about the features Zooligan shoes offer on their Features & Benefits tab.

We haven't had any issues with her wearing Amanda the Panda without socks. She hasn't had any blisters, cuts, or rubbing burns. I can tell Zooligans paid great attention to the support and comfort details needed for toddler feet. The overall details of the shoes creates something fun to wear and can really help encourage a child's imagination. The visible stitching, I think, adds to the playful nature of the shoes, along with a raised nose, and huge eyes. Even the ears is a great little detail!

Zooligans have several different animals and styles to choose from for both boys and girls. Right now you can get them on Shoebuy and Amazon - currently the only places to purchase Zooligans online! Make sure you take the time to find Zooligans on Facebook and Twitter too, and if you already own a pair, send them a photo with your kiddo wearing their Zooligans. I'm sure they'd love to see it!

Zooligans is offering DealPeddler readers the chance to win a pair of Zooligans in their choice of style and size! Giveaway will run for approximately a week. Must live in the USA and be 18+. During the duration of the giveaway you'll be able to enter [HERE].

*I received a pair of Zooligans for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. The animals are too cute, my daughter will LOVE to wear them!! I like the bottoms how they look like lil bear feet :)

  2. They seem to be an awesome kind of shoe..flexibel.supportive,airy,and carry all are a great combination..Would love to win one for my grandson

  3. That they look well made. The long straps are great, my grandson has some chubby little feet!

  4. love how flexible they are and fit comfortable…..and the long strap in front….

  5. I like that they just look like so much fun. My kids would love to wear those.

  6. Love these shoes, we got the puppy and my daughter asked to sleep in them

  7. cute selections & I like that they made of soft leather allowing the shoes to breathe.

  8. I like that they are so cute but also comfortable enough to wear daily.

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