Hazelaid – $25 Hazelaid Gift Certificate Giveaway (World Wide Entry!)

Hazelaid Baltic Amber "Super Butter" Teething Necklace Product Review

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  1. I learned that it helps with eczema and heartburn

  2. I learned that you can use their bracelets as anklets and that they’re not for chewing on. I thought they could chew on them!

  3. I learned they are not for chewing.

  4. learned that it helps with eczema and heartburn

  5. I learned that the Orajel always made her drool even more, and this created so much extra saliva and mucus build-up she’d cough to the point of vomiting and choking.

  6. Honestly, I never knew that amber had “healing powers”. Love this.

  7. Never new it could help with eczema and heartburn,i found it interesting reading.

  8. Would love an amber teething necklace for my 3 month old!!!

  9. I learned from your review that for best results is to keep the necklace under the clothing:) Thanks!

  10. Sure did not know any thing about these I think there awesome…

  11. I learned that you and your daughter didn’t have much luck with the hazelwood but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work…. I wonder how the hazelwood and magnetic jewelry might work? I’d love to try it out on my neuropathy.

  12. I have a baby that just started teething and i hear hazelaid is great for it!

  13. Didnt know they came in so many cute colors and varieties!!

  14. best results is to keep the necklace under the clothing

  15. I think it’s cool that these products can alleviate suffering from any acidic condition…including heartburn!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  16. I learned it’s best to wear under clothing.

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