Build-A-Bear Workshop – Farmer’s Market Build-A-Bear Giveaway

Build-A-Bear Workshop Farmer's Market *Cow* Product Review

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. the cow!

  2. I hope I win the Pig Farmer’s Market animal.

  3. I would love to win the sheep. It is too cute!

  4. I like the horse, but have someone in mind that LOVES cows!!!! They are all very cute!!

  5. The horse is so cute! My favorite animal! :)

  6. the little pig is too cute :)

  7. my fav is the cow! I collect cows and therefore so does my grandson! lol

  8. Well, they are all just too you know what cute! But I think the pig – it’s pink – as a survivor I love PINK!

  9. I hope to win the cow.

  10. i like the horse

  11. I really like the Horse. Totally cute!

  12. I would love to win the cow…so cute :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  13. I really like the sheep

  14. love the cow

  15. the lamb is adorable.

  16. Love the cow!

  17. Love the cow, I know my daughter would love it…she is 3 and calls them “moo cows” lol


  18. i love the pig :)

  19. I love the horse!!! So adorable!

  20. Thanks for the chance ;) I would love the Cow….

  21. The sheep has such a sweet face! I like them all though!

  22. I like the 17 in. Sheep

  23. I like the cow.

  24. I love em all!! The cow and pig are my kids favs

  25. Love the pig

    mneuhouser at gmail dot com

  26. i like the pig

  27. the sheep looks cute. they are all cute!!!!

  28. I just think that little pink piggy is adorable!

  29. theyre all so cute but my daughter is in love with the cow!

  30. The pig or the sheep…my son LOVES both of them :)

  31. I think my daughter would love the lamb

  32. love the cow!

  33. My grand daughter would love the pink piggy

  34. I like either the horse or sheep.

  35. either the cow or pig!

  36. They are all so cute but I think I like the Sheep the best although I’m sure my niece would love them all :)

  37. my daughter would love any of them but the lamb is SO cute!

  38. I love the lamb, it’s cute!

  39. The cow is awfully cute. :) Well they all are really.

  40. Cow (or possibly the sheep)

  41. Totally the COW…only because every time we past cow…my husband and daughter MOOOOOO at the top of the lungs….it would so fit this crazy family perfect :)

  42. the lamb is adorable!!!

  43. I think the sheep is really cute :)

  44. my favorite is the cow


  45. The sheep. :D

  46. I hope to win the horse (:

    moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  47. The goat is my favorite!

  48. Love to win either the horse or lamb both are adorable and cuddly

  49. The pig or the cow they are both soooo cute

  50. I love the lamb<3!!!

  51. I like the horse but my son likes the cow :)

  52. the pig

  53. I like the cow….but also the pig…..cow best though.

  54. I like the cow….but also the pig…..they are all too cute

  55. i like the horse

  56. Love the little piggie :)

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