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I saved one of my favorite eco-friendly companies to share with you until Earth Day. Threads For Thought is a sustainable apparel company that began in a unique way. The owners Leigh and Eric met in High School, both of whom had a concern for the planet, and humanitarian principals. Concerned with the meaningless loss of life in Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan, along with other humanitarian crisis, Leigh and Eric decided to address the growing world of consumerism and the huge disregard and impact it was having on our planet.

"What began as a small business manufacturing and marketing graphic tee shirts that were made exclusively from organic cotton, gave back to charity, and promoted a cleaner environment, or advocated for peace, has grown into a complete lifestyle brand. We have never deviated from our primary mission… to promote a sense of responsibility for those who share this world with us… but rather than simply broadcasting that message on the front of tee shirts, the company has incorporated those principles into our very existence. Our products use sustainable materials and are manufactured in the most sustainable manner possible. We only work with factories that respect their employees and treat them humanely and fairly. We continue to work closely with several highly regarded charities, notably the International Rescue Committee (the IRC) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to promote and support the excellent work that they do in the areas of humanitarian and environmental response." ~T4T

I contacted Threads 4 Thought before I had even learned of their compassion and small beginnings. I happened to have seen them mentioned in an article online, and really wanted to find an apparel company to feature during Earth Month. After reading their story I took the first steps to learn about this wonderful company. Threads for Thought was kind enough to send me a shirt from their "essentials" collection. Made from 60% organic cotton, and 40% recycled polyester, I was thrilled that I not only now owned a shirt that is planet friendly, but also an item that is ridiculously comfortable, well fitting, and affordable. Did you read that?! I said affordable! This particular shirt is priced at only $12. It just goes to show that it is definitely possible to shop eco-friendly on a budget. My husband even said the shirt was "pretty" regardless of how simple of a design it is. *WIN!*

I love the simplicity of the shirt, and how light weight it is! It's a perfect year round shirt that I can layer or wear on its own. I'm a big fan of solid colors, and they had a nice variety of colors to choose from. Many of their clothes are made from organic cotton, and other recycled materials whenever possible. They use low impact dyes, and generally use K2 water based inks for their screen prints. Embellishments are always from recycled materials as often as they allow. You can read about their manufacturing process more in depth [HERE].

I absolutely loved their Earth Day Campaign they launched this year. I had shared with you about it earlier in the month, but if you're looking to do a little eco-friendly shopping, through today (04/22), you can use code EARTH for an additional 10% off of your order. Also, Threads For Thought will donate 10% of all online orders to NRDC. And, as always, 100% of profits stemming from NRDC t-shirt purchases will be donated back to NRDC. I just can't resist showing you a few of my favorite things that they currently have for sale online.

I hope you take the time to find them on Facebook and Twitter. Like I said earlier, I love their story, and their true compassion and commitment toward keeping the planet healthy. Next time you're in the need for a new article of clothing, consider checking out Threads For Thought and their line of eco-friendly apparel!

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  1. You know I never even thought about clothes having recycled products in them. Nice article and I will have to check them out! Thanks!!

  2. Wow I can’t believe how cheap the shirt it!
    I’ll be honest, that’s one of the reason’s I don’t often “shop eco-friendly,” too pricy for me.
    Oh, and that shirt looks very nice on you.

  3. There prices are right up my alley. They really have some nice looking clothes.

  4. It is so hard to find affordable eco-friendly clothes (and even harder to find trendy eco-firendly clothes!) I’ll have to check Threads for Thought out!

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