Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day – Bluebell Laundry Detergent Giveaway

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Bluebell Laundry Detergent Product Review

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  1. The scent smells good!

  2. I learned that you only need a little bit to do the job

  3. That a little bit goes a long way! I’m always pleasantly surprised by how well concentrate works. I’m so suspicious of using such a tiny amount of product!

  4. Learned (and liked) that the bottle is made from 80% recycled plastic.

  5. I learned that it only takes 1 tablespoon to clean an entire load of laundry…wow!!

  6. I learned that the ingredients are all at least 99% naturally derived! Awesome!

  7. Ilove it that its 68 loads to one bottle and that its eco- friendly

  8. That 99% of ingredients are naturally derived. I really like that.
    Do you know if the have an unscented product? My daughter has very bad allergies
    so we prefer to buy unscented products to help.

    • I don’t know, but that’s a good question. I didn’t see anything unscented on their site, but I just popped a comment over to their FB page with your question. :)

  9. 4x the cleaning power in one spoonful!

  10. I love that they are cruelty free!

  11. I learned that it can also be used as a stain pre-treater with just a few drops! Would love to try this product!

  12. Actually, I didn’t realize they made laundry detergent!

  13. i learned that you don’t even need a full cap to do a load of laundry

  14. I learned thatyou only have to use a teaspoon of detergent to a load and that it is all natural..

  15. I learned about it’s scent and power, but the most impressive is the concentration. I have a family of 7 and we have to take our laundry to the laundromat…….. No lugging giant heavy bottles!

  16. I learned that a little goes a long way! And, I didn’t know about this scent, sounds delicious!

  17. I learned that you only need a tiny bit per load.

  18. I learned that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. Yay! :-)
    Sml Footprints

  19. eco friendly and only a teaspoon?! i love that!

  20. I like that the products are super concentrated and biodegradable.

  21. I learned it’s 99% naturally derived…and it only takes a little bit!!!

  22. that you only have to use a teaspoon

  23. you only need a tablespoonfull for a load & still get clean cothers. I like that it is better for the environment & do not need to lug a huge jug to do a load!

  24. it only uses a TBSP a load

  25. how you dont have to use very much i would love to win i have a bunch of dirty kids lol

  26. Wow I cannot belive that is all you used for four loads. I have two small stinky dogs who think my bed as well as my son’s bed is theirs. Would really love to try this.

  27. I learned Mrs. Meyers is having a sweepstakes right now!

  28. You said which is true :”good things do come in small packages” I like Mrs. Meyers also!! HOPE TO WIN YOUR GIVEAWAY!!

  29. I learned that 68 loads of Mayer’s goes a long way..

  30. I love that it is so efficient and biodegradable !

  31. I learned that this small bottle will do 68 full size loads of laundry. that’s awesome

  32. I have the same problem with dogs and would love to try this product and also learned that you only have to use a very little to get a big job done, and holy cow 68 loads in that little bottle. That saves lots of space and heavy bags. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  33. This detergent is highly concentrated which means less plastic and ultimately less waste.

  34. Only a teaspoon! Awesome

  35. It is awesome you use so little per load, and can use it to pretreat your clothing! I also like the fact it works well on pet odors as my puppy lays on my bed all the time! :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  36. Being animal lover I like the fact it’s not tested on animals! and it removes stank!

  37. I learned that it is highly concentrated.

  38. Love and learned that it is concentrated and works well and has many green features. Thank you for the giveaway and congrats to whomever wins it!

  39. I learned that it is all natural and not tested on animals

  40. Thank you for this opportunity!

  41. I didn’t realize it was so concentrated- that’s a big plus! I am anxious to try it!

  42. I learned that the bottle itself was made from at least 80% post-consumer plastic.

  43. that it only takes a tablespoon to do a load

  44. I like the fact that it smells like a garden, most concentrated cleaners have a medicine scent to me, it must be good to do 68 loads in that med sized bottle, I feel sometimes peole think the detergent has to bubble up & get sudsy to feel its cleaning, but good concentrated cleaners don’t need that to work best. Would love to try this, because I;m seriously looking at trying t make my own detergent to save money, so this would really save i think, thanks
    sewitupjulie at gail dot com

  45. wow – I also have a kid in diapers and we have had many poo stain blow out disasters, from reading your review, I had no idea this stuff was so strong it could even get out POO STAINS

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