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My family and I don't recycle. *Gasp!* It's true. We don't recycle. I'm not sure if it's because we're just lazy, or what. I've brought it up several times, but the thought always gets pushed aside and we keep doing what we've always done; trash everything. (Except bottles and cans because we can return them for money.) However, because April is Earth Month, I've decided I really do want to try to start recycling. Rubbermaid came to my rescue, and sent us a Hidden Recycler!  I'll admit that it's a bit odd to get excited about a recycling container, but now that I'm on a recycling mission, I couldn't be happier to try a product that gives me a place to start!

Rubbermaid sent my family their NEW Hidden Recycler that attaches easily to the inside of your cabinet door. You could probably also use it on the outside, but the entire point of the product is so you can hide it away and no one is the wiser. When the Hidden Recycler arrived at my doorstep, I took it out of the box and laid out all of the pieces. There were a total of 5 pieces, 2 of which were the same. I thought, "Who needs instructions with so few pieces?" Umm... this gal! Once I took a look at the instructions it was super easy to put together. The pieces include the bag, the top brace that keeps the bag open, the lid, and then two padded hooks. It doesn't require any tools, although if you prefer, you can screw the Hidden Recycler to your cabinet door. However, Rubbermaid does not include the parts to do so.


Sometimes recycling can get messy unless you're a super neat freak and clean everything out. The really great thing, is that the Hidden Recycler bag is easily removable, and washable. If you don't want to machine wash it, you can simply wipe down the leak proof liner on the inside. We always throw our glass away, and I'm not sure why. So, we decided that our Hidden Recycler is designated for the baby food jars, and other glass containers that things like pasta sauce come in. I may also put our tin cans in there since we're not filling it up super fast, and we trash those too. I know, I know! We're awful people... at least when it comes to recycling. At least Rubbermaid recycles! Sixty-Five percent of the Hidden Recycler bag is made from post-consumer resin, all of the packaging is recyclable, as well as the product itself.

The bag was considerably larger than I expected it to be! Rubbermaid's web site says that the 5 gallon bag can hold 36 crushed cans, or several 1 gallon milk jugs. The handle is also a nice touch. It makes it really easy to lift the bag away from the lid and carry it to wherever you need to. We technically don't have other recycling containers that we're planning on moving the jars to, but it works for now as a great storage place until we find something to put out by the curb.

I do really like that it is a "hidden" recycler. We have a tiny house with too many people and too many pets living in it. Storage is next to non-existent. I don't even have a closet in my bedroom, or an actual bath tub. (This could also be why we just throw everything away instead of recycling it.) Although I did have to move some things around in my cabinet, it's nice that this is out of sight. You do need to have a bit of space between your cabinet door and any shelves that are above it. The faux shelf above mine sags a bit so we have to lift it up in order to close the door all of the way. The only other thing I had a slight issue with, is that if I open the lid of the Hidden Recycler too far, it gets stuck. I'm not sure if it's the product, or if it's getting stuck on something I just haven't noticed.

I'm very excited to now have the Hidden Recycler in my kitchen. I think this will help with my motivation and it'll encourage me to stick with it just because it's hung in a place I notice. It appears very durable, and I so appreciate how easy it is to wash.

I know you're all waiting to see if you'll get a chance at winning one. Yes! Rubbermaid has offered a Hidden Recycler for a giveaway to DealPeddler readers too. Giveaway will run 04/12 - 04/18. Giveaway will be open to residents of the USA & Canada who are 18+. Before it begins head on over to their Facebook page, and find them on Twitter. You can also purchase the Hidden Recycler [HERE].

*I received a product free of charge from Rubbermaid in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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