ReUsies – Reusable Lunch Bags Product Review


"Eco-friendly" doesn't always mean using organic materials to make products. Sometimes it's as simple as using something that cuts down on the amount of waste that inevitably makes its way into our ever-growing landfills. Yes, sometimes it may take a little extra effort, but in the end I think the effort is worth it. That is why I'm really happy to introduce ReUsies during Earth Month!

ReUsies are reusable, washable snack and sandwich bags that can be used for anything. Need to pack some goodies for the kiddlets for a peaceful car ride? Maybe you've decided that instead of eating out during your lunch break at work you're going to bring your own. ReUsies bags are big enough to fit everything from animal crackers and fruit, to ginormous sandwiches, and even leftover burgers. Although it may take a tiny bit more effort, ReUsies has made it as easy as possible to switch from disposable baggies over to their reusable bags. These bag babies are absolutely adorable and come in several different fabric patterns. They're also easily washable - throw them in the washing machine, dishwasher, or hand wash them if you prefer to avoid fading. The inside of ReUsies bags are a leak resistant nylon making it really easy to wipe out any minor messes. The outside is 100% cotton, and my favorite part is that they have a strong Velcro closure. I did wish there was more Velcro, but what is there works just fine. My daughter just happens to tip everything over and finds every way possible to make a mess.

I really liked having these around the house. My daughter doesn't exactly eat full meals, but prefers to snack during the day, and these were a great way to keep her mess contained, the dishes down in numbers, and when she was done I could throw them into the fridge to keep things fresher. I put my daughter's mid-morning snack in the small ReUsies snack bag and it had more than enough space. I could definitely use it to pack snacks for more than one child.


I even have started making sandwiches ahead of time in the morning, and using the ReUsies sandwich bag to store it in the fridge. As you can see it easily fits a whole Nutella sandwich. I probably could even put 2 in there. We'll definitely be using these on day trips this summer up to my family's camp, and when we go to the beach.

ReUsies bags are also FDA approved. They are free of lead, BPA, and phthalates. The Velcro closure was really easy for my 2 y.o. to use, and kept the dogs out of her snacks. (If she leaves them around they break into plastic bags, or will just scarf down anything in an open container.) I think she really enjoyed how easy it was for her to carry around, and the pattern caught her attention, as well as mine. I had requested the Love Birds pattern because I thought it would work well for both boys and girls. My son will be eating snacks in no-time, and I'd like to convince my husband to start taking his lunch to work.

The concept is wonderful, and it's great to feel like we're doing our part to keep our landfills less full. The ReUsies bags are well made, durable, and will last us through several more washings. This is a great product to have!

ReUsies provided a very good tip. Make sure you turn the bags inside out so the Velcro doesn't stick to anything else, or itself. This will help your reusable bags last significantly longer. I was glad they included this tip on a little information card because I was wondering why in the world there was a strip of Velcro on the back of the bag. Got it. Makes complete sense now! Another great tip is that these bags are designed to fold if your food doesn't fill it, and Velcro to the strip on the back making these even more compact.

Please take the time to find ReUsies on Facebook and Twitter! They are even offering DealPeddler readers a chance at winning a 2-pack of ReUsies bags which include the smaller snack bag, and the larger sandwich bag. Winner gets their choice of pattern! Giveaway will run from 04/11-04/17. Open to residents in the USA who are 18+. You will be able to enter [HERE] when the giveaway is live.

* I received this product free of charge in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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