Okabashi – Sandal/Flip Flop Giveaway

Okabashi Indigo Sandal Product Review & Sponsor Spotlight

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I think I would pick the classic flip flop in light pink…

  2. classic flip flop

  3. The link does not work

  4. I like the Splash Sandles In black

  5. I love the Pacific shoe. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  6. I would pick Maui in Pink

  7. I like the Maui flip flop in the purple color

  8. I like the Indigo in Brown/Pink flora!

  9. I would pick the Wave Sunshine or classic in pink Those are adorable!

  10. the pink Maui’s!

  11. I like “Splash” because black matches everything:)

  12. I’d love to try the cross strap shoes.

  13. I like the new Wave design, in white or pink or the butterfly design. thanks!

  14. The Splash and Indigo are nice!!! Thanks, for the giveaway and opportunity to win.

  15. I think I would choose Indigo

  16. I would pick the Maui style! I love the bright colors!

  17. Indigo sandels, heck I will take whatever ya wanna give me in an 8 1/2,,thanks

  18. The Wave Butterfly Print in black/white….. too cute!!

  19. I would get the butterfly ones. Love butterflies.

  20. Wave Sunshine Print

  21. I could use some new flip flops!! Very cute!

  22. Wave sunshine print

  23. I love the black Splash sandals!!

  24. wave sunshine print in turquoise

  25. The Maui in white

  26. I might choose the Sienna style.

  27. I would choose Ocean in Black/Turquoise.

  28. wave sunshine print

  29. The “splash” sandals in black look nice !

  30. If I won, I would chose the Indigo….very nice!

  31. I love the Cross-Strap in black.

  32. i would choose the ocean or Maui

  33. I would choose the brown/gold Wave Sunshine Print . LOVE IT !

  34. i like the ocean pair in turquoise!

  35. I would choose the classic flip flop in hot pink!

  36. The classic flip flop in hot pink!

  37. I would pick the Ocean in blue/black!

  38. i really like ocean or splash ty for the giveaway

  39. Thank you for the giveaway! I could use a pair!

  40. I would choose the black and tourquiose.

  41. Maui in Teal

  42. I like either the splash or the pacific. both in black so I can wear them everyday and with anything! :) They look soooo comfortable!!

  43. I would like the Splash. :)

  44. I will choose Women’s Splash in brown. Thank you!

  45. I like splash

  46. i like the splash sandals in white.

  47. I would get the Men’s Glide for my boyfriend.

  48. I would get the Wave Butterfly Print in white and black for my wife.

  49. I would choose the Paris sandles

  50. I live in Florida and love any kind of flip flops. Wear them everyday!!

  51. i love the wave sunshine print

  52. I would choose the Splash in black!

  53. Splash in indigo!

  54. wave butterfly print

  55. I would choose the Pacific in black/jade!

  56. I wold like the “Splash” in black for flat feet. I’ve had a problem finding shoes that are comfortable on my feet and I hope to win these.

  57. I love the Wave Sunshine Print in pink!

  58. Love the Maui in Teal..:-) But would wear almost all of them, so colorful and look so comfortable..:-)

  59. I love the bright maui ` not that I have much luck tho..lol

  60. That Cross-strap in brown!!!

  61. *I love the Pacific style in black/Jade color ;)

  62. I would pick either the splash or maui

  63. I like Wave or the Classic one.

  64. I have a hard time finding flops, and then getting them for the right price. I dont know why but I refuse to spend more than 10 lol so winning a quality pair would be really nice!

  65. And I would go with Splash :) So I could wear them with just about everything haha

  66. Splash all the way baby

  67. OMG, these look super comfy! I would love the Splash in black, large. Fingers crossed!

  68. I love the Wave Sunshine Print… all colors are cute, but blue is my favorite!

  69. Wave Butterfly Print

  70. I would love the Black Splash Flip Flops if I won. Thanks for awesome giveaway :)

  71. I would choose the classic flip-flop

  72. I like the Womans Maui in Jade Color

  73. I love all of them however the pacifica caught my eye! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. I would choose the Indigo style in Brown/Pink

  75. I like the Pacific in black.

  76. Splash in Black! They all look comfy!

  77. If I won I would pick the ocean flip flops in Black/turquoise. Thanks for the giveaway!

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  78. I think I’d get the Wave Sunshine in Black/White!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  79. I’d pick the Ocean style in black/turquoise. ♥

  80. I would choose the Wave Sunshine Print in pink/brown.

  81. I’d choose the Wave Butterfly Print if I won. :)

  82. I like the wave sunshine print in either blue or white

  83. I love flipflops,I would love the white

  84. I love the denim and white Pacific.

  85. I would choose Black/Turquoise w/ Dots

  86. Love the Indigo in brown–cute!!

  87. Womens Ocean sandals

  88. Wave butterfly black/turquoise

  89. Maui in Hot pink

  90. I like the Splash!

  91. I would choose the Maui.

  92. I would love to get the Wave Butterfly Print in black and turquoise! :)

  93. GREAT giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  94. I like the Messina pair of shoes.

  95. Maui ~~~~ They all look so comfortable and soothing…………………
    :-) :-) Thanks for the chance at a great prize!

  96. I would choose the Ocean!

  97. Pacific in copper & brown

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