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I am one of those nutty people who likes to break their sandals out at the first signs of Spring, or if Winter decides to last a little too long, I break them out as a personal boycott against the weather. This year since I'm on a huge eco kick, I figured what better way to welcome the warmer weather, and celebrate Earth Day than to feature an affordable, eco-friendly brand of shoes manufactured in the United States.

Okabashi is just that brand I was looking for! Made in Buford Georga, Okabashi strives to keep the planet and environment as healthy as possible. Their manufacturing location wasn't an accident, but instead was carefully chosen so it would be close to many "population centers" which in turn reduces the amount of fuel needed to ship their products.

"The average Okabashi shoe travels only 7% as far as the average imported shoe, which is a difference of almost 10,000 miles."

Okabashi uses a recycling process called "closed-loop" recycling. The goal is to limit as much as possible the amount of new materials needed to create their shoes. They have a pretty darn good incentive to recycle your old Okabashi shoes too! Once your old pair is worn out, you can return them back to Okabashi and receive a discount on your next pair. While I'm writing this I took another look at the Okabashi web site, and didn't find a single pair of full priced shoes more than $25. Their already very reasonable prices paired with the recycling discount incentive makes these a pretty smart buy in my opinion. Additionally, their manufacturing process is just about waste-free. All of the materials are reused by being kept free of contaminants and then they are sent through their Microplast Recycling Process.

"We were able to re-introduce and reuse over 100,000 pounds of scrap material last year alone, diverting 10 tractor trailers full of waste from our landfills."

Finally, their shoes are not only recyclable, but they are also durable, waterproof, washable, and 100% vegan friendly! Okabashi's web site guarantees their shoes for at least 2 years. I got a kick out of seeing in the product description that their shoes are dishwasher safe. Not that I have a dishwasher, but if I did, I could get them super clean and not have to worry if the heat would ruin them.

Once again my curiosity got the better of me, and Okabashi was kind enough to send me a pair of their Indigo style flip flops in pink/brown. I'm generally not a "pink" type of gal, but the second I saw them I got a shoe crush. Yes, it is definitely possible to have a crush on a pair of shoes. I'm also not usually one to choose sandals with a harder sole. I pick up a bunch of those cheap foam flip flops every Summer that usually sell for 2/$5. But those wreak havoc on my feet, ankles and knees. This particular style is great for those needing arch support. Perfect! I have ridiculously flat feet, and my ankles and knees really need better support due to those ginormous flippers. I'm not quite sure what "reflexology beads" are, but these shoes have them, and the fabric thong part works as a massager. The bottoms of the shoes have a really nice thick tread too. (This means I can break them out next Spring before the snow has stopped flying and I won't slip around like Bambi on the ice.)

I'm a little sad that the Indigo style seems to run a bit small. I requested a size 10/11, and since I'm normally about a 10.5 I figured they'd fit. I really could go up another half size or so, but the slight size issue isn't going to stop me from wearing them. They are ridiculously comfortable! I didn't even need to spend a lot of time breaking them in. Usually the thong parts of flip flops starts cutting into my feet within a matter of minutes, but these didn't. Instead, they have a little bit of give to them, and the tops of my feet are hunky dory. And lucky you! You get to see a picture of my happy feet - at least I've got my toenails painted.

Product Details:

This fabric upper massaging sandal treats feet to superior arch support and toe comfort. Soft, strategically-placed reflexology beads on the ergonomic footbed gently massage and stimulate feet, while a defined heel cup helps to reduce pain from common foot ailments like plantar fasciitis.

  • Good for You: Massaging Insole, Ergonomic Foot-bed, Superior Arch Support
  • Good for the Environment: Made in the USA
  • Good for your Pocket: Guaranteed for 2 years
  • Signature Microplast Material: contains Anti-Microbial Agent, Anti-Slip, Anti-Odor, Vegan-Friendly, Latex-Free
  • Signature Microplast Material: Anti-Microbial, Anti-Slip, Anti-Odor, Vegan-friendly
  • Durable: Waterproof, Dishwasher safe

I am beyond impressed with Okabashi and their products! I love the affordability, quality, and their dedication to the environment. Make sure you check out their Facebook Page too! And they are offering one lucky DealPeddler reader a pair of Okabashi shoes of their choosing! I almost forgot to mention they carry both women's and men's styles and sizes. Giveaway is open to residents of the USA who are 18+. Giveaway will run from 4/9-4/15.

* I received this product free of charge in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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