Natural House – Flushy, Trashy, & Sinky Product Review


This review opportunity for Natural House worked out nicely with starting my second blog (Eco-Style Life). I've decided to try living a "green(er)" lifestyle and there are so many products in my home that have nasty chemicals in them. Everything from beauty products, to shampoos, soaps, and cleaning liquids. I have two young children, so I'd much rather keep them away from anything harmful as much as I can. It's hard to know where to even start. Trashing everything and starting from scratch it probably the easiest, however it's costly, and finding the right products to transition to might be a daunting task.

Natural House sent a 30 day supply of Trashy, Flushy, and Sinky. Easy to figure out which product is meant to clean what, right?! All of their products are created by using a probiotic formula and plant based ingredients. The products are all eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic. So, if for whatever reason my children decided to lick the sink, toilet, or trash can after cleaning, at least I know the Natural House products won't hurt them.

My two favorite products were Trashy and Flushy, but Sinky was fine too. I'm sorry - it's really hard for me to get excited about cleaning products. I just  despise cleaning, but at least these products made it fast and easy and made my job even easier!

Trashy comes in a spray bottle and all you have to do is spray it inside of your garbage can in between bag changes. You can leave it on and let it dry, or you can wipe down the garbage can. It leaves a really nice smell too. I did like that it wasn't a strong scent. The convenience of a garbage can spray was great too. I put it up on the window sill near the can, and that way I remember to actually use it!


My second favorite was Flushy, mainly because it turned the water blue. (I love it when toilet water is blue for some reason.) It worked too, which obviously is a pretty important quality! I noticed the biggest difference after using it for two weeks. We had a really harsh ring stain in the bowl where the water line is, and it disappeared after a few uses. The little packet you drop in quickly dissolved, and the ingredients start foaming. When I saw "foam" on the packaging I assumed it meant it would foam up and engulf most of the toilet bowl. Nope. That part was a little disappointing because I'm just like a kid and wanted to see it expand. It also had a nice scent, but after I flushed the toilet I couldn't really smell it. This product is also super convenient. The 30 day supply is a packet of 4 "pods". Each week you drop one in, let it foam for 10 seconds, scrub with whatever you want, and then flush. Easiest toilet bowl cleaning ever. We do have a septic tank, so it was great to see that the product description said it promotes a healthy septic tank and it encourages the break down of waste.

Sinky wasn't quite as exciting as the other two, because I couldn't really see it "work" except for the little bit of foaming. Even though it does help cut down the smell that can happen in a dirty drain, I wanted to see the results. Sinky is designed to help cut down on the grease and food waste, while at the same time helping to prevent drain clogs. However, I think one of the best unseen benefits of Sinky, according to the Natural House website, is that it keeps dangerous food born pathogens out of your sink. Oh well, if it's doing all of that, then I guess I don't need to see it work. Plus, I'm sure my drain is pretty darn gross.

I really like that Flushy, Sinky, and Trashy continue to clean beyond their initial use and you only need to use them once a week! That makes things easier for me, because as "gross" as it may be, sometimes I just forget to clean certain things. The products are packaged conveniently and are easy to use. And, because they are eco-friendly and safe, I'm happy to have these products in my house.

You can find Natural House on Facebook & Twitter! You can also purchase their products direction from their site [HERE], as well as on Amazon. Make sure you check out their video too!

Natural House is also giving you all a chance at winning your own 30 day supply of Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky! Giveaway will go live this evening (03/29) and run for about a week. You can enter [HERE] once it is live. Sweepstakes is limited to those 18+ who reside in the United States and is void where prohibited.

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