Juppy – Baby Walker Product Review


My youngest is turning 8 months in a little less than 2 weeks. We've finally reached that stage in his development where he gets frustrated when he's held too long, put in his jumper, or put in the pack'n'play. He really just wants to move! Sadly for him (although his angry face is rather adorable), he hasn't quite mastered crawling yet, so he's definitely not yet walking. Of course we try to encourage him to walk by holding his hands, but that causes back aches for my 5'7" self, and my 6'2" husband. *HELLOOO DOWN THERE! You walkin' yet?!* I came across the Juppy Baby Walker on one of the networks I'm on, and thought that it was a rather clever and innovative product because it takes care of every single issue I just mentioned. It gives the child a little more independence, helps with balance, and helps with the back aches because you don't have to bend over so far to help out your kiddo.

There were several things both my husband and I liked about the product. We both felt that it was well made, sturdy and comes with a pretty bag to store it in. The outside is a canvas type fabric, and if you get the lined Juppy Baby Walker, the inside is a much softer fabric. It IS machine washable which is also a huge bonus. The back has a zipper so it's easy to get your kiddo in and out of it. The straps are adjustable with a plastic latch/clasp. The walker can easily fit in any of my purses and diaper bags so traveling with it is perfect! It fits my son really well, and he seemed absolutely content in it. He especially loved my husband bouncing him up and down in it. The last thing that I really liked about the product, even though it's more of a vanity thing, is that you can get a single word name embroidered on the front in the color that the Juppy is. We happened to choose the blue Juppy (straps, lining, and seems are blue), but they also come in pink and black.

There were only two cons we could think of about the Juppy, but nothing too significant. My husband didn't feel the straps were quite long enough for him to use it 100% comfortably, but he even said it's better to use the the Juppy then to bend all the way over. The Juppy has only a 30lb weight limit, which in theory should be enough to hold any child that is learning to walk. But, two weeks ago my 7 month old weighed in at 23lbs! I fear he's not going to get too much use out of this unless he starts trying to walk soon.

Overall, we love it! We truly think it's a really clever and useful product. It's well designed, simple, and helpful for both the parents and the children. If you want to learn more about the Juppy Baby Walker, take a few seconds and view the video below. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and they also have a Blog!

Juppy has kindly offered a Blue or Pink Juppy Baby Walker with the name embroidery option for a giveaway! Total ARV is $36.90! Giveaway will start 3/16/12 at 9pm EST, and will run for approximately a week. Must be 18+ to enter, and live in the USA.


*I received this product for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. See Disclosure Policy.

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