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What do you do when a giant box of food shows up at your door? First, stop drooling. Second, you of course start eating! Newman's Own Organics sent my family and I a huge box stuffed to the brim with delicious organic treats. Everything from cookies, to candy, mints, pretzels, and fig bars. And, because we happened to have two dogs and two cats, they also sent along treats and food for our four-legged moochers.

Before I continue on, I want to clarify that Newman's Own Organics and Newman's Own are two separate companies. Newman's Own Organics began as a division of Newman's Own in 1993, but then branched off in 2001. Now that we've straightened all of that out, it's time to check out the goodies.

As I said, the box was full of awesomeness. I'm going to admit we actually ate some of it before taking the photos (the box happened to show up right as we were discussing going grocery shopping), and then my daughter thought she'd be helpful and "twash" the packages. So, what was in the box? We received their entire line of chocolate cups including mint, caramel, and peanut butter in both dark chocolate and milk chocolate. We were also sent four tins of mints: peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, and winter green. As I kept digging I unloaded two packages of Fig Newmans in low fat, and wheat & dairy free, two packages of Newman-O's cookies in chocolate cream, and peanut butter cream, two bags of pretzels, and two bags of dried fruit in cranberry and mixed berry. Nope. I'm not done. There were also four packages of licorice in tangerine, black, strawberry, and pomegranate, ginger snap cookies, hermits, cinnamon grahm alphabet cookies, double chocolate cookies, and orange chocolate cookies.



My absolute favorite part is their dedication to high quality ingredients, and that they keep their customers in mind when it comes to knowing where your food comes from. All of their products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, which means that the farm(s) where the ingredients are grown does not use artificial pesticides or synthetic chemicals. I had a bit of a shock when I read the calorie label on one of the bags of cookies. I was silly and for some reason thought organic meant low calorie. I'm laughing at myself now! But you know what? The trade off for great tasting, organic snacks is definitely worth it. I mean, we make cookies, buy cookies and candy and many of us never think twice about it. So, why not buy organic instead? At least this way you know the ingredients are quality, and much safer.

We enjoyed everything, but there were a few products that we each thought were great. My daughter loved the pretzels and every single cookie. She's also a Fig Newman fan. My husband devoured the dark chocolate and milk chocolate peanut butter and caramel cups. He would have taken on the mint chocolate cups, but I made sure those were saved for me. He also really enjoyed the ginger snaps. Three of my favorites are actually going to be the prize in a giveaway, in addition to the chocolate peanut butter cups! I liked the double chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate cream Newman O's, and the strawberry licorice. Can you tell I'm a chocolate fan? The chocolate Newman O's weren't quite as sweet and decadent as I had expected, but they were still yummy. Honestly I liked the pretzels better than others I've had, but I have more of a sweet tooth than a salty tooth(?), so those didn't make my top 3 favorites, but they only missed it by a hair.

Like I said earlier, the fluff balls in this house weren't left out either. Mazie and Phoebe (the dogs) received a box of food and treats. Mr. Bill, and Alex (the cats) received their own box of food too!


The dogs especially enjoyed their treats. They're not as crunchy as many dog treats we've purchased in the past, which I really like. They seemed to have a flavor that my dogs really loved. We call Phoebe a Hoover because she literally does not chew her food... ever. But, with these Newman's Own Organics treats, she actually did! The cats enjoyed their wet food too. We generally only purchase dry food for them, so this was definitely a treat. They wouldn't stop purring and rubbing on my legs. I loved that I could give my pets something organic as well! (Have you ever researched what is many types of dog and cat food? Ick.)

It's time for the fun part! Newman's Own Organics is giving away FOUR products (the ones I chose as my favorite)! It was so hard for me to choose. One winner will receive a package of milk chocolate peanut butter cups - I will make sure the winner doesn't have an allergy, and if the winner does we can swap it out for the caramel or mint cups. The winner will also receive a package of licorice, double chocolate chip cookies, and a package of chocolate cream Newman O's!

Make sure you find Newman's Own Organics on Facebook!

Giveaway will go live at 6pm EST 03/10/12 and run for approximately a week. Only US residents ages 18+ are eligible.

You will be able to enter [HERE].

I was provided with products for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. See Disclosure Policy.

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