Beta Naturals – 100% Pure Natural Argan Oil Moisturizer Giveaway

Beta Naturals Argan Oil Product Review

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  1. my itchy skin

  2. I would use it on the dry skin of my legs & arms!

  3. my dry skin

  4. My skin is so dry in the winter, ugh!

  5. I’ve heard that this stuff can be used on dry hair too, I’d probably look into that and try it.

  6. would use it on my hair. it is super dry

  7. I would use it on my dry skin on my face.

  8. dry itchy skin

  9. On my dry itchy skin. Gets so bad in the winter.

  10. I would use it for my face, elbows, knees and every other dry areas of my skin. :)

  11. Dry skin on my face, hands and for my cuticles. :)

  12. Dry skin

  13. scars from surgery

  14. The pit of my back..you know that place you just can barely reach?
    Itches like crazy!

  15. The dry skin on my back.

  16. Maybe it would help my complexion.

  17. I would use it for my dry skin in the winter time.

  18. I would use it for my extremely dry skin I have every winter

  19. I have plaque phorisis, would this help? I would love to try it!! Also for my dry hairs…

  20. This is what my hair is thirsty for…

  21. I would use it for my hands because they get dry & itchy from work.

  22. I have wicked dry skin on my elbows and knees!

  23. would love to get the oils back into my hands,I worked for a job that dried my hands out so bad they cracked, would love to get some of it back thank you

  24. my dry skin and face. thanks

  25. my itchy legs

  26. FOR my hands and feet and legs.

  27. I would use it to help dry skin!

  28. dry skin

  29. I’d use it for dry and itchy skin… my daughter and I both have parched skin from the winter weather here in Alaska, this ARgan oil moisturizer would do us wonders

  30. As a massage therapist I would use it for reflexology treatments and temple massages :)

  31. my hair

  32. I would use it on my hair

  33. If I won, I would like to use Beta Naturals’ Argan Oil for my my hand and hair :-)

  34. my daughter has very dry and itchy skin. I would use it for her.

  35. for my hand , I do lots of cleaning!!!

  36. My dry itchy skin.

  37. I would use it as a moistuizer

  38. On top of itchie winter skin, I’m pregnant. I would use this as a great facial moisturizer, but also head to toe to get the itchies to stop!!

  39. dry inchy scalp

  40. Hair, skin, nailbeds & maybe a bit to shine up my favorite leather bag.

  41. My hair, it is horrible and this for my paper thin flyaway hair..yuk

  42. I would try it on my face… nothing has helped this extreme dryness yet! Ack! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. would actually use it on two things.. my feet (which are horribly cracked and dry) and my scalp in the winter time looks like a snow storm on it.. ty for giveaway

  44. MY DRY SKIN!!!

  45. To heal my itchy dry skin… thank s for the opportunity!

  46. id use if for my dry face and fine lines ! Thank you

  47. My dry skin :)

  48. My dry skin.

  49. I’d use it on my dry feet and hand

  50. I would use it on my feet.

  51. my skin

  52. i have a skin condition on my hand that no docs could figure out so it would be nice to try something else to cure it

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