#HOTFLASH Giveaway – Win $100 (PayPal, Amex, Amazon) 5pm-12:01am EST

I'm so excited to bring you this awesome flash giveaway! Tonight, from 5pm until 12:01am you can enter for a chance to win $100 CASH. Winner can choose PayPal, Amex, or Amazon. All prizes will be awarded electronically. I also want to give a big thanks to Deals4Dummies for organizing and hosting this giveaway! Remember, winner will be chosen 24-48 hours after the giveaway has concluded, and will be emailed. When the winner has been chosen, Rafflecopter will also update. Have fun, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would use it to buy my toiletrys for a few months!

  2. Would put it towards a Kindle Fire purchase. :)

  3. i would buy my hubby a nice valentines gift

  4. My husband and I would go out for a date night!

  5. I’d buy something for my hunny!!

  6. an anniversary gift for my hubby

  7. I would use it towards bills unfortunately. lol.

  8. I would buy some of the bargains on your blog

  9. pay bills

  10. buy an ipad because I am having surgery next week and will be on bed for 3 weeks after it would be cool to have a ipad to use for that time

  11. I would buy my daughter a cell phone she wants for her birthday

  12. I would use it for gas

  13. I HOPE I win this prize ! Great contest thanks!

  14. I would spend it on Valentine’s gifts.

  15. buy my daughter something for her birthday.

  16. Buy groceries

  17. I would use it to help pay for groceries.

  18. This would fund my couponing for at least 3 months!

  19. I would use the $100 to go towards upgrading to a new laptop with Windows 7!!

  20. would buy me a kindle

  21. Take my mother out for dinner! She deserves it! She works so hard.

  22. I would buy a new phone since my 2 year old just broke mine

  23. I would use it to but books for school. They are so expensive

  24. i would buy groceries

  25. I would use it towards an airline ticket :)

  26. New shoes!!

  27. I’d buy a jumperoo for my granddaughter!

  28. I would buy my hubby a bicycle… everyone has one except him. Then we can go riding together as a family :)

  29. I would spend it on getting new stuff for our soon to be born son!!! :)

  30. I would use it towards my daughter’s bday coming up in April.

  31. Birthday presents for sure

  32. Buy gifts that I have to purchase anyways

  33. I would use the Amazon GC to do some extra grocery shopping!

  34. I would use towards a Kindle Fire I am saving for :)

  35. I could really use a couple new outfits… the kids always get first dibs when I have the money… but it’s mama’s turn now! lol

  36. I would use it for groceries.

  37. I would buy food and household items.

  38. i would pay off one of my medical bills

  39. I would use it for my grandchildren a trip to disney world

  40. I would buy something special for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day !

  41. Buy textbooks :)

  42. I would use the cash to take my husband out to dinner for valentines. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Where to start? groceries…gas….necessities……Thank You!

  44. I’d buy a new battery for my laptop. amex gift card

  45. If I won, I would pay off some bills.

  46. I am saving up for a Kindle Fire. :)

  47. I would buy pampers!!!

  48. I would buy groceries!

  49. Save it towards a cruise trip for my boyfriend and I. :]

  50. get a haircut for myself since it has been 2 yrs

  51. Pay a bill!?!?

  52. I would definatly buy birthday presents for my kids!

  53. oh by the way fb name is Cassie coupon!

  54. Put it towards a new camera!

  55. I would buy my son a birthday present!

  56. I’d put some towards bills, and some towards buying my mom a birthday present! :D

  57. I would use it on taking the family put to a nice dinner :)

  58. I would buy some books for my kindle and save the rest for a rainy day =)

  59. Split it with my husband!

  60. I would use the money to buy groceries for my family


  62. I’m starting completely over, so this would definitely come in handy.

  63. On groceries!

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