Golden Eel – Tribal Sugar Skill Field Bag Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I’d use it to carry snacks in when on a trip :-) thanks for the chance

  2. I’m sure my daughter will take it to use for school.

  3. I agree with Stephanie. My daughter would want it for school! She loves bags and is always trading them out for different ones.

  4. This is a wonderful giveaway as any age could use this even mine in High School would like this. Thank you for the opportunity

  5. I’m thinking ahead to those summer months at the beach. This bag would be perfect :)

  6. groceries

  7. I would use this bag whenever I run errands, which is quite often! This would be a great bag for so many purposes and across many age groups.


  9. My daughter would love it for school

  10. i would give it to my best friend she loves skulls

  11. I’d use it for collecting stones in the summer…

  12. I would give it to my daughter.

  13. I would use it as a purse! I love long straps for when we go out riding on the quads!

  14. I’d carry my netbook in the bag

  15. I would give it to myson

  16. I would give it to my daughter, she would really like it :)

  17. yep, my daughter too would take it. lol

  18. I would give it to my grown Son..he loves skulls! :-)

  19. I would give it to my niece. She would love it!

  20. carring my croching

  21. I would use it for groceries to get the bag credit!

  22. What a cute bag this is! If I win this I will definitley use it as an everyday tote for my wallet and the rest of my families things that I somehow get roped into carrying, lol!

  23. For my daughter… shes a bag freek~!

  24. I would use it for my weekend bag….and to make others jealous!

  25. My daughter just started a new school. This would make a super cute bookbag!

  26. I dont knw but I would use it every day!

  27. i’d give it to a friend or my sister

  28. I would use it to haul my paperwork back and forth between the office and home.

  29. I would us it to carry stuff for my puppy

  30. I would carry my coupon binder in it!!

  31. I would use it as my hiking bag for geo-caching.

  32. id give it to my son for his 4th birthday on the 25th

  33. I would either give to my husband to corral tools in or use it in the van with first aide supplies in it. :)

  34. I would give it to my son! He would love this!!!

  35. I would give to my daughter to use on campus. She needs a bag light weight, and not too bulky to carry to her classes. Thanks for this opportunity.

  36. this would make a great lunch bag for my daughter.

  37. I would give it to my son, he can use it to hold his video games

  38. Id give to my daughter for her books :)

  39. looks just right for carrying the Tab I gave my son for xmas..thanks!

  40. I would use it for my purse! So cool!

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