Mineralium Dead Sea – Mud Masque and Facial Toner Product Review


I know I've said this before, but one thing I've really enjoyed about being a product reviewer is having the opportunities to be introduced to new beauty and health products. I'm typically not one to splurge and usually prefer the "Au naturale" look (mostly because beauty products were in the "want" category and not the "need" category). However, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not looking as young as I was even five years ago. My skin is becoming more uneven, and has more fine lines. That baby soft feeling is also missing.

The Dead Sea, a hypersaline lake more than 1,000ft below sea water, contains more than 35 different minerals which are said to create a natural nourishing effect for human skin. The Dead Sea isn't like your average ocean. It contains more than 8.6 times the amount of salt when compared to the Earth's oceans. Ancient Egyptians have used The Dead Sea to create balms for mummifying their dead, and word on the street is that even Cleopatra visited The Dead Sea, and the Roman King - Herod the Great - used The Dead Sea as one of the first health resorts. Fascinating!

I've been hearing that Dead Sea beauty products are all the rave lately, and I wanted to see why for myself. When Mineralium offered me the chance to try out a few full size products in addition to some samples, I was really excited! I decided to go with the Matte & Clear Purifying Mud Masque (for normal and oily skin), and the HydraSource Facial Toner (for normal and dry skin). I figured the Mud Masque would work well for helping to remove some of the excess oils on my skin, while at the same time the Facial Toner wouldn't further dry it out. I have a difficult time maintaining a good balance between dryness and oily on my face, and thought maybe a combination of the two might help.

"'Mineralium' Mud masque with Dead Sea mud and minerals compound absorbs excess lipids from oily and problematic skins. It acts deeply to root out grime, clear black heads and prevent the formation of blemishes. Your skin feels fresh, clean and vital. Purifies and balances the skin with a pleasant texture. Tension lines are reduced thanks to more flexible skin. Cleansing effects are even more profound, as the drying mud traps bacteria and dead skin cells, which are then completely removed." ~ Mineralium Product Description.

My absolute favorite Mineralium product that I tried was the Matte & Clear Purifying Mud Masque. I've tried a few of those cheap masks that you can get at Wally World for less than a dollar, and while they're fun to use, I never really noticed that much of a difference. The Mineralium Mud Masque has a fantastically smooth texture. If silk could be made from mud, this would be what it feels like. It isn't gritty, or chunky. It also smells really nice too - like a lightly perfumed scent.

I was surprised how little of the product was needed to adequately cover my entire face. Just 3 or 4 dime size dollops was plenty. It dries within too minutes depending on the amount of product you use, and easily washes off. I liked to use it right before my shower so I didn't have to worry about sticking my face under the sink faucet. After use, my face feels so incredibly soft and thoroughly cleansed. I followed the instructions and used it twice a week, and noticed a big difference. This is probably TMI, but the week before "Aunt Flow" arrives, I tend to have some major breakouts. (I thought that sh*t was supposed to stop once I graduated from my teenage years, but the cosmos have decided to continue their harsh trick into my twenties.) This time around my face stayed relatively clear with only a few minor blemishes rearing their ugly white heads.

This is a product I would definitely purchase again. The price tag of $22 made me cringe a little. (I'm a tad on the cheap side of things.) However, with how long the product lasts, and the fact that I think it's a quality product, the price tag definitely seems worth it.
The second product I requested to try was the Mineralium HydraSource Facial Toner. I don't use soap on my face anymore because it always seemed to dry it out, and I was always trying to counteract the dryness with creams, and oils. Because this particular Facial Toner doesn't contain alcohol (which is known to dry out one's skin), I thought this might be a great addition to my normal face maintenance routing while also adding in a cleaning component that I usually skip.

"'Mineralium' Facial toner with Dead Sea minerals compound and its vibrant splash, soothing and purifies the skin, removes makeup residue and cleanses pores. Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation and free radicals that can cause premature aging. Among the ingredients: glycolic acid that encourages removal of dead cells, hyaluronic acid as an effective moisturizer, hamamelis and chamomile which soothe skin sensitivities. Cleansing with "Mineralium" facial toner leaves your skin feeling fresh and relaxed without causing dryness." ~ Mineralium Product Description

I've used toners like this before, and always hated how they smelled and how they made my face feel. After using the products like this before, and dreading the feeling of my face cracking after use, I wasn't exactly sure how this one would hold up in comparison. But, like I said, since the Mineralium HydraSource Facial Toner doesn't have alcohol in it, I thought it would definitely be worth a try.

This product cleans like the dickens! And, while it still leaves my face a little dryer than I'd like it to, I haven't noticed that I've had to add any products into my normal routine to compensate for the dryness. What is most important to me, is that IT WORKS. I couldn't believe how grungy my cotton pads looked after cleaning my face!

This product also smells very nice. It doesn't have that harsh chemical smell that many toners and facial cleansers do. Just like the Mud Masque, it has a light perfume scent to it.

Mineralium also sent two sample sizes each of their YouthSource Collagen Masque, Matte & Clear Matifying Moisturizer, and HydraSource Vitamin C Serum. I haven't yet used the Vitamin C Serum, however the Collagen Masque and the Matifying Moisturizer were both great. I think the Collagen Masque is my favorite. It applies rather thickly, but it also absorbs quickly, and leaves my face feeling satisfying saturated with moisture. It's not a greasy formula which is also important. I might want moisture, but my face doesn't need to look shiny. (If you're worried about the toner drying out your skin, I personally suggest using either the Collagen Masque or the Matifying Moisturizer right afterwards.)

Mineralium is SUPER fantastic and is offering my DealPeddler readers 15% OFF through the end of January. Use code DEALPEDDLER15 at checkout. Customers will also receive FREE shipping on orders more than $50 and FREE samples. Mineralium also has a very simple loyalty program that can be found at the bottom of their website. For every visit, tweet, share, or like - you get points which add up to discount vouchers and FREE prizes. Sweet!

Right now through January 30th, Mineralium is giving away a $150 worth of their Dead Sea products! You can head over to the Mineralium Facebook Page to enter, or use the PunchTab form below. (It's the same one, so where you enter doesn't matter.)

*I was provided the above products free of charge from Mineralium in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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