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Being a mom, my own personal hair care, and nail care tends to get put on the back burner. My hair is usually thrown up into a messy bun, un-brushed, and wet right out of the shower. My nails... when I get the chance to paint them, stay chipped until all of the polish has worn itself off. It's not that I don't enjoy pampering myself, or even trying to look nice. It's more of the fact that I have limited time, and really... who do I need to impress? My kids could see me looking my most atrocious self and still want hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

Folica must have heard my plea for help and sent a bunch of goodies for me to try out. I was sent the Croc Skin Flat Iron & Iron Comb Set, Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer (Smokey), a France Luxe Small Basic Wire Comb, and a jar of Hovan's Bikini Saver/Hovan's Medicream. Yippee!

Honestly, the Croc Skin Flat Iron & Iron Comb Set was THE favorite product that Folica sent for review. The controls are 100% digital which makes it very easy to get the temperature you want, and the numbers increase on the display as the flat iron heats up. Holy wow, does it heat up FAST. I've been using the flat iron at about 410 degrees (heats up to 450), and it takes about 15-20 seconds to go from off to the temperature I want. The Croc Skin Flat Iron's controls even quietly beep. When the flat iron is plugged in, the device lights up and beeps. Each time you increase or decrease your heat settings it beeps. It really sounded like R2D2! (Which I thought was awesome being such a nerd and all.)


  • Smooth plates allowing effortless glide
  • Fully digital 18 custom temperature settings from 280F to 450F
  • Dual Voltage: 110V - 240V
  • 30 minute Auto Shut Off safety feature
  • Creates balanced, humidity free styles
  • The professional #1 choice for Keratin Treatments
  • Ceramic heaters provide instant heat recovery
  • 9 ft long 360 degree swivel cord

The Croc Skin Flat Iron works like a charm. I've had a couple of flat irons in my day. I've even had the chance to review another pretty sweet flat iron not too long ago that retails for more than the Croc Skin Flat Iron, and the Croc Skin surpassed it. The width of the titanium plates is just right. The ceramic heaters help keep the temperature constant so there is very little, if any down time while straightening my hair. The handle is comfortable, and the entire product is extremely easy to use. Plus the lights, the digital features, and the beeping all just add brownie points.

My next favorite product was the Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer (Smokey). The Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer is a beautiful gun metal grey (when using two coats), and a lighter, more pewter grey when using the suggested single coat. The formula is smooth, and silky, with miniscule flecks of glitter. Think... mica.

I personally prefer to use two coats of just about any polish, and really loved the darker gun metal grey it became after two coats. I have several different colors of grey from several different brands and this is definitely one of my favorites. Probably THE favorite. The formula is just beautiful, and I love how quickly it dries. We all know quick drying times are especially important if you're trying to get your nails painted during the few quiet minutes between children's temper tantrums.


  • New Seche Nail Polish
  • Dry fast one coat formulated nail polish
  • Leaves the nails strong and resistant
  • No chipping and peeling
  • One coat coverage for a more durable finish
  • Guaranteed not to yellow
  • Leaves nails silky
  • Classic shades that are rich in pigment
  • There is a nail polish color for everyone

I've been growing my hair out now for several years, and it's finally extremely long. I've been looking around for combs and clips just for something different when I decide to put my hair up. The beautiful white France Luxe Small Basic Wire Comb was really just what I was looking for. It's absolutely stunning, and simple. I enjoyed using it to only pull back part of my hair for a softer look. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time using it. Although I have a lot of hair, it's very fine, which makes it harder to use a comb like this. It slides out easily instead of holding in place. I think if I had thicker hair this wouldn't have been an issue. I'm also not sure this is worth the price on Folica for $46. Maybe if it came with another as a pair, but alone this product is just a little too expensive for me.


  • Made in France
  • Self gripping flex teeth
  • Buy 2 and match up in pairs!
  • Luxury finish, perfectly polished
  • Dimensions: 3 1/8" x 2"

The final product I received was the Hovan's Bikini Saver/Hovan' Medicream. I was originally extremely excited about this product because I have an in-grown hair issue. I know, that's kind of gross. I end up with in-grown hairs on my legs, and in my bikini area if I shave too often, so I was really looking for a solution. The product description said it was great for people with sensitive skin and could be used on legs, the bikini area, and underarms to reduce and and prevent in-grown hairs, so I figured this would be something that would work well for me. My normal solution is using a sugar scrub. Something about exfoliating really seems to help with the in-grown hair issue. But, I figured I'd try something new specifically meant for this problem.


  • Ideal for sensitive areas- bikini & under arms
  • Strikingly younger and smoother bump free skin
  • Soothes and relieves skin immediately after waxing and shaving
  • Rapid absorption in less than 10 seconds, no residue
  • Key ingredient- Tea tree oil
  • Dermatologist tested

Unfortunately, I just couldn't get past the smell. The directions say to apply twice a day (morning and evening) in any area that you need help with in-grown hairs. It could just be that I don't like the smell of Tea tree oil - although I've never minded it before - but I couldn't bring myself to walk around all day with my legs, and other various body parts smelling like that product. I wish I could say this product works, but I couldn't even bring myself to use it. However, supposedly it's a great product compared to everything else I've been hearing, and for the price, might be worth the try. Otherwise, I'm just going to stick with the sugar scrub I've been using (and it smells FANTASTIC).

Make sure you check out Folica on Facebook & Twitter too! They even have occasional opportunities for regular consumers to conduct their own product testing on some of the products Folica carries.


*I received the above mentioned products free of charge from Folica in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.





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