Monroe and Main $50 Gift Card – Giveaway

Monroe and Main Fit For You Guide - Short Waisted - Apparel Product Review

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  1. I am a size med. I would love to have Pajamas, Festive Holiday Kitties

  2. The trim trousers and Fleece lined leggings are my favorite! They look so comfortable and very slimming :)

  3. The floating leaf shirt is so cool! I think I’d go for that if I won!

  4. I am short waisted. I would buy the Shimmery Dress!!!

  5. Unfortunately a plus size, however, I think it’s awesome that Monroe & Main offer plus size clothing! I would buy one of their awesome belts and a pair of sunglasses or maybe put the $50 towards an outfit.

  6. I am short waisted and I like the velvet skirt :o)

  7. Hide hips & add height! I like the Top, Textural Appliqué shirt :)

  8. I would need the add height;) I do have those child bearing hips too hehe. and I would choose skirts!!
    Thanks so much for having such a cool giveaway!!!

  9. The closest I could come to is to Camouflage midsection & I’m loving the Crochet Martinique Top!

  10. I am definitely in the Hide Hips Add Height solution… I really like the Gold Applique Dress!

  11. I don’t know what I would get there is so much to choose from, it will take a while to decide!

  12. being a fluffy person i wouldprob get some assecories@

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