TETON Sports – Celsius XL –18°C/–0°F Sleeping Bag Giveaway

TETON Sports Celsius XL –18°C/–0°F Sleeping Bag Product Review

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  1. I love the Temperature Rating: –18°C/0°F

  2. The zipper looks high-quality and the no-draft feature sounds great…I just wish there were a video of the use of your head to get it back into the bag :)

  3. I like the extra wiggle room that was mentioned, enough to snuggle up with a little one in the sleeping bag with mommie.

  4. The size of the sleeping bag to fits ALL even those 6 ft tall.

  5. I need a sleeping bag for when I go camping with my boyfriend and his family. I’m always freezing, so the temperature rating of this sleeping bag stood out to me. It would definitely keep me nice and warm!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway!! Love that it had a drawstring closure and good for the cold!!

  7. Fifteen inches longer and three inches wider than most bags- My husband is more than 6ft tall and it’s hard to find something that can fit him in without making him looks like a giant in a small sack. Love that it’s wide enough for two people to squeeze in together. It would be very cozy to be able to snuggle up together inside this warm sleeping bag.

    • Not quite sure if two adults could fit – but definitely a small child and an adult I think. The nice feature is that if you have two you can zip them together to make 1 big sleeping bag. :)

  8. Love that it will zip togetherwith another one.

  9. I love the extra length

  10. I am shocked. Thanks again! I am so excited!

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