Tree Hut Shea – Honey & Almond Sugar Body Scrub Giveaway

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  1. I use scrub every day and usually use St. Ive’s, but last week I found Tree Hut. I absolutely love the smell.

  2. The Ingredients.

  3. I have tried their body wash and body butter, I’m sure the body scrub will be amazing. I love your description of the ingredients, it seems like it would smell amazing!

  4. I read the review and this made me want to try the products –

    “Tree Hut Shea’s products are paraben free, DMDM free, and cruelty free and are made in the USA! ”

    Thanks !

  5. about u wanting to swim in it just about says how great it must be to try

  6. i like all natural

  7. The fact that it has honey makes me want to try this scrub….honey is very good for the skin!!

  8. the fact that it isn’t tested on animals makes me wanted to try it

  9. Love the natual ingredient. I have Mango and my daughter keeps using it all up!

  10. I love the fact that its all natural!!

  11. I love this stuff, would love to try a new scent

  12. I absolutely love scrubs, can’t wait to try it!

  13. I read the words..made me feel fantastic and that pretty much made me ALSO want to feel fantastic! LOL! I love great smelling products and I have heard yours is the best. Thanks!

  14. The whole blog post esp. the description of the scent (almond!). :)))

  15. “I wanted to get my husband’s opinion because, well… he’s my husband and probably feels my legs more than I do. HE could even feel the difference compared to my regular soap routine.”…This and the heavenly smell, makes me want to win this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. The ingredients being all natural

  17. I currently use this scrub and Love it. It is best to scrub your heel with it. Definitely does wonders.

  18. I have never used this kind of scrub and would love to try- hney mmmmm.

  19. Your comment “If I had to pick one way to go, I’m thinking death by Honey Almond Sugar Scrub would be choice #1″ made me really sit up and take notice. I really want to try it now!

  20. That it’s made here in the USA and not tested on animals, has all natural ingredients in it. Sounds like my kind of product!!

  21. I love the way the scent is decribed it sounds like something I would like.I also like that it is cruelty free and made in the USA :)

  22. mmmm sounds yummy…for my skin!

  23. I like how it is all natural exfoliant and it will leave you feeling relaxed and clean

  24. I love all-natural products.

  25. I like that not only does it smell good but it works! I have very dry skin on my face also and with the winter months coming, all over, this product sounds reallly great. I also love that it’s made in the USA!

  26. I want to smell heavenly, too. Love all the benefits of this product!

  27. I like that the product is paraben free & the smell sounds heavenly!

  28. Really would love to try think it would really help me after a hard days work. Would help my dry skin and make me smell good.

  29. Your quote “..and I love feeling fantastic.” This makes me want it.

  30. The smell sounds very good, I love honey.

  31. I like that it is healing and moisturizing.

  32. its high in essential fatty acids for dry skins and scars which i have both

  33. The Ingredients.

  34. That it smells heavenly and is a great exfoliant!!

  35. I absolutely love the fact that it is all natural ingredients. Shea butter is the only thing that I have found that helps my itching from the winter itch. So it would be great to able to smell good while not having to scratch my skin open…lol

  36. The smell sounds fantastic!

  37. I honestlylove anything with the almond sent. :]

  38. The ingredients being all natural.

  39. i love the fact that it is cruelty free and made in the USA

  40. Really love that it’s not tested on animals!!!

  41. The fact that you loved the smell so much – that is such a huge thing for me!

  42. Love that the smell is liked as well as that it is not tested on animals.

  43. Its not tested on animals!! That is the best part!!

  44. The honey & almond scent alone makes me want it. The sugar scrubs are amazing but I have yet to try this scent.

  45. I love the sugar as an exfoliant. I need it in the wintertime, too. Plus the smell sounds heavenly!

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