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About three weeks ago my husband said, "Let's go camping!" I had mentioned that I wanted to go way back in the Spring, but honestly we didn't think it would be in our budget. So, when he decided that we actually could afford it, I didn't have much time to plan. My mother is awesome and has a bunch of camping stuff we could borrow, however one major component that we were missing was a tent for ourselves unless we wanted to cram us, a 2 year old, a 10 year old, and a 1 year old (with a pack-n-play), two twin air mattresses,  a queen air mattress, and all of our bags into a seven person tent. Yeah, NOT happening.

I reached out to LightSpeed Outdoors with less than a week before our trip. I had seen several other reviews, and their tents looked pretty great from all of the reading I had done. I cannot thank them enough for being willing to ship out their Vermont 4 Pro tent in time for our trip!

Do you remember those tents that come with the locking poles, and then you have to do everything JUST RIGHT in order to get the tent to stay up properly? They were always a pretty big PITA.  When the LightSpeed Vermont 4 Pro arrived, my husband didn't want to wait for our trip before putting it together. So, for about an hour we had a fully assembled tent in our living room because we're awesome like that. I could not believe how easy this tent was to set up! It literally went up in about 5 minutes and is 100% free-standing. Tent stakes aren't necessary for this tent to maintain its shape. All of the bracing poles come already attached. Just lay the tent out, snap the top piece into place and you're ready to start expanding it. Then the four poles lock into place, and your tent is up! Just clip the fabric to the poles and you're done. Of course there is a rain cover which also goes on pretty easily, and has two plastic "windows" so you can still see through the two skylights.
The tent itself is really pretty gorgeous. The three windows are HUGE and reach all the way to the top. The door is also pretty massive and expands just about the entire width of the front. Easy entry, which is a big bonus when your husband is not a small person, and you're trying to fit a queen size mattress into a smaller tent. My husband and I had plenty of room for our bags, and anything else we wanted to store while we were away from our site.


  • Lightspeed® compression hub system allows for ultra quick set up and tear down.
  • 2 sky lights
  • Durable poly-oxford floor
  • Generously sized vestibule
  • Oversized front door
  • Full-size rain fly made from Rip Stop polyester
  • Oversized bag make packing the tent effortless
  • Color: Gunmetal/Green

Now, there are just a few things I really need to mention. While the LightSpeed Vermont 4 Pro is a free-standing tent, it is NOT free-standing with massive winds coming off of a lake. We had visited Story Land all day Saturday, and when we came back the back portion of our tent was down. This is not the tent's fault. The weather station said that the winds were 15mph. There is NO way the winds off of the lake were only 15mph, and we happened to have a water front view. So, we were probably getting 20-25mph gusts. The normally glassy smooth lake had about 4ft swells crashing onto the beach. If we had staked it down (stakes are included with the tent), and tied the rain fly down everything would have been fine right off the bat. We quickly fixed what we had bypassed thinking we'd have great weather all weekend, and the tent withheld the impending thunder storm.

Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention we TENTED DURING A THUNDER STORM. (BTW My toddlers are champs.) Granted the wind was worse than any thunder or lightening we heard, but whew. Talk about a downpour! The tent wasn't 100% water proof, but I didn't really expect it to be with the weather we had. A few drops came in up top where the mesh skylights are, even with the rain fly on properly. We also woke up to some water beaded on the floor, but nothing serious, and nothing that made us change our minds about how great we thought the LightSpeed Vermont 4 Pro is.

One of my favorite features about the tent, is the ginormous duffel bag it comes in. The tent we borrowed from my mother comes with one of those dinky bags, and if you have any hope of getting the tent back into it, you have to fold it JUST RIGHT, and then roll it JUST RIGHT. The storage bag for the Vermont 4 Pro was big enough for us to take down the tent, and fold it willy nilly in order to stuff it back in. Taking down the tent anyway is also ridiculously easy. It comes down and is packed away in about two minutes!

The LightSpeed Vermont 4 Pro is a fantastic tent, especially for the price of $199.99. Between the easy assembly and dis-assembly, huge windows, and ability to withstand a massive storm, I'm giving this product two big thumbs up!

You can find LightSpeed Outdoors on Facebook too.

Guess what? LightSpeed is giving DealPeddler readers a chance to win a Vermont 4 Pro tent! Once the giveaway is live you'll be able to enter [HERE]. Giveaway is open to legal residents of the USA who are 18+.



* I was given a product free of charge from LightSpeed in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine. See Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Great review! I love how easy it looks to put up! And when you take the top off how open it is too to enjoy some shade!

  2. I want this because it awesomely actually pops up, and because my tent is actually a throw-together of pieces and parts of two!

  3. I would love to win this awesome tent!!! Assembly looks so easy :)) Love camping and our tent is very ragged out!

  4. Would love to win it for my next summer/fall vacation!!!

  5. What I like is it is easy to set up and take down- it looks uncomplicated and actually fun to use. There is nothing worse than everyone standing around and waiting for the tent to go up and missing poles or whatever!

  6. We are taking our first camping trip this fall! The tent would be perfect.

  7. Would love to take my kids camping in this tent!!

  8. I really like that it sets up and tears down so easily – in my journeys, there’s much more fun things to be doing than setting up a complicated tent :-)

  9. I woul dlove to win a tent, Our family always love to be outside but unfortunly arent able to afford a tent to be able to stay outside over night. Plus this ten look so easly to assemble would take no time to set up even with two young kids in tow.

  10. The easy of setup for this tent is awesome. We don’t do much camping but setting it up at the beach seems like a winner.

  11. looks like a great, good sized tent that my family can go camping in

  12. I would love this tent. Been dying to go camping with my three boys but haven’t been able to find a tent. This would be perfect. :)

  13. This tent sounds really easy to use and durable. I would love to give this tent a try with the kids sometime.

  14. What an awesome tent…We already have a trip planned for Oct…Planning a few more to scout out Georgia…Would love to see just how quick and easy this is to set up and break down…Thanks for the chance…~*

  15. I would LOVE to win this to take my family camping.. I have not been camping for YEARS because i as always to broke to buy a tent haha

  16. i want to win this so i can take my children camping for the first time ever

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